WEEK #7: 13 – 19 February 2017

In this issue:


         A.    Announcements

         B.    Events

         C.    Campus Updates

         D.    Faculty and Staff Travel

         E.    Classifieds (Jobs)


A.    Announcements


(i)    Plan for More Campus Upgrades


Email from President: 9 Feb. 2017

Dear Members of the AIT Community,

In connection with the planned "Student Mall" (which has been approved by the board but still waits for the consent of TU), the following construction will go ahead, as it needs to be completed in time for the visit of HRH Princess, tentatively in September this year.

(1) Relocate the existing Police Station behind the AIT curved brick wall, to provide more decent space for the new sign board.

(2) The AIT sign board on the Paholyothin will be redesigned to make it more visible to the public.

(3) Footpath will be rebuilt from Paholyothin Road front, with a bicycle lane all the way to AITCC.

(4) A new modern bus stop will be built with bill boards for AIT's publicity.

(5) A new Gate will be installed to replace the makeshift frame over the entrance near the guard house.

(6) A new tower clock, donated by AITAA-Thailand, will be installed over the walkway from the Admin to AITCC.

In addition, the following campus upgrades will be made over the same period:

(1) Admin Building will be renovated with a nice reception lobby on the ground floor. All service counters will be relocated around the center court. By the advice of the Board Chair, the existing spiral staircase will also be replaced by a more age-friendly staircase to the upper floor of the Admin Building.

(2) All the NZ Houses will be removed and the space turned into green area. Originally, the VPD wants to keep 2 houses but now decides to only reserve some space for energy-saving house.

(3) All rooms in the old wing of AITCC will be renovated.

(4) Rotten wood ceilings of the walkway in the academic areas will be replaced by nice vinyl strips.

(5) Korea House will be completely renovated.

(6) Photocopy shop will be relocated to the other side of the library close to the Physical Plant. Bicycle repair shop will be relocated near the 7-11 shop.

(7) A new student village will be built near the SOM building, and a new faculty/Staff complex is being planned near Somtum place using SCG/Heim  Japanese Technology.

(8) A new South Asian Restaurant may be set up at the same area as the former Vietnamese Shop.

(9) Remaining sports facilities will be upgraded.

(10) New landscape will be upgraded around the library and academic buildings.

(11) If budget permits, all roads in the campus will be relaid with asphalt.

(12) I am in discussion with L&E Public Company on the replacement of all lighting in AIT using LED technology. This requires some initial investment but the energy saving may be worthwhile.

This entire project may take about 6-7 months before the planned official opening of the Library. So please put up for any inconvenience this may cause.

Prof Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai
AIT President

P.S. We thank AIT Solution for the final design of the Clock Tower and the Gate.



Message from President: 10 Feb. 2017

This year of 2017 will be a year of transformation and expansion for Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). It is also the year that one can expect to enjoy the fruits of our campus renovation and upgrade.

The ongoing renovation of the campus infrastructure is due to be completed in 2017. It took several years after the 2-month campus flood in 2011 because the rehabilitation and renovation have to be carried in phases so as not to disrupt the regular academic operations. We still need more efforts to make our campus greener and more sustainable.

When AIT moved to this Rangsit campus in 1972, we were alone in the middle of rice fields. It was not difficult then to find AIT once we were at the Paholyothin Highway in front of the campus.

Today, people get confused once they arrive from the Paholyothin highway. The AIT sign post that used to be outstanding from the highway seems to be hiding on the side. Visitors are too familiar with a makeshift gate at the entrance where the guard house is located. However, as part of the campus renovation, very soon this shabby makeshift gate will be replaced by its own landmark "the AIT Gate".

In the new master plan, AIT will revamp its entrance from the highway toward the front gate down to the AIT Conference Center. The existing sign post will soon be replaced by a new design that will be clearly visible from the highway. The community police station will be relocated to the back of the curve brick wall. A new foot path with a safe bicycle lane will be constructed from AIT Conference Center through the AIT Gate to the highway. A new Tower Clock funded by AITAA-Thailand will be installed between the Administration Building and AIT Conference Center. The Administration Building itself is now under renovation with a reception hall and a more friendly staircase to the upper floor.

We have to give the credits to the AIT Rehabilitation and Upgrade Committee, the Campus Architects Team, the AIT Solution, and the AIT Office of Facilities and Asset Management for all these efforts to make our campus a better place for grooming future global citizens. Members of the AIT Community and visitors should start to enjoy an even better campus environment this year following the opening of AIT's modernized library. It is a time we make the final touch on our entrance walkway and landscape so the campus will once again be fitting to be a premier international university.

(iii)    Making Schools Safer for Earthquakes: Effectiveness of Retrofitting [Case studies from Nepal]

AIT Solutions is pleased to share the Nepal report entitled: Making Schools Safer for Earthquakes, Effectiveness of Retrofitting: Case studies from Nepal highlighting the best construction techniques for building earthquake resilient school structures.

To access the full report, please visit http://solutions.ait.asia/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/AITS-Case-Studies-Nepal-Making-Schools-Safer-for-Earthquakes.pdf

The report focuses on retrofitting methods and their performance under the devastating 2015 earthquake that struck Nepal. This publication can be used by policymakers, general public, and researchers alike to inform themselves on safe and effective strategies for mitigating the impact of moderate to strong intensity earthquakes.

Experts and researchers from AIT visited the country in the aftermath and undertook a comprehensive review of retrofitted school in the country.

This report is the first of an upcoming series of reports providing an overview of AIT’s collaborative work in Nepal with the national government and development partners to support the post-earthquake recovery efforts and its contribution to the rehabilitation strategy.

(iv)    Customer Satisfaction Survey for OFAM Service contractors and facilities

Office of Facilities and Assets Management (OFAM) manages the operation and maintenance of AIT infrastructure and facilities. Most of the maintenance services such as technical maintenance, janitorial services, landscape services, Security services, AITCC operations management are outsourced. OFAM asses the performance of all the contractors and facilities based on various Key Performance Indicators (KPI). One of the key indicators for their performance is customer satisfaction.

The feedback from the AIT community will help OFAM to evaluate the performance of the contractors appropriately and their comments, will help OFAM to focus on the areas to be improved. Thereby members of AIT community are requested to spare 5 to 10 min of their valuable time to fill in the survey questionnaires through the link below.


The survey form will be open till 22 February 2017.
Note: The survey could be accessed through AIT email or Gmail only.

(v)    New Locations of the Offices in the Administration Building

The Administration Building will be renovated from Jan. – June 2017. Most offices in the building have started moving to AIT Conference Center and other buildings. Below is the list of the new location of Administration Offices:

President: Presidential Lounge, AITCC
VP Administration: Room B138
VP Academic Affairs: Room B136
VP Development: Room B130
Office of the President and Office of the Institute Secretary: Room B144B
Office of Academic Administration: Room B144A
Office of Human Resource Services: Room B109
Office of Internal Auditor: Room B113
Office of External Relation and Office of Host Country Relation: B115
Office of Special Degree Program: B115
Office of Advancement: Room 102 (ground floor), Outreach Building
Office of Finance: Room 225 (2nd Floor)
Office of GRU: Room 223 (2nd Floor)
Office of Purchasing and Inventory Procurement: Admin (No Change)
Office of Student and Affairs: Admin (No Change)

(vi)    Trial of EBSCO Business Source Complete

EBSCO has arranged a trial for Business Source Complete for one month for AIT.  The Business Source Complete is set up via the AIT Library website.  Please access the Library at  Please scroll down the Library's web page and click Trial Databases.  Then click Business Source Complete.  Information about the Business Source Complete and links will be available -  link for the main database and related links available in the Business Source Complete as follows.

1) Business Source Complete
2) Harvard Business VDO
3) Harvard Business Review
4) Harvard Business Review : Case  Study
5) Harvard Business Review : Issues available

Please be informed that the trial is authenticated by AIT IP Address ranges.  If you access the trial from AIT campus, there will not be any problem - no username and password are required.  Please also be advised that if you use your mobile phone to access the trial, please logout from your mobile/IPAD Internet and try again to log in to the Internet by using AIT login account.

To access the trial from the Library's webpage is easy and simple, please follow the steps below.

1) Go to  or http://library.ait.asia .  Scroll down and click "Trial Databases"
2) Click on "Business Source Complete" to link to the information of this database.
3) Click "Link" next to Business Source Complete if you want to search the database.  You will see the page that you can search and download.

Please follow the Library’s advice on the login and check whether the users are on campus or whether they are using the Internet from different Internet providers.  If anyone still needs assistance, please contact Khun Watcharin at watcharin@ait.asia

(vii)    Emerald 2017 Quiz

Emerald invites interested persons to join the 2017 quiz which started on 13February 2017 and closes on 17 March 2017.  The first prize is iPad Air.
Please enter online at:  www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/promo/quiz/valentine.htm .

(viii)    2016 Personal Income Tax – IMPORTANT

Please be reminded that the deadline of 2016 Personal Income tax filing will be on March 31, 2017.

Payroll now has already finished your a) Withholding income tax certificate and b) Draft PND 91 to guide  your tax filing (created by IT Department). The documents will be delivered to you no later than this week.

You can either submitted the tax filing on line or by hard copy. On-line is encouraged. However, if you want to submit by hard copy, you can print the official PND 91 from the soft file enclosed in this email.

For comparison of Draft PNG 91 by IT with the official Thai PND 91:-

Draft PND 91 by IT    Official PND 91
A    Tax Computation    Page 1    Page 2
B    Exempted Income    Page 1    Page 2
C    Details of Allowances and Exemptions after deduction of Expenses    Page 2    Page 3
Please note that in 2016, there were several special tax incentives provided by the Thai government to stimulate the economic. These are taxable expenses which you can declare in the PND 91 form Section C items 15-19.

Item    Description    
15    Food and domestic tourism expense allowance during the Songkran festival (09-17 April 2016)    Amount actually  paid but not more than 15,000 baht
16    Domestic travel and hotel expense allowance for cost paid during 01 Jan – 30 Dec 2016    Amount actually  paid but not more than 15,000 baht
17    OTOP (One Tambon One Product) purchase allowance during 01 – 31 Aug 2016    Amount actually  paid but not more than 15,000 baht
18    Domestic travel and hotel expense allowance for cost paid during 01 – 31 Dec 2016    Amount actually  paid but not more than 15,000 baht
19    Year-end shopping boost allowance for spending during 14 – 31 Dec 2016    Amount actually  paid but not more than 15,000 baht
Remarks: This can be applied only for goods & service with VAT.
   You need to submit proper VAT Receipts together with the PND 91.

(ix)    Gentle reminder: Join the photo contest

Do you love taking photos? Why not join the “Give us your best shot” a photography contest open to all members of AIT community who has the talent and creativity to tell a good story through photos.

What photos are we looking for? We are looking for creative photos of the following subject:

•    AIT landmarks or facilities
•    Students or faculty in action (inside classroom, labs, coffee shop, etc.)
•    Photo depicting Innovation
•    Photo depicting Collaboration
•    Bangkok skyline
•    Tall buildings

Prizes: 1st prize - 5000 Baht; 2nd prize - 3000 Baht; 3rd prize  -  2000 Baht Finalists will receive 500 Baht each

Each person who wish to join must
•    submit original high resolution photos (can submit up to 5 photos)
•    digital files must be at least 20 mb or at least 1000 pixels (vertical/ horizontal)
•    must be in JPEG or .jpg format
•    colored or black and white
•    no watermark, no photo collage

The photos will be judged based on Creativity, Composition, and Use of Light

Your photos can also be featured in AIT Solutions publications (website, brochures, social media, photo books, and more)

To submit, save your photos in zip file (file name should be your complete name) upload in Google drive or Dropbox and send to solutions@ait.asia  (remember to share access to the email provided) with subject Photo Contest [Your Name]
Deadline is on 15 February 2017
For further information, please contact solutions@ait.asia

(x)    Trials for Elsevier e-books, Springer e-books, Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies and Elsevier Knovel

AIT Library will have new online resources and e-books in 2017.  Elsevier e-books, Springer e-books and Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies will be activated in January 2017 whereas Elsevier Knovel will be officially started in April 2017.  During the month of December 2016 (and December 2016 through March 2017 for Knovel), the publishers of these e-books and online resources have set up trials for AIT.  

AIT Library invites all faculty, staff, and students to access the mentioned e-books and online resources from the Library webpage at  The Library webpage may be accessed from the AIT website. Alternatively, click the following URL links to access the e-books and online resources.

For Elsevier e-books:  www.sciencedirect.com
For Springer e-books:
To access the trial for Springer e-books copyright year 2005-2016, please click the link attached below:

The content is about 5,000 titles.  You can view, download and print.  Users can access Springer e-books from the above link or access through the Library webpage at and click "Springer New e-books" from the "Trial Databases".

For Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies:  http://www.emeraldinsight.com/topic/cs_all?sortBy=Ppub

For Elsevier Knovel:  http://app.knovel.com/web/

Users can view, download and print.  The content is about 3,000 titles for Elsevier e-books, 5,000 titles for Springer e-books and 400 cases for Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies.

(xi)    Summer School in Human Sciences 2017 -University of Jyväskylä, Finland (JYU)

University of Jyväskylä is pleased to welcome AIT students to the 14th international Summer School in Human Sciences in May-June 2017. The Summer School comprises 21 interdisciplinary courses for students interested in e.g. cultural and communication studies, education, business & economics, sport and health sciences and social sciences. They also included one PhD-level course in their programme.

Students are accepted to the Summer School in the framework of the bilateral cooperation agreements between the University of Jyväskylä and AIT. Most of the courses have defined a maximum number of participants, JYU cannot accept more than five students in a course.

More information on the Summer School can be found below and at https://www.jyu.fi/hs-summerschool  .
International Summer School in Human Sciences: 22 May - 16 June 2017

Courses available:

22 – 26 May
-              Finnish Language and Culture
-              Education in Finland
-              Organization and Role of Sport in the EU and its Member States
-              Press photography: theory, practice and interpretation                 

29 May – 2 June
-              Finnish Language and Culture
-              Introduction to Ethics of Science
-              Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy and Other Arts Therapies
-              Physical activity, Sport, Health and Health Promotion - International perspectives
-              Intrapreneurship: Current Perspectives on New Business Development and Corporate Entrepreneurship
-              National Educational Systems: Finland and the United States in international context                

5 – 9 June
-              Refugee Resettlement and Integration
-              Introduction to Intercultural Communication
-              Sport Marketing
-              Introduction to Management and Leadership
-              Introduction to Gender Studies
-              Studies in Cultural Anthropology

12 – 16 June

-              Learning and Teaching in the Context of Growing Diversity
-              Approaches and Methods in Music Cognition & Perception
-              Comparative Economic Systems
-              Cultural Economy and Work
-              Challenges in Comparative Education Research (Doctoral level)

Course descriptions

How to apply?

The online application form and instructions for completing the application are available at http://r.jyu.fi/hs-summerschool/apply .  The application deadline is 1 March 2017. You are welcome to apply for the full summer school programme or parts of it. Each course lasts one week and they are worth 2.5 ECTS credits.

1)                  The students should first fill in an online application form, for which the link is available on JYU webpage at: http://r.jyu.fi/hs-summerschool/apply   ->  Application form and instructions for completing the application.  
2)                  After filling in the online application form the applicants will receive an email with further instructions and with a request to register to Mobility-Online using a link which is included in the message.  
3)                  After the registration the applicants should log into the Mobility-Online system to finalize their application by completing their personal data and uploading an official transcript of records in English.
4)                  Students will be notified of the admission to the Summer School by 15 March by e-mail.
5)                  After receiving the notification of admission, applicants are requested to confirm their participation to the Summer School by 31 March in the Mobility-Online system.
6)                  Students can also apply for accommodation in the Mobility-Online system after they have confirmed their participation in the Summer School.

Further information:

Summer School in Human Sciences
University of Jyväskylä
E-mail: hsss@jyu.fi

(xii)    23 Feb 2017 is the deadline for Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship program (JJ/WBGSP)
Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship program (JJ/WBGSP) announced the scholarship application for August 2017 Intake on 27th Jan 2017.
The deadline for this scholarship is on 23 Feb 2017.

Potential applicant can directly apply to this scholarship and submit the documents as per the requirement mentioned in their website. AIT has linked their website in our scholarship website:

For your information, potential applicant can use AIT offer letter to seek JJ/WBGSP Scholarship.

(xiii)    Invitation to apply to the UAE Rain Enhancement Program - February 16, 2017

The Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the UAE, and the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology, invite interested researchers submit a letter of intent to the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science.

Since the inception of the Program, the grant awardees from Germany, Japan, the UAE, the US, Finland and UK already achieved innovative solutions in this promising field.

In 2017, the program organizer wishes to attract even greater world attention to this innovative initiative. It is expected that the Program’s US$ 5 million grant will encourage more scientific research, globally.

The deadline of submission of a letter of intent (no more than 500 words) is the 16 February 2017. Please download it from: https://e.uaerep.ae/
For further information, please email: programsecretariat@uaerep.ae





B.    Events



(a)    Meeting of AIT Board of Trustees: 16 Feb. 2017

The First Annual Meeting of the AIT Board of Trustees will be held on 16 February 2017 from 09:00-15:00 hours at the AIT Conference Center.

(b)    Interaction Session: Office of Public Private Partnership (OPPP) ADB-AIT Presentation: 16 Feb. 2017

The Office of Public-Private Partnership (OPPP), Asian Development Bank (ADB) in collaboration with AIT is hosting a presentation on Public-Private Partnership on 16 February 2017 from 15:00-17:00 hours at the AIT Conference Center.

The session will focus on the roles of OPPP and collaboration opportunities between OPPP and local advisors/institutions.

The Office of Public–Private Partnership (OPPP) was established to enhance the role of the ADB in supporting and enabling governments of its developing members to secure greater private investment and generate economic growth in the region. As ADB aims to expand its assistance to private sectors development and create more access to sovereign lending, private sector financing, technical assistance, and transaction advisory services to enable private sector participation in infrastructure. The OPPP flyer and tentative guest list attached. The President has proposed some additional names and AITS is helping coordinate the event.

More details: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2017/events/2-office-of-public-private-partnership-oppp-adb-ait-presentation-and-interaction-session-1/#.WJ0qIvL3aUk

(c)    AIT Open House: 17 Feb. 2016

AIT Open House will be organized at AIT on 17 February 2016 at the Institute campus.

See more details: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2017/events/aitopenhousefeb17.pdf

(d)    Pro-poor Telemedicine Technology Demonstration: 16 – 17 Feb. 2017

Free Health Screening Services will be provided under the project SehatMobile being implemented by AIT Extension on 16 February 2017 (13:00-16:00 hours), and 17 February 2017 (10:00 - 15:00 hours). The first 30 lucky participants can avail of this facility under a technology demonstration exercise.
SehatMobile, a pro-poor telemedicine technology that places Primary HealthCare within access of vulnerable communities, is being implemented by AIT Extension.

Developed in collaboration with Kyushu University and Grameen Healthcare, "SehatMobile is not simply a doctor's office on wheels, but an innovative and hi-tech service platform, that creates collaborative, need-responsive programs in community health and awareness."
Health check-up station will be set-up with medical practitioners and telemedicine experts to conduct a demonstration of the concept.  Register in time for an appointment and avail of following free health screening and advice from doctors via tele-link.
Dates and Time:
16 February, Thursday  - 1pm - 4pm
17 February, Friday       - 10am - 3pm
Location of Mobile Station:  Infront of Admin building near the AIT fountain

More details:http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2017/events/free-health-screening-services-sehatmobile/#.WJ0oh_L3aUk

(e)    AIT Cultural Show: 19 Feb. 2017

The AIT Cultural Show will be organized by the AIT Students' Union on 19 February 2017 from 1700-2400 hours at the AIT Conference Center.
For details contact

Email: suculture.ait@gmail.com
Rasita Srikerdkruen (Chairperson)
Sindhuja Gedam (Secretary)
Gender and Culture Committee
Students' Union - January 2017
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

(f)    Blood Donation: 9 Mar. 2017

The Thai Red Cross Society has been working with volunteer students and staff to collect units of blood from the AIT community. The bloodmobile visits AIT every three months, four times a year, hoping to collect enough units to supply the constant demand for blood.

The next visit for blood donation is scheduled on Thursday, 9 March 2017, 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. at the parking lot in front of the AIT Conference Center.
Give blood! Experience a fulfilling sense of contribution! The donation process isn't time-consuming. It only takes about half an hour.

(g)    AITAA Golf 2017: 17 Mar. 2017

AIT Alumni Association (Thailand), together with AITAA and Friends of AIT Foundation will organize a golf tournament for charity, “AITAA GOLF 2017” at Cascata Golf Club (Nakhon Nayok) on 17 March 2017, starting from 12 noon.

The event aims to raise funds to support AIT activities and research work as well as the activities of AITAA, AITAA (Thailand), and Friends of AIT Foundation.

Khun Panomporn
Email: panomporn_c@ensol.co.th
Tel: 08 1846 7476

For further details, please join the Line group of AITAA (Thailand)’s current administration committee at Khun Manat, tel. 08 1983 7747, manatsup999@hotmail.com
More details: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2017/events/aitaa-golf-2017/#.WJfXkfL3aUk

(h)    AIT Career Fair & SU Research Exhibition: 29 Mar. 2017


Thirteen (13) organizations have confirmed so far to join the AIT Career Fair scheduled on 29 March 2017 from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. at the AIT Conference Center.

AIT students are invited to explore and uncover opportunities offered by the companies that are joining the event.

Brief profile of the participating companies are given below:

1. Asian Engineering Consultants Corp. Ltd. - consulting services for major public and private construction projects

2. Black and Veatch Thailand Ltd. - global leader in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for energy, water and telecommunications

3. Boon Rawd Brewery Co. Ltd. – Thailand’s first and largest brewery

4. Bouygues-Thai Ltd. - leading construction company in Asia

5. Chip Mong Insee Cement Corporation –  a Cambodian registered business with modern green field cement manufacturing and a joint venture between Chip Mong Group and Siam City Cement Company (SCCC) from Thailand (first timer)

6. Dairy Plus Co. Ltd. (Dutch Mill Group) - provider of premium quality dairy products

7. Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc. (EJEC) - provides infrastructure solution consultancy services in Japan and internationally

8. Elabram Systems Co. Ltd.-  provider of Network Planning Optimization (NPO), Talent Acquisition & Deployment (TAD) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) (first timer)

9. Italthai Engineering Co. Ltd. - leading Thai professional engineering contractor

10. Micromatics Co. Ltd. - one of the finest manufacturers of high precision turned parts for the automotive and many other industries in Southeast Asia (first timer)

11. Pylon PCL - specialty foundation contractor company

12. Team Consulting and Engineering Co. Ltd. - Thailand's largest conglomerate of consulting companies

13. The Bangchak Petroleum PCL – Thai energy company which deals in refining and marketing petroleum products

CAREER TALKS to be held soon:

 Educational and Conceptual Career Talk on the topic “Thinking Visually for Creativity and Innovation” on 15 February 2017, Wednesday, 3:00 - 5:30 pm; MEB Auditorium

  Micromatics Career Talk on 22 February 2017, Wednesday, 4:00 – 5:30 pm, MEB Auditoriun



¤ Long-term career prospects

¤ Job placements

¤ Internship opportunities

¤ On-the-job training

¤ Research partners

¤ Networking with company representatives

and the

¤ Student Union Research Exhibition!

Mark your calendar! For developments and career opportunities, please drop by at: www.careercenter.ait.asia
or check:  https://www.facebook.com/officialaitcareercenter

or email: careercenter@ait.asia

or contact via phone: 02 524-6744, 02 524-6326


(a)    Profit on Aquaculture Conference: 11 – 14 Feb. 2017

An International Conference on "Profit on Aquaculture" will be organized at Bhimavaran, Andhra Pradesh, India from 11-14 February 2017. The event is co-organized by AIT.

More details about the conference are available at this link: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2017/events/profit-on-aquaculture-conference/#.WI7BzH33aUk

(b)    Talk on "Thinking Visually for Creativity and Innovations" by Dr. Vuthiphong Priebjrivat: 15 Feb. 2017

A talk on "Thinking visually for creativity and innovation" will be delivered by Dr. Vuthiphong Priebjrivat (Woody Prieb) on 15 February 2017 from 15:00-17:30 hours at the Milton E. Bender Jr. Auditorium.

Background: The talk will explain and explore how to think visually. Various types of pictorial symbols and diagrams will be introduced in order to show how "visual thinking" techniques can help us in describing, understanding, analyzing, thinking through and solving the various problems faced in our professional, conceptual and personal life.

More details: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2017/events/talk-on-thinking-visually-for-creativity-and-innovations-by-dr-vuthiphong-priebjrivat/#.WJ0pVPL3aUk

(c)    Giant Prawn 2017: 20 – 24 Mar. 2017

Giant Prawn 2017 - a conference on farming of prawns will be organized at AIT from 20-24 March 2016 at the AIT Conference Center.

More details about the conference are available at this link: http://www.giantprawn.org/about.htm


(a)    Training on “Climate Sensitive Irrigation Management”: 14 – 16 Feb. 2017

Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management (DPMM) Program will organize a Special Training Course for the Government Officials from
Department of Agrarian Development, Sri Lanka on “Climate Sensitive Irrigation Management” from 14 – 16 February 2017.

The purpose of the capacity building program is to impart knowledge and skills to the staff of the Department of Agrarians development of Sri Lanka on the impacts of climate change on irrigation, and how to deal with farmers in a
participatory manner.

(b)    Elsevier e-books training: 15 Feb. 2017

Elsevier will conduct a training on e-books to which AIT Library subscribes in 2017.  The training will focus on how to search and use the subscribed e-books.

Date:      Wednesday 15th February 2017
Time:      13.00 - 15.00 hrs.  (1.3 hrs. for training and 30 minutes for questions and answers)
Venue:    Training Room, AIT Library

The speaker is Mr. Delon Lee, Head of Customer Engagement, Research Solution Sales, Books, Elsevier.  Please refer to his bio data in the attached file.

Interested faculty, staff and students can reserve their seat by replying to the following email: library@ait.asia .  Seats are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.

(c)    Training on National Geo-Database and Geo-Portal for Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development: 6 Feb. – 3 Mar. 2017

Geoinformatics Center (GIC), School of Engineering and Technology (SET), will organize a month-long training program on National Geo-Database and Geo-Portal for Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development for participants from Pacific Island countries with the support of UNESCAP from 6 February – 3 March 2017. The opening session of the training will be participated by officials from UNESCAP and Japanese Embassy.

The 12 training participants are from the eight Pacific countries: Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Micronesia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Vanuatu.

(d)    Thai Courses for Beginners Group 2: 7 Feb. – 23 Mar. 2017

The Language Center is pleased to announce the Thai Courses for Beginners Group 2.

The 7-week survival Thai course is an introduction to Thai languages which will cover basic words, phrases, daily and simple expressions and basic grammatical structures to communicate with Thais.

7 February  – 23 March 2017

Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 17:00 – 18:30 hrs.

A total of 20 hours

Course Fee: 2,000 baht

Class Size: 15 persons

Interested persons can register and make a payment at the Language Center, Room 216

(e)    French Course for Beginners

The Language Center is pleased to announce the opening of French Course for Beginners.

7 February - 23 March 2017

Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 – 18:30 hrs.

A total of 20 hours


Course Fee: 2,000 baht

Class Size: 15 persons


If you are interested, you can register and make a payment at the Language Center, Room 216


(f)    Chinese Courses for Beginners

The Language Center will organize Chinese Courses for Beginners:

Chinese Course for Beginners

Lunch Time (12:00-13:00)

7 February – 23 March 2017

Every Tuesday and Thursday


Chinese Course for Beginners

Time: 17:00 - 18:30

7 February – 23 March 2017

Every Tuesday and Thursday

The course fee is 1,000THB due to the kind support of the Chinese Government through the Confucius Institute.  (Refunds are not available.)

Interested persons can register and make a payment at the Language Center, Room 216

Class Size: 15 persons

Interested persons can register and make a payment at the Language Center, Room 216





C.    Campus Updates


(i)    Survey: Feedback request for the proposed new faculty/staff accommodation complex

AIT is planning to build a new faculty/staff complex near at west end area using SCG/Heim Japanese Technology, as announced by the President as part of the plan of campus up-gradation.

The proposed complex will have 2 buildings with 2 floors, eight 2 bedroom units in each floor with a area of 47 sqm/unit and rental of THB 20,000/month + utilities. The buildings will be constructed using a modular system. More details of the design, layout, construction feature, exteriors design and rental rates are shown in the attached PDF.

Office of Facilities and Asset Management (OFAM) would like to hear your feedback on the proposed project and specially on your interest to rent the apartment through the below survey link.


Your feedback will help us to execute the proposed plan based on the interest of AIT community. We will appreciate, if we can receive your valuable feedback by 17 February 2017.

(ii)    Update : Swimming pool is temporarily closed for repair

In December 2016, Office of Facilities and Asset Management (OFAM)
found that there were reports of few incidents that occurred in the swimming pool. During the year end break, OFAM scheduled the big cleaning by draining out the water as well as do minor repairs in the affected areas.

However after draining out the water from both the swimming pools, OFAM found out damages that need to be immediately repaired for the safety of the community members using swimming pool. In January 2017, OFAM coordinated and finalized the contractor to repair/replace broken tiles, broken light frames, floor inlets, vacuum tubes and grout the tiles including other minor repairs.

Please be informed that OFAM has already started the repair, which will take few weeks to complete, thus it will be open to the community by end of February 2017



D.   Faculty and Staff Travel


Dr. Kyoko Kusakabe / Vientiane, Lao PDR / 26 – 27 October 2016*
Mr. Manesh Lacout / Denpasasr, Bali, Indonesia / 25 – 27 January 2017*
Mr. Surendra Shrestha / Vientiane, Lao PDR / 25 – 28 January 2017*
Prof. Sivanappan Kumar / Vientiane, Lao PDR / 26 – 28 January 2017*
Mr. Surendra Shrestha / Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon, Myanmar / 31 January – 4 February 2017*
Ms. Carol C. Guzman / Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon, Myanmar / 31 January – 4 February 2017*
Prof. Lawrence Stephen Abeln / Yangon, Myanmar / 1 – 5 February 2017*
Prof. Sivanappan Kumar / Yangon, Myanmar / 3 – 4 February 2017*
Dr. B.H.W. Hadikusumo / Myanmar / 3 – 6 February 2017*
Mr. Syams Nashrrullah / Manila, Philippines / 5 – 10 February 2017*
Miss Soe Soe Htway and Miss Aye Sandar Phyo / Yangon, Myanmar / 5 February – 8 March 2017
Dr. Sundar Venkatesh / Colombo, Sri Lanka / 6 – 9 February 2017*
Ms. Kluaymai Thongkham / Colombo, Sri Lanka / 6 – 9 February 2017*
Mr.  Zia Islam / Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal / 7 – 12 February 2017*
Dr. Sangam Shrestha / Kathmandu, Nepal / 8 – 13 February 2017
Dr. Apichon Witayangkurn / Savannakhet, Laos / 8 – 13 February 2017
Dr. Sanit Arunplod / Savannakhet, Laos / 8 – 13 February 2017
Dr. Ram C. Bhujel / Kathmandu, Nepal / 9 – 14 February 2017
Mr. Sanjeet Amatya / Kathmandu, Nepal / 9 – 14 February 2017
Dr. K. R. Salin /Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India / 10 – 15 February 2017
Dr. B.H.W. Hadikusumo / Vietnam / 12 – 18 February 2017
Dr. Joyee S. Chaterjee / New Delhi, India / 14 – 16 February 2017
Dr. Donna L. Doane, Dr. Marc Voelker, Mrs. Dunghathai Buranajaroenkij, and Ms. Kanokphan Jongjarb / Vientiane, Laos PDR / 15 – 16 February 2017
Ms. Worawan Sumrootrum / Phuket, Thailand / 15 – 18 February 2017
Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut / Tak, Thailand / 17 – 21 February 2017
Dr. Atitaya Panuvatvanich / Chennai, India / 18 – 24 February 2017
Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai / Suvannakhet, Lao PDR / 19 – 21 February 2017
Mr. Shawn P. Kelly / Savannakhet, Lao PDR / 19 – 21 February 2017
*(Staff or faculty member travelled and returned to AIT prior to documentation received for publication)


E.    Classifieds (Jobs)


Position: Director (Language Center)
Ref. No. 2/2017
Deadline: 19 February 2017

Position: Program Officer (Development Management)
Ref. No. 4/17
Deadline: 19 February 2017

Position: Laboratory Supervisor (School of Engineering and Technology)
Ref. No. 36/16
Deadline: 28 February 2017

Position: Consultant (Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific)
Ref. No. 3/17
Deadline: 28 February 2017