WEEK#12, 23 - 29 March 2020

 In this issue:

A. Announcements

B. Events

C. Classifieds (jobs)


 A. Announcements 

i) New Restrictions at AIT

Email from the Vice-President for Administration on 22 March 2020.
Dear AIT Family,

As the President said in his message yesterday, AIT effectively is in ORANGE-PLUS status, with many restrictions put in by AIT or by the Royal Thai Government, and they will last until March 31 or even beyond - especially after the Bangkok and Pathum Thani new policies came in, starting today.  Please pay attention to this and other updates from the AIT Covid-19 Task Force and the Intranet, as the situation is very fluid.  We continue to need to be very vigilant to keep our people and our campus safe.  For students, we strongly urge you to go back to your home country ASAP if you possibly can, as things may get more intense here as the days go on.

1.  Food Services:

• Food services will still be available from our regular food outlets at AIT, but ONLY for take-out.
• Please practice Social Distancing while placing your take-out orders.
• Take-outs are currently available from: AITCC Dining Hall, Cafeteria, Snack Bar, Hom Krun, West End Restaurant (Som Tam), Arcade Food Shops, School Coffee Lounges, and the Golf Course Cafe.
• Food delivery from outside can only be collected from the main entrance / Gate 1.
• All seating areas will be barricaded, including the seating in 7-Eleven.
• You may NOT eat at these food outlets, and these areas have been barricaded with red/white warning tape.

2.  Travel:
• International travel is now NOT allowed, both outbound and inbound, for AIT members.
• International visitors/guests are now NOT allowed on campus.
• An exception to this is for one-way travelers exiting AIT and Thailand - mainly for the benefit of our international students.
• If you are overseas, you CANNOT return to AIT until at least June 2020, and you need to please return to your home country.
• If you do return to Thailand from overseas, you will be denied access to AIT.
• Please be reminded that TF approval for ALL other, emergency/humanitarian only, international travel is required. 

3. Meetings/Sports:

NO face-to-face organized meetings, and of any size are to take place until 31 March.
• Please meet and communicate virtually. 
• Do NOT congregate outside 7-Eleven or anywhere on campus.
• The Golf Course has been closed.
• We strongly discourage any team sports activity.

4. Preventative Cleaning:

• OFAM completed their schedule of preventative cleaning across the entire campus.
• Any additional areas that require preventative cleaning will be completed on a request basis.  

5. Employee AIA Medical Insurance and Additional Cover:

• AIA Thailand will provide free extra coverage for all AIA insured persons, confirming that their policy covers medical treatment for Covid-19, details which can be found on our intranet site here.
• You can also purchase additional individual top-up personal insurance covering Covid-19; details of which can be found at this link (the drop down menu in the right hand corner has a tab for English).
As you can see, more and more restrictions are being imposed, and more and more inconveniences are occurring.  We all must be patient and make sacrifices as this is a critical period for Thailand's Covid-19 situation.  Above all, please practice strict social distancing.  Please Work From Home and do NOT come to the office at least until March 31, unless you must come to serve the students or handle other mission-essential tasks.  Do as many things via the internet and email and Zoom as possible.  Movements are not yet restricted around campus, and you can relax outdoors - but not in a group - since we are blessed with a very nice campus environment.  Or do some things at home you never had time to do!    But please be prepared that the current policies can last awhile or even get more restrictive.  Please stay healthy, and the medical clinic remains open in case you feel unwell and need to consult a doctor.  Thank you for your cooperation!!

AIT Covid-19 Task Force

Mr. Russell B. Rein
Vice President for Administration

ii) Facing the Difficulties We Are in

Email from AIT President on 21 March 2020.
Dear AIT Family:

This message does not contain specific Covid-19 policy announcements or new measures at AIT.  I just want to write to all of you to express my appreciation for your understanding and cooperation in the past two months, and to alert you that tough times are ahead of us, requiring change of behavior and sacrifices.  Already, we know there have been quite a number of inconveniences because of our precautionary measures to keep AIT safe.  But the whole world, including Thailand, is in a very grave situation.  We at AIT who are in the business of studying environment and sustainability know well the force of nature, and this virus is a formidable force.  But AIT valiantly overcame the severe test of the flood of 2011, and I am confident we will overcome this severe test of 2020!

Although we still do not have a case of Covid-19 on campus, we are effectively in ORANGE-PLUS status operationally and academically.  Online classes will last the rest of the semester, and minimal skeletal crew - except for essential services - are already the way we operate.  After the Royal Thai Government’s current 2-week set of policies expires on March 31, we shall see how to move onward.  Academically there will be no change - face to face classes will not return this semester, but operationally it is unclear because policies are changing every day as the Thailand infection situation worsens.  But at least from now until March 31, please do NOT come to the office unless you must, since we are in Closure Mode.  Please work and study from home!  We also encourage students to communicate with advisors and their Embassy ASAP and seriously consider going home if possible.
All we can do at this point is to carry on the academic instruction online, serve the remaining students on campus the best we can, be mindful of personal hygiene, practice strict Social Distancing, and pay attention—and adhere—to the updates of policies and measures in emails issued by the AIT Covid-19 Task Force (also check the Intranet daily please).  We simply have to wait this thing out.  I can tell you from personal experience when I was in Hong Kong during SARS in 2003:  When we were deep in the dark tunnel and could not see the light, people did get depressed and anxious.  But one day, the light appeared at the end of the tunnel, and gradually we were out of it.  This situation in 2020 is a much more difficult one, however, as it is a global crisis rather than afflicting predominantly China and Hong Kong as with SARS.  But it will end sometime. 
Many people at AIT have been working hard day and night to adjust to the unusual requirements due to this crisis, from faculty who make sure that quality education continues online, to facilities staff who have to implement many of the measures to keep the campus safe, to the medical clinic personnel, to staff who serve the students, to students whose student life is disrupted, to family members who are highly inconvenienced, to the Covid-19 Task Force who have responded quickly and tirelessly with policies to protect us, and many others…..

Unfortunately, the battle is not over and is in fact intensifying, and all of us - students, staff, and faculty - must continue to bind together and make sacrifices.  We will get through this.  Meanwhile, please be very vigilant and stay healthy! 

Dr. Eden Woon

iii) Important Advice on Going Home, Social Distancing, and Other Staying-Healthy Matters

E-mail from the Vice President for Administration on 19 March 2020.

Dear AIT Community

Throughout this Covid-19 global pandemic, the Covid-19 Task Force (TF) has been meeting daily to review the current circumstances and respond to any concerns that you may have. The situation is changing so rapidly at present that we wanted to share the following very important message with you. Please read this message very carefully, for your own health and the health of the AIT family.

1. Student's Going Home or Staying at AIT

In the last 24 hours more countries are not allowing their citizens to return home and many others are implementing MUCH stricter travel restrictions by the day. The TF very strongly recommends that if you are considering returning home, that you make this decision much sooner than later. In fact, in view of the rapidly deteriorating infection situation in Thailand and our limited medical facility on campus, it is increasingly wise for you to return to your home country as soon as possible.

2. Social Distancing

We wanted to also reiterate that there are currently no confirmed Covid-19 cases on campus and that we are working hard for that to continue. Our research shows that one of the best ways to maintain this is to practice Social Distancing, in addition to diligent personal hygiene.
Social Distancing means “remaining out of places where people meet or gather and maintaining distance from others” and it is an effective mechanism to tackle the spread of a virus outbreak. An infected person in a large gathering can infect others rapidly and social distancing measures can help to slow the spread. 
The AIT Covid-19 Task Force strongly advises that you consider the following social distancing approaches:
• Work or study from your own room/home.
• Events/activities/gatherings: consider cancelling, postponing, or meeting virtually online where possible, maintaining the size limitations shared in our message of 15 March. 
• Avoid large gatherings, and refrain from visiting Bangkok city and Malls at this time.
• “Touchless Greetings” are becoming a new norm across the world; consider the gesture of touching your heart, bowing your head, or other options.
• Maintain a distance from others; 1.5 to 2 meters is suggested where possible.
• Practice social distancing in our cafeteria, dining hall, and Som Tam, by leaving a table empty between yours and other diners. Better yet, consider takeaways and dine at home.
• Individual exercising should be the norm now, rather than team sports with possible close interaction. We strongly discourage even informal sports gatherings now.
• Older adults, people with compromised immune systems, those with underlying health conditions, and those of you living with them, may want to consider staying at home as much as possible to reduce the risk of exposure.
The TF strongly suggest that you maintain these protocols and that you do NOT go to bars or other social establishments at this time. Please heed this timely advice, until this global pandemic has settled down.  Thailand is reporting more and more cases every day, with community transmission upon us.

3. Work From Home (WFH)

Please be reminded that currently, AIT operations are primarily on a WFH basis, except for mission-essential services that need to continue, being staffed by skeleton crews to assist our students with their decision above. Our aim is to support the spirit of school closure, with online interaction the main WFH format.  So please avoid coming to the office in these two weeks as much as possible, unless you are needed to support essential services and the students.

4. Other Measures

During this period we are also implementing additional precautions, and would recommend that you carry your AIT ID card/residence letter with you over the coming period:
• The Main Entrance Gate will close at midnight, while other access gates will be closed. 
• Mandatory temperature testing will take place for everyone entering at the Main Gate.
• The Main Gate will start registering incoming visitors from 21 March 2020, details to be provided by OFAM on 20 March 2020.
• Hom Krun limits its seated guests to 20, with take-out allowed, and served from the main door.
• Buffet lunches at AITCC will be cancelled until 31 March 2020.
• The massage parlour and hairdressers will be closed until 31 March 2020.
• The AIT International School was closed from Wednesday 18 March 2020, with plans to reopen on Monday 20 April 2020.
• The swimming pool will be closed from Friday 20 March 2020.
• SU has closed the gymnasium until 31 March 2020.
• Bring your own drinking container, so we minimise providing bottled drinking water at meetings as recommended (unfortunately, against our sustainable campus views).

5. Visitors

The following limitations are to be introduced for visitors to AIT, with immediate effect:
• Overnight visitors are NO longer allowed at AIT.
• All sports fields and other sporting facilities are RESTRICTED for use by our AIT community only; NO outside visitors will be permitted to use these facilities until further notice.

6. Medical Center Services

In response to support from our AIT community to not infect others, if someone is feeling very unwell, we are reserving the non-peak time between 5:00pm and 7:00pm for you to visit the medical center. They will refer you to a hospital if necessary. As a reminder, the medical center contact number for emergencies remains +662-524-5555. Please be conscious not to “overload” our limited medical services.

7. Fact Check Page

During this time of the Covid-19 crisis, it is understandable that people are nervous, and people want to be helpful with information.  However, information which is incomplete or incorrect, or unconfirmed stories being passed around actually are NOT helpful and contribute to irrational behaviour and panic. Therefore, we encourage you once again to contact the Task Force on vpa@ait.ac.th with any story you hear, and we will check it out and inform the community if we feel it is necessary.  This FACT CHECK page describes the story and things we found out about the story.  Only then can we all get through all this as calmly as possible.  
We continue to value your understanding, cooperation, and support during these unusual times. Please do stay safe and healthy, and if you feel unwell, immediately seek medical attention.

The Covid-19 Task Force 

Mr. Russell B. Rein

iv) Closure at AIT

Email from AIT President on 17 March 2020.
One of the characteristics of the current COVID-19 crisis is that developments come fast and furious, and policies have to be constantly adjusted.  I just wrote to all of you a day ago, and today I need to communicate with you again, in view of deteriorating world situation with the virus and in view of the Thai Government announcement today on school closure. 
Because of these latest developments, there are two implications for AIT:
(1)   After the “testing period” of interactive online instructions this week, there will be NO restart of face-to-face instruction at AIT, and face-to-face classes will be suspended at AIT for the rest of this semester, replaced by interactive online learning.  This semester is supposed to end on 24 April, and we will ensure that our students’ education will continue online until then, so that they will be able to complete the courses this semester.  We are currently working out the details of how to conduct final examinations without students being present at AIT, and students will be notified by VPAA and the Schools in the coming days.  Thesis students can discuss their situation with their advisors.  Students’ ability to graduate on time should not be affected. 
One consequence of this is that students may choose to go home as soon as they wish.  For those who choose to remain on AIT campus, we welcome them—and that includes exchange students—to do so, since AIT is still their home away from home.  Whatever option a student chooses, he/she must inform their advisor and the Office of Student Affairs—AIT needs to have an accounting of where students are during the next few weeks.  For those who are graduating this May, it is very likely that our May Graduation Ceremony will be cancelled.  We will have more definitive word next month. 
(2)   The second implication of the Government’s announcement on school closure is that starting tomorrow for a two-week period, AIT operations will be primarily on a “work from home” basis—except mission-essential services will still be available.  Unit Supervisors, with guidance from VPA, will work out with their team the specific arrangements.
This is a trying time for all of us, and I am deeply appreciative for your patience and cooperation and support.  I wish that all of you stay in good health, be vigilant, and travel safely!  We will be in constant touch with all of you, as this COVID-19 crisis develops daily. 
Dr. Eden Woon

v) Measures on Visitors Coming to AIT, ID Checking and Sport Facilities

Email from the Director, OFAM on 20 March 2020.

OFAM would like to inform the community of the measures that will take place starting from Saturday, 21 March 2020 due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.
Mandatory temperature checking at the main gate
Ø  Security staff will check the temperature of everyone passing through the main gate.
Please note that only the main gate will be accessible during this time as Gate 2 will be closed until further notice.
Ø  Visitors who will be found with temperature higher than 37.5oC will not be allowed to enter the campus.
Ø  Residents and their dependents with temperature higher than 37.5oC should contact the Medical Center immediately with the help of the Security staff.
Registration of Visitors
Ø  All visitors coming to the campus will be asked to register.  Registration may take a few minutes to record, which may cause traffic or delays at the gate, especially during peak hours.  However, at this crucial time, everyone’s understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.
Checking of ID and issuance of Resident ID Card (Gate Pass)
Ø  Security will check ID of EVERYONE coming to the campus.
Ø  Residents who has no ID card can send request to the Call Center for issuing the Resident ID which will serve also as gate pass.  For those who did not send the information to OFAM through the AIT Residents Population Survey kindly send your details through this link (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe98_tCfuIA9jkaBXuFl1hPHrwbqaUq...)
No overnight visitors allowed in the campus.
Ø  Visitors staying overnight or longer on the campus is strictly not allowed.  If found, sanctions will be applied, with the possibility of termination of the housing contract.
Use of sports facilities
Ø  AIT sports facilities are for the AIT community use only and currently outsiders are not allowed.  If anyone notices outsiders, please report this to Security immediately.
Thank you very much and your kind cooperation will make the implementation of these measures easier.

vi) Library hours during 19-31 March 2020

Email from AIT Library on 18 March 2020.

According to the concerns about reducing any potential spread of COVID-19 and keeping you safe on our campus, from 19- 31 March 2020, AIT Library will be opened everyday from 8.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

To protect the health and safety of our library users while still providing essential library services, we would like to share the steps the library is taking as follows.
- All library users may be required to have temperature checks at the checkpoint. (Near the access gate)
- Washing your hand with the provided alcohol-based gel at the checkpoint.
- You are encouraged to wear a face mask.
- You must stay at least 6 feet from others. (The chairs have been rearranged and keep space from each other.)

Information about Library services. (19-31 March 2020)
- Library hours:  8.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
- No service of Group Study Room.
- Your borrowed materials will be automatically extended. Overdue book fines will not be assessed from 19 -31 March 2020.
- Library staff is available to assist with telephone reference (02-5245851) or send e-mail to library@ait.ac.th
- Some of the library services remain available 24/7 at http://library.ait.ac.th, including online journal databases, e-books databases, e-thesis, and renew books online.

You can stay updated on new library resources and services on the library website, library Facebook, and e-mail.

Once again, your health and safety are of utmost importance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we thank you for your continued understanding and support.

Sincerely yours,

AIT Library

vii )Remote access to Knovel Database

Email from AIT Library on 19 March 2020.

To facilitate online learning and easy access to the Knovel database off-campus, AIT Library has asked Knovel to provide AIT students, faculties, and staff remote access options.

To register for Knovel remote login, please follow the steps below.

• Click on this link: https://app.knovel.com/web/verify-access.v
• Type in your institutional e-mail
• Fill in the registration form
• Confirm the link in your email inbox
• Done!

Web access to Knovel database: https://app.knovel.com/web/index.v


You can also download KNOVEL® TOGO mobile app from Google Play or App Store for tablets and smartphones and log in with Knovel registered account.
By using KNOVEL® TOGO Mobile App, you may:
• use it to catch up on a new project while traveling, consult critical guidelines at a worksite, and have trusted, verified technical data right at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere.
• use Knovel ToGo offline to read during your commute and sync bookmarks when you are online
• search and save resources on your device and read them later on your laptop
• search and save resources on your laptop and read them later on your mobile device

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact the Library.

Thank you.

AIT Library
Web Site: http://library.ait.ac.th
Facebook: https://bit.ly/3a2ScpZ

viii) Remote access to ScienceDirect and SCOPUS

Email from AIT Library on 19 March 2020.

Please be informed that Remote Access to ScienceDirect and SCOPUS is now available for you to register.  To apply for the remote access, please follow the steps below.

1. Go to http://sciencedirect.com/
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the ScienceDirect page and click on the Remote access link.
3. Enter your AIT e-mail address, and click on “Continue”.
4. You will be sent a confirmation email.
5. Open the e-mail and click the link to Activate your remote access.
6. Click on Register with us now.
7. Fill in the Form, and then click on the Register button.
8. Done!

After following these steps, you will be able to use ScienceDirect from any location.

• As it is a single-sign-on (SSO) so the same credential may be used to access ScienceDirect and Scopus from any location. No separate registration required.
• There is no official App for ScienceDirect and SCOPUS during this time. The library will inform you when it will be available.
If you do have any problems with access to databases off-campus, please send e-mail to library@ait.ac.th. We are prompt to help.

AIT Library
Web Site: http://library.ait.ac.th
Facebook: https://bit.ly/3a2ScpZ

ix) Elsevier’s free health and medical research on novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Email from AIT Library on 17 March 2020.

AIT Library would like to share with you the Novel Coronavirus Information Center, which is Elsevier’s free health and medical research on novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The center provides access to more than 19,500 freely available articles on ScienceDirect and Elsevier’s platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. It is continually updated daily with the latest research information on the virus and the disease.

To access the center, please click on the link below.

We do hope that you will find the center stimulating and useful.

AIT Library

x)Special Online EET for RTG applicants with offer letters on March 31 and April 7

Email from AIT Language Center on 18 March 2020.

LC will offer special online EET sessions for RTG applicants who have been given conditional offers as they have yet to submit a satisfactory English score. The sessions will be on Tuesday March 31 and Tuesday April 7 at 9:30AM only. Note that they can also choose to take other dates offered by LC, but test registration on these two dates (March 31 and April 7) will be open for RTG applicants with offer letters only. These testing dates will not be shown on the LC website. Thus, program officers are to communicate about these testing dates to their RTG applicants who have yet to fulfill their requirements. If you have further questions about these special EET sessions, please email thanisa@ait.asia directly.

The test is 1,000 Thai Baht. ZOOM and Google Doc will be used as the testing platforms. Test takers must familiarize themselves with the platforms prior to the test. If the test takers are not ready on the test day or do not know how to use the platforms, they will be eliminated from the test immediately.

For test registration, please give your applicants the following link. Note that they must register for the test at least 1 week before the chosen testing date.


To pay for the test:

Please make a bank transfer for 1,000 Bht to 


Saving account number: 405-999567-0

Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank Pcl., Ltd.
Bank Branch: Thammasat University Hospital

Message to Beneficiary: English Entry Test
You must pay for any service charge or transaction fee separately.

To confirm the test:
After the payment is complete, applicants must email 1) the RTG offer letter, 2) proof of payment and 3) the national ID card or passport (picture page)  to thanisa@ait.asia at least one week before the chosen test date.  The test registration will be automatically cancelled if they fail to send us all the required documents 3 days before the chosen testing date.

For test set up:

Test takers need a laptop and a mobile phone. Both devices will connect to the same ZOOM account. Test takers must place the mobile phone in the place that we can clearly see the computer screen and the working space in front of the computer as shown in the picture below.

 We will send test takers an email invitation. They can click the link in the invitation to join the test. They must click the link on both their laptop and their mobile phone to join the test.
 We recommend that they join the ZOOM test room at 8:30 AM on the testing date to check the camera setting and prepare for the test. This is to make sure that the test takers are ready to start the test at 9:30 AM.
 Late arrivals (after 9:15 AM) will not be allowed to take the test. 
 Internet connections and cameras are crucial facilities for invigilating the online test. The computer and the mobile phone must be equipped with a camera and good internet connection access.
 No draft paper, dictionaries or online sources while testing. Text cannot be copied and pasted while composing the essay. The answers will be checked for originality.  There are serious consequences at AIT for those who plagiarize or copy.
 It is a computer-based test. So, test takers are not allowed to open any browsers once they have started the test.
 Once the cameras have been approved by the Language Center. We will send test takers an invitation to comment on the Google document (test platform). Test takers are not allowed to change the test format. They can only type their answer in the box and they have only 60 minutes to type the answer.  Their access will be expired after 60 minutes. They will not be allowed to access your test platform again.
 Test takers are not allowed to take the photo or capture the screen or share the test.
Please note that test takers must follow our test instructions in order to take the AIT online English Entry Test with us. If test takers fail to strictly follow all the regulations stated above, we reserve the rights to terminate the online test. If the test has been terminated, test takers will receive no score, and the test fee will not be refunded.

xi) LC moving all EET tests online effective March 24th, 2020

E-mail sent from the Language Center on 14 March 2020.

To reduce the amount of traffic involving outsiders entering our campus, LC will cancel on-campus EET tests and move all EET tests online via ZOOM and Google Document. This will take effect starting March 24th until further notice.  Please find more information on test registration and test instructions here.
The Language Center

xii) A Survey on Nano-material product safety

Note: You do not need to be an expert in nanotechnology to respond to this survey.  The results of this survey will become a publication for AIT.
We are students of Nanotechnology and we would like to invite you to take a survey on Nanotechnology and Nano-Safety. We need 1500 or more people to participate in this survey. There will be a link below to participate in the survey.
We also hope that this survey will increase your awareness regarding nano-products and nano-safety.
Purpose of the Survey
• We want to know your attitudes and opinions about nanotechnology and nano-safety.
• We plan to use your responses to write a paper and submit for a publication. 
• We want to create a tool to help guide policy in the region by publishing this paper.
• To do all of this, we need your support to make this survey into a success.
We would like to collect responses of the survey before April 15th.
Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdr7FdBZRjR8bskL48bipjGN2hBs3r-...
Thank you all for your attention and your participation.
Nanotechnology Students


xiii) Security Kiosk Service

Email sent from the Director, OFAM on 18 March 2020

To enhance the security services at AIT, OFAM has come up with a new facility of two Kiosks to serve AIT Community. The security kiosk shown in the picture below is located in the residential area, opposite to the 7-Eleven and opposite to faculty house no. 19.
Kiosk Objective and Operation:
• The objective of the kiosk is to serve the AIT community for communication or report an emergency or for safety reasons
• Kiosk is accessible all the time
• Cameras on the kiosk has motion detection sensors, that records the movements 360 degrees
• Kiosk is connected to the main control center of the security head office manned by an operator who can communicate in English 
How to use the kiosk?
• Step-1: Press the call button
• Step-2: Once the call is received, convey the details of your request
• Step-3: If needed you may request to connect directly to AIT Security Officer
 Sanctions on misuse of the kiosk
• Sanctions and fines are applicable if the kiosk is damaged
We request the parents to kindly inform your children about the usage of the kiosk and not to play with the equipment. We hope that the community will find this kiosk useful.

Office of Facilities and Asset Management (OFAM)


 B. Events


a) Professional Development Course on "Strategic Human Resource Management and Business Leadership"

Professional Development Course on "Strategic Human Resource Management and Business Leadership" 

Duration: 18 - 22 May 2020
Venue: AIT Conference Center

For more information about the training, you can download the attached brochure and course outline or visit us at www.extension.ait.ac.th/course/897


b) A training course on "Organizational Culture Certification: Cultural Ambassador Program"

The Cultural Ambassador Program is a two-day intensive program designed for managers and senior managers in all fields.

Duration: 8-9 June 2020

Venue: AIT Conference Center

For more information about the training please visit at https://www.extension.ait.ac.th/course/1019

Professional Development Course on "Organisational Culture Certification: Accredited Practioner Program (AP)"

c) Professional Development Course on "Organisational Culture Certification: Accredited Practioner Program (AP)"

Professional Development Course on "Organisational Culture Certification: Accredited Practioner Program (AP)"

Duration: 9-12 June 2020
Venue: AIT Conference Center

For more information about the training please visit at www.extension.ait.ac.th/course/1018


 C. Classified (jobs)

Position: IT Helpdesk Officer
Ref. No. 7/20
Deadline: 31 March 2020

Position: Faculty Positions (School of Management)
Ref. No. 12/20
Deadline: 31 March 2020

Position: Assistant/Associate Professor (School of Environment Resources and Development)
Faculty position in Environmental Technology and Management
Ref. No. 1/20
Deadline: 31 March 2020