WEEK #44: 30 October – 5 November 2017


 In this issue:


A. Announcements

B. Events

C. Visitors

D. Campus Updates

E. Faculty and Staff Travel

F. Classifieds (Jobs)



A. Announcements




(a)    AIT Career Fair & SU Research Exhibition: 1 Nov. 2017

Thirty-one (31) organizations have confirmed so far to join the AIT Career Fair scheduled on 1 November 2017 from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. at the AIT Conference Center. You are cordially invited to explore and uncover opportunities offered by the companies that are joining the event.

A brief profile of the companies that are attending our Fair are given below:


1. ActionAid Intl (Thailand) Foundation - international non-governmental organization whose primary aim is to work against poverty and injustice worldwide
2. Arcadis (Thailand) Co. Ltd. - leading global design & consultancy firm for natural and built assets
3. Asia Biogas (Thailand) Co. Ltd. – designs, builds, owns and operates biogas projects across Southeast Asia
4. Codium Co. Ltd. – build mobile, tablet, desktop application, and enterprises solutions using the latest open source technology
5. Eaton Electric (Thailand) Ltd. - global technology leader in power management solutions
6. John Deere (Thailand) Ltd. - one of the largest and leading agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers in the world
7. Johnson & Johnson (Thailand) Ltd. - offers the world's largest range of consumer healthcare products & multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods  
8. Sahamitr Pressure Container PLC - one of the leading LPG container manufacturers in the world
9. Span Systems International Co. Ltd.- design, fabrication and installation of advanced, tensioned fabric structures
10. Thai Obayashi Corp. Ltd. - Thai construction company
11. Philip Morris (Thailand) Ltd.  - leading international tobacco company

1. AIT Solutions - offers innovative solutions in technology, engineering, environment, development, and management
2. Amata Corporation PCL -  world’s leading industrial city developer
3. Asian Engineering Consultants (AEC)  Corp. Ltd. - consulting services for major public and private construction projects
4. Bouygues-Thai Ltd. - leading construction company in Asia
5. Double A (1991) PCL-   manufacturer and distributor of pulp and paper in Thailand and internationally
6. ERM-Siam Co. Ltd. - world’s leading sustainability consultancy
7. Kasikorn Bank –  leading universal banking group in Thailand  
8. Lazada Ltd. -  leading online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia
9. Panya Consultants Co. Ltd. - provides consulting and management services to the government, private sector and international organizations
10. Pylon PCL - specialty foundation contractor  company
11. RECOFTC- The Center for People and Forests - international not-for-profit organization that focuses on capacity building for community forestry in the Asia Pacific region
12. Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia (RIMES) - int'l institution for the generation & application of early warning information
13. Siam Cement PLC (SCG) – largest cement and building material company in Thailand and Southeast Asia
14. Siam City Cement PCL - second largest cement producer in Thailand
15. Siam Makro PCL – wholesale center for professional business operators
16. Siamese Asset Co. Ltd. - real estate developer
17. SVI PCL -  leading EMS service provider
18. TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co. Ltd. – Thailand's largest conglomerate of consulting companies
19. Think Blue Data Co. Ltd. -  software solutions for data visualization company
20. TOA Group -  leading paint manufacturer in Thailand
¤ Sahamitr Pressure Container PLC Career Talk on 3 November 2017,  Friday, 4:00 - 5:00 pm, TV Room, AIT Conference Center
¤  ActionAid Intl (Thailand) Foundation Career Talk on 15 November 2017,  Wednesday, 4:00 - 5:00 pm, TV Room, AIT Conference Center
¤  Asia Biogas (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
¤  Codium Co. Ltd.
¤  Wide variety of food, drinks, books and personal accessories sold at special discounted rates outside the AIT Conference Center
(Note: Stalls for free to those interested to rent for selling refreshments/lunch and provide games! just contact us)
¤  AND Goodies ! free stationery, bags and a lot more!
¤ Siamese Asset Co. Ltd.
¤ Codium Co. Ltd.
Mark your calendar! For developments and career opportunities, please drop by at: www.careercenter.ait.asia or check the company websites above
or check/like: https://www.facebook.com/officialaitcareercenter
or email: careercenter@ait.asia
or contact us via phone: 662 524-6744, 662 524-6326
Lastly, please do not forget to bring hard and soft copies of your CV and dress appropriately. It's your day...make an impression!!!
Everyone is welcome to join!


(a)    Special Talk on Performance Seismic Based Design: Best Practices: 3 Nov. 2017
AIT through AIT Solutions will organize a Special Talk on Performance Seismic Based Design: Best Practices by Ron Klemencic, Chairman and CEO of Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA), on 3 November 2017.

(b)    Career Talk by Sahamitr Pressure Container PLC: 3 Nov. 2017
AIT Career Center will organize a career talk by Sahamitr Pressure Container PLC  on Friday, 3 November 2017,  from 4:00 - 5:00 pm, TV Room, AIT Conference Center.

(c)    International Forum on Education for Rural Transformation: 13 – 15 Nov. 2017

AIT and the UNESCO International Research Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED) is organizing the International Forum on Education for Rural Transformation (IFERT) during 13-15 November 2017, at the AIT Campus.
More information are available at www.ifert.ait.asia

(d)    International Expert Forum: Mainstreaming Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction in Education: 1 – 2 Dec. 2017

An International Expert Forum on "Mainstreaming Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction in Education" will be organized at AIT on 1-2 December 2017.

More details: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2017/events/international-expert-forum-mainstreaming-resilience-and-disaster-risk-reduction-in-education/#.WSPuJtylaUl


(a)    Foundation English Program for intake January 2018: 28 Aug. – 17 Nov. 2017

The AIT Language Center is offering an extra Foundation English Program from 28 August – 17 November 2017. This program aims at those applicants with high academic skills potential who were unable to meet the English language entry requirements for admission in August 2017, but who would like to apply for admission in January 2018 instead and need an extra hand in developing their English skills.

In some cases, half fee scholarships are available for applicants with high academic potential. Please contact the Schools and relevant departments for more information.
For more information, please contact the Language Center: Languages@ait.asia

(b)    EL classes for the August 2017 semester: 28 Aug. – 16 Nov. 2017
The registration for EL classes for the August 2017 semester is now open. Please choose from the available time slots in SIS: https://sis.ait.ac.th  (Register/Enroll menu) before the deadline on 18 August at 16:00 (Adding/Dropping).

CLASSES:             28 August – 16 November 2017
NO EL CLASSES:           Monday 25th to Friday 29th September
Monday 23rd  to Friday 27th October

EL COURSE EXAM:         Monday 20th to Tuesday 21st November

After registering for an EL course you will not be allowed to change the class time on SIS.  Students will only be allowed to change EL class times from Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th August before 15.00 at the Language Center, Room 216.
Students with English scores below AIT’s admission requirements will be automatically enrolled in the mandatory English Language (EL) courses listed below. Students will need to pay a registration fee at the AIT Cashier for EL courses before they can attend. The EL course level will be automatically assigned based on a student’s current English score:

5.0 - EL15 Intermediate English Composition
5.5 - EL19 Academic and Technical Writing
English course fee:

·     5,000 Baht one-time flat fee to all new students.
·    Students who have attended EL 15 or EL19 once will be charged an additional 2,000THB; the total amount will not exceed 5,000 THB.
·     Students who have attended EL13 and EL15; EL15 and EL19 or who have already paid > 5,000 will not be charged again.

Students who joined AIT before January 2016 are allowed to drop EL courses.  If you joined AIT after January 2016, you are not able to drop EL courses. The EL courses should be your first priority, therefore scheduling problems and conflicts are not valid reasons to request to unregister from the EL courses. To unregister from the course, you will need to create a memo requesting the EL exemption on a semester basis. This memo will need to be approved by your advisor and submitted to the Language Center before 18 August 2017 (AIT adding/dropping date). If you fail to drop the EL course you are enrolled in before the 22 September, you will still be graded for the EL course you have enrolled.
As you have been informed during the orientation, AIT maintains a strict policy on English language requirements and if you have not met the English language requirements by the third semester of study, you will not be allowed to register for thesis or research credits. Review the Graduation Requirements here.









B. Events


(i)    AIT Fun and Sports Day 2017

Email from OHRS: 29 Sept. 2017

It's the time of the year once again that we hear drums and cheers as we gather together as one big family.
Yes! this is it, we are going to have an AIT Fun and Sports Day 2017. Aren't you excited?! Then let's come together on 8 December 2017 and let us shake the AIT grounds with our laughter, dances and spirit of sportsmanship!!

This year's team colors are: SERD- green; SET - Orange; SOM and Centers - Purple; Central Administration – Pink
Come to participate or just cheer your teammates in the games we have especially prepared for you and experience Unity in Diversity through sports!

Theme: Unity in DiversityWhat: AIT Fun and Sports Day
When: 8 December 2017 starting at 8:00 a.m.
Who should attend: AIT employees
Where: Morning events will be held at the small football field behind the Administration Building. Lunch and raffle draw will be at the area beside the Administration Building.
Watch out for more announcements!

(ii)    Staff English Development

Email from OHRS: 21 Sept. 2017

Please be informed that Staff English Development still exists. The Language Center is now available to provide such in-needed training, starting from Friday, 12 January 2018 from 09.00 hrs to 10.30 hrs on every Friday, continuously until completion of 20 sessions.

(iii)    Free trial access to Taylor & Francis Online from now to 31 October 2017

Email from Library: 18 Sept. 2017

AIT Library has been offered a free trial access from now to 31 October 2017 to Taylor & Francis Online at this URL link:

(iv)    Free trial access to SAGE Premier for AIT from 25 September 2017 - 5 January 2018

Email from Library: 26 Sept. 2017

AIT Library has been offered a free trial access to SAGE Premier from 25th September 2017 - 5th January 2018.  Please access this URL link: http://journals.sagepub.com/ .  Full text download is allowed.

(v)    Invitation to join Taylor & Francis Quiz in Thailand: Stand to win attractive prizes!

Email from Library: 26 Sept. 2017

Taylor & Francis invite interested persons to participate in the Taylor & Francis Quiz in Thailand.  The quiz will end on 31October 2017.  To join, please click this URL link: http://bit.ly/tandfthailand .
You may win attractive prices.

(vi)    Emerald Online Quiz 2017

Emerald is running Online Quiz 2017 from 1-31October 2017.  You are invited to join this quiz. The URL link is attached below.

You may win the following.
Fitbit Charge2
Sony Digital Voice Recorder
Emerald USB 16 GB
Emerald Lion


Email from OHRS: 9 Oct. 2017

With a fully-funded UK Government award to Chevening Scholarship, you will be free to focus on what matters most-achieving your professional goals and enjoying the experience of a lifetime in the UK in a one -year Master's degree at one of the UK's top universities with the following priority areas conflict issues, human trafficking migration, climate change, energy, trade and investment, economic governance, democracy, governance and human rights. And after graduation, you will become part of an influential global network of over  48,000 Chevening alumni spanning over 160 countries.

Applications are already open. They will close on 7 November 2017. You can get more information at, www.chevening.org/thailand , and for any further questions or to register, please write to Suparaporn.Kaewharn@fco.gov.uk













C. Visitors


•    Delegation from Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Embassy in Thailand, led by H.E. Honorable Wasantha Aluvihare, State Minister / 1 Nov. 2017 / to discuss further collaboration and training possibilities with AIT Extension and SERD
•    Delegation from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Indonesia / 1 Nov. 2017 / to enhance work knowledge for non-academic staff through the mobility program and to gain an experience in different work environment





D. Campus Updates


(i)    New AITCC Annex & renovation of car park near Arcade

A new AITCC Annex building will be constructed opposite to AIT swimming Pool/AIT Solutions. The construction work will start from 1 October 2017 and expected to be completed by April 2018. To prepare the area for construction, the car park area opposite to swimming pool/AIT Solutions will be demolished partially and a new sewage line will be laid from Arcade area.

During the process of this work, the area will be barricaded and there might be some disturbance as well as noise.

Please be also informed that currently partial section of car park area opposite to Arcade is being renovated. It may take a week to complete the work and the area will be closed.

(ii)    Temporary Relocation of Photo Vending Machine from Administration to Cafeteria

Please be informed that due to the renovation of the ground floor of the Administration Building, the photo vending machine has been moved temporarily to Cafeteria (entrance opposite Korea House






E. Faculty and Staff Travel


Prof. Voratas Kachitvichyanukul / Xi An Xianyang, P.R. China / 21 – 26 September 2017*
Miss Neha Thapa / Kathmandu, Nepal / 14 September – 1 November 2017
Mr. Furqan Ali Shaikh / Karachi, Quetta, Sukkur, Pakistan / 9 October – 12 November 2017
Dr. Indrajit Pal / Manila, Philippines / 13 – 15 October 2017*
Prof. Kanchana kanchanasut / Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Paris, France / 16 October – 4 November 2017
Ms. Sopida Khamyai / Phnom Penh, Cambodia / 19 – 21 October 2017*
Prof. Mukand Singh Babel / Bali, Indonesia / 22 – 23 October 2017*
Dr. Sangam Shrestha / Yangon, Myanmar / 22 – 28 October 2017*
Prof. J. K. Routray / Bejijing / 24 – 29 October 2017*
Dr. Oleg Shipin / Yangon, Myanmar / 24 – 30 October 2017*
Susana Guerreiro / Bonn, Germany / 25 October – 18 November 2017
Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchi / Singapore / 26 – 28 October 2017*
Prof. Pennung Warnitchai / China / 27 – 28 October 2017*
Mr. Surendra Shrestha / Chengdu, China / 28 – 30 October 2017
Prof. Rajendra P. Shrestha, Prof. Rohit Goyal, Dr. Nophea Sasaki, and Mr. Nikorn Asakati / Chonburi, Chachoengsao, Nakhon Nayok, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand / 30 October – 1 November 2017
Mr. Surendra Shrestha / Luang Prabang, Lao PDR / 1 – 2 November 2017
Ms. Boo Young Ko / Luang Prabang, Lao PDR / 1 – 3 November 2017
Ms. Worawan Sumroetrum / Phuket / 2 – 4 November 2017
Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai / Taipei, Taiwan / 3 – 5 November 2017
Mr. Surendra Shrestha / Taipei, Taiwan / 3 – 6 November 2017
Dr. Kuo-Chieh Chao / Taipei, Taiwan / 3 – 6 November 2017
Mr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe / Taipei, Taiwan / 3 – 5 November 2017
Alla Metelitsa, Bonn, Germany / 3 – 18 November 2017
Lyan Baybay Villacorta / Bonn, Germany / 3 – 18 November 2017
Dr. Teerapat Sa-nguankotchakorn / Munich, Germany / 4 – 9 November 2017
Mr. Syed Muntasir Husain Bokhari / Jakarta, Denpasar Bali, Surabaya, Indonesia / 4 – 20 November 2017
*(Staff or faculty member travelled and returned to AIT prior to documentation received for publication)






F. Classifieds (Jobs)


Position: Administrative Staff (Office of Finance)
Ref. No. 42/17
Deadline: 31 October 2017

Position: Administrative Staff (Academic Quality Officer) (Office of the Academic Administration (OAA))
Ref. No. 41/17
Deadline: 6 November 2017

Position: Administrative Staff (Library Assistant) (AIT Library)
Ref. No. 43/17
Deadline: 10 November 2017