WEEK #20: 15 – 21 May 2017



 In this issue:


A. Events

B. Announcements

C. Campus Updates

D. Faculty and Staff Travel

E. Classifieds (Jobs)



 A. Events


(i)    Events

(a)    AIT’s 127th Graduation: 19 May 2017

The 127th Graduation of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) will be held on 19 May 2017 at the AIT Conference Center.

The ceremonies will be broadcasted live on Internet on 19 May 2017 at 09:30 and 14:00 hrs. from the following URL:



(a)    Sustainability Workshop: 16 May 2017

School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD) is organizing the first Sustainability Workshop "MANAGEMENT OF AIT CAMPUS FOREST FOR ECOSYSTEM SERVICES" to give opportunity for students to present their papers and for non-AIT students to learn how AIT students did their research.

Date: 16 May 2017 from 9:00 am – 11:30 am
Venue: ROOM B202, AITCC

Those who have worked on similar topics on AIT campus are encouraged/invited to make the presentation. It is planned for 1/2 day but if there are more speakers, the organizer can make it one day. Interested persons please send the title of the talks by 1 May 2017 to:

Dr. Nophea Sasaki
Organizing Committee
Email: nrmcoordinator@ait.asia

To help the organizer arrange the classroom and coffees, kindly register here:

The organizer also would like to use this opportunity to promote AIT to Thai students for RTG scholarship. Please kindly spread this information to your colleagues.

(b)    ELLTA Conference: Perspectives on Leadership, Learning and Social Enterprise in Asia – 25 – 27 July 2017

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and ELLTA, as Co-hosts, welcome you to the fourth International, Academic Conference of ELLTA: ‘Perspectives on Leadership, Learning and Social Enterprise in Asia’ –� Sharpening Focus on Research Collaborations and Publications.
The conference invites original contributions on the following Key Themes:

  •     Leadership in/ and Context (Asia)
  •     Learning Organisation/ Organisational Learning in Context (Asia)
  •     Enterprise-led Development, Social Business and Transformation: Perspectives from Asia
  •     Researching Context/ Context-based  Research
  •     Learning and Change: Asia in Focus


More details: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2017/events/elta-conference-perspectives-on-leadership-learning-and-social-enterprise-in-asia/#.WNh7SGelaUk



B. Announcements



Message from President: 11 May 2017

I led a delegation to visit Siam University (SU) at Bang Wah to sign an MOU for collaborations between the AIT and SU. We were warmly welcomed by Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, President of SU and other top executives of SU.

After the signing ceremony, the two sides further discussed about the collaboration. As SU wishes to open International Program in Engineering and Technology, I have offered that AIT helps design a curriculum fitting for international students. Mentoring new universities of the region has always been a mission of AIT.

We further explored the possibility to embark a model of Unified Bachelor and Master Programs, for which AIT and SU can work together to recruit international students in the region. These students will pursue Bachelor's degree at SU, and Master's Degree Program at AIT. Initially, the course teaching for the newly established international program can be assisted by AIT's international faculty. Talent students should be able to complete the two degrees in 5 years. The program can also serve students from some countries with 3 years diploma, who are required to join the last year at SU before being admissible to AIT.
A Working Committee has been set up with members on both sides to work out on the details.

In the meeting, I also took the opportunity to congratulate Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, for having been elected recently as Vice President of the International Association of Universities (IAU), of which AIT is also a member. Dr. Pornchai also serves as the Chair of IAU Higher Education for Sustainable Development Working Group.

(ii)    AITIS Pre-Registration

Pre-Registration for Elementary and Pre-Kindergarten sections of AIT International School has started from 24 April 2017.
Those who wish to register your children for the 2017-2018 school year, please contact Khun Jeeny (jeeranan@ait.asia ) at AITIS office phone : 02-524-5984 or 096-228-9358.

Please pick up the application form and return it to school by 19 May 2017.
Readiness Test will be held on 1 June 2017 from 8.30 a.m.

AIT International School Office hours:     8:00am to 11:30am
                                                                 1:00pm to 3:30pm

(iii)    Invitation to attend the LUT Summer School at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), AIT’s partner university in Finland is organizing a Summer School from 17 July – 11 August 2017
Application is now open and will end on 21 May.  The summer school is an academic event, offering 16 Master’s level courses in the fields of technology and business. LUT accept final-year Bachelor’s and Master’s level students with background in technology and business.

There will be two available slots with free accommodation, 1 lunch/day and all social activities, and tuition fee for students who will get selected for LUT Summer School. However, the student has to cover the visa, travelling and personal costs during stay in LUT.

To apply, please follow the procedure below:

1)    Students submit the online application form (http://www.lut.fi/web/en/admissions/lut-summer-school/application-and-fees )
2)  Send an official transcript of records to summerschool@lut.fi .
3) Send a copy of the application and transcript to oexr@ait.asia  and carol@ait.asia

For further  information about the LUT Summer School, please see at: www.lut.fi/summerschool
Course: http://www.lut.fi/web/en/admissions/lut-summer-school/academic-guidelines/courses;jsessionid=E22935025F89946C869EA40001BDB231.wwwlut2

(iv)    ASEAN-US Women's Science Prize Launched

The third annual ASEAN-U.S. Science Prize for Women was launched on 3 May 2017 by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global safety science company.

This is a great opportunity for support and recognition for women scientists in Thailand. For further information, please see the links below.

Press release: https://asean.usmission.gov/launch-asean-u-s-science-prize-women/ - shortened link: https://go.usa.gov/x5V9r
Application website: https://asean.usmission.gov/2017-asean-u-s-science-prize-women/  - shortened link: https://go.usa.gov/x5V9G

(v)    Schwarzman Scholars Now Accepting Applications for Third Batch of Future Leaders

New York & Beijing, April 17, 2017 – Schwarzman Scholars has opened their global application for the third cohort of young leaders. The highly selective, fully-funded scholarship program is designed to ensure that the next generation of business, political, and civil society leaders can effectively serve as bridges between China and the rest of the world. Anchored in an 11-month professional Master’s Degree in Global Affairs at Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University, the Schwarzman Scholars experience encompasses unparalleled opportunities inside and outside the classroom, including extensive leadership training, a network of senior mentors, practical training/internships, and travel seminars around China. Scholars will learn about the emergence of China as an economic and political force from world‐class faculty from leading institutions and guest speakers at the state‐of‐the‐art Schwarzman College. The dynamic core curriculum offers the choice of concentrations in public policy, international studies, or business and economics.

The scholarship aims to build a professionally diverse cohort each year and welcomes undergraduates, graduates, and young professionals up to age 28 of any citizenship who are proficient in English and have obtained an undergraduate degree. A Schwarzman Scholar should demonstrate extraordinary leadership potential, the ability to anticipate paradigm changes, strong intellectual capacity, and exemplary character. Eligible applicants from any field are invited to apply.

The application can be found on the Schwarzman Scholars website, www.schwarzmanscholars.org  and will be open until 11:59PM on September 28, 2017.

Learn more at www.schwarzmanscholars.org , like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SchwarzmanScholars , and follow us on Twitter at @SchwarzmanOrg .
See more details: https://www.facebook.com/AITasia/posts/10155198729249709


Organizers: the United Nations Development Programme and the United States Agency for International Development Adapt Asia-Pacific Project in cooperation with the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific, Asian Institute of Technology, under the Climate Change Asia Initiative.

Dates: 21 August to 1 September 2017
Venue: United Nations Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Objective: The training programme aims to equip government officials and other stakeholders in the Asia and the Pacific region with economic tools necessary to identify, prioritize, design and implement climate-resilient projects and policies, formulate national adaptation plans and access climate finance for adaptation action.

    Introduction to key economic principles and review of impacts of climate change in Asia and the Pacific
    Assessment of economic impacts of climate change, cost-benefit analysis of investment projects and climate-proofing options
    Proposal development

Target audience: (1) Policy and technical staff from line ministries and national agencies who are involved in national adaptation planning process, development of project proposals on climate change adaptation and mainstreaming climate change adaptation issues into national strategies and plans; and (2) Experts in the field of economics or statistics from governmental, non-governmental and academic institutions who are involved in economic analysis of climate change adaptation actions and climate-resilient investments.    

The training programme is limited to 25 participants as follows:

  • Ten participants from target countries of the UNDP “Economics of Climate Change Adaptation” capacity building programme, namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, will receive full scholarships covering travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.
  • Five participants from Thailand and 10 participants from other countries of Asia and the Pacific can attend on a self-funded basis.  

Further details on the application process are available at www.rrcap.ait.asia/ecca

The deadline for applications is 31 May 2017.

AIT personnel are welcome to apply and requested to forward this information to other colleagues who may be interested.

For more information, please contact: ecca@rrcap.ait.asia

(vii)    New Locations of the Offices in the Administration Building

The Administration Building will be renovated from Jan – June 2017. Most offices in the building have started moving to AIT Conference Center and other buildings. Below is the list of the new location of Administration Offices:

President: Presidential Lounge, AITCC
VP Administration: Room B138
VP Academic Affairs: Room B136
VP Development: Room B130
Office of the President and Office of the Institute Secretary: Room B144B
Office of Academic Administration: Room B144A
Office of Human Resource Services: Room B109
Office of Internal Auditor: Room B113
Office of External Relation and Office of Host Country Relation: B115
Office of Special Degree Program: B115
Office of Advancement: Room 102 (ground floor), Outreach Building
Office of Finance: Room 225 (2nd Floor)
Office of GRU: Room 223 (2nd Floor)
Office of Purchasing and Inventory Procurement: Admin (No Change)
Office of Student and Affairs: Admin (No Change)


C. Campus Updates


(i)    Survey of chiller pipes and AC units in SET and SERD buildings

Please be informed that as part of the Air Conditioning improvement project, Office of Facilities and Asset Management (OFAM) is planning to renovate chilled water pipes in SERD and SET buildings. To plan the proposed improvement,  Subcontractor (VSN) accompanied by TM staff and OFAM staff  will enter SET and SERD buildings and even into the rooms to survey chilled water pipes and AC units to check their current conditions and to propose the plan of renovation.

The survey is planned from Thursday, 11th – Monday, 22nd May 2017.

Please note that survey may include the need to open the ceilings in the corridors and even in the rooms. We request kind support to conduct the survey and apologize for any inconveniences it may cause.

(ii)    Dorm H Renovation

Please be informed that the renovation of dorm H has started since 20 March 2017. The renovation of the dorm H is scheduled to be completed by end of May 2017

During this renovation period, there might be loud noise or disturbance on the pathway near dorm H. In this regard, the Office of Facilities and Asset Management (OFAM) requests your kind understanding.

(iii)    Temporary Relocation of Photo Vending Machine from Administration to Cafeteria

Please be informed that due to the renovation of the ground floor of the Administration Building, the photo vending machine has been moved temporarily to Cafeteria (entrance opposite Korea House).


D. Faculty and Staff Travel


Ms. Sobia Asghar / Hanoi, Vietnam / 22 – 26 April 2017*
Mr. Furqan Ali Shaikh / Melbourne and Sydney, Australia / 7 – 15 May 2017
Dr. Clemens M. Grunbuhel / Banteay Manchey, Cambodia / 1 – 6 May 2017*
Dr. B.H.W. Hadikusumo / Myanmar / 5 – 7 May 2017*
Dr. Gregory L. F. Chiu / Taipei, Taiwan / 5 – 7 May 2017*
Mr. Syed Muntasir Husain Bokhari / Denpasar Bali, Indonesia / 8 – 30 May 2017
Mr. Voravate Chonlasin / Vientiane, Lao PDR / 5 May – 5 June 2017
Prof. Kyoko Kusakabe / Phnom Penh, Cambodia / 9 – 13 May 2017*
Mr. Fazle Karim / Sydney and Hobart, Austria / 10 – 15 May 2017
Dr. Chotchai Charoenngam / Vietnam / 10 – 18 May 2017
Dr. B.H.W. Hadikusumo / Myanmar / 12 – 15 May 2017
Prof. Barbara Igel / Vung Tau, Vietnam / 12 – 21 May 2017
Dr. Joyee S. Chaterjee / Los Angeles & San Diego & New York, U.S.A. / 12 May – 1 June 2017
Dr. Anil Kumar Anal / Vienna, Austria / 13 – 25 May 2017
Dr. Md. Bilal Sadiq / Montpellier, France and Pisa, Italy / 13 May – 5 June 2017
Miss Manisha singh / Liege, Belgium and Pisa, Italy / 13 May – 5 June 2017
Dr. Manzul K. Hazarika / Dhaka, Bangladesh / 14 – 19 May 2017
Ms. Collen Curran / Dhaka, Bangladesh / 14 – 19 May 2017
Mr. Angga Bayu Marthafifsa / Dhaka, Bangladesh / 14 – 19 May 2017
Mr. Keerati Tunthasuwatana / Brunei / 15 – 17 May 2017
Dr. Noppadol Phien-wej / Gilgit, Pakistan / 15 – 22 May 2017
Dr. Naveed Anwar / Gilgit, Pakistan / 15 – 22 May 2017
Mr. Muhammad Amir Izhar / Gilgit, Pakistan / 15 – 22 May 2017
Prof. C. Visvanathan / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam / 16 – 18 May 2017
Dr. Lal Samarakoon / Dhaka, Bangladesh / 16 – 18 May 2017
Mr. Prabhat Joshi / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam / 16 – 20 May 2017
Ms. Thaniya Jirasathitpornpong / Hanoi, Vietnam / 21 – 30 May 2017

*(Staff or faculty member travelled and returned to AIT prior to documentation received for publication)


E. Classifieds (Jobs)


Position: Administrative Staff (Program Officer) (AIT Extension)
Ref. No. 17/17
Deadline: 20 May 2017

Position: Technical Staff (IT Officer) (Geoinformatics Center)
Ref. No. 16/17
Deadline: 28 May 2017

Position: Assistant or Associate Professors Position (School of Environment, Resources & Development)
Ref. No. Fac. 1/17
Deadline: 30 June 2017

Ref. No. Fac 03/2017
Deadline: 26 July 2017

Faculty Position in Energy, SERD (School of Environment, Resources & Development)
Ref. No. Fac 2/17
Deadline: 26 July 2017