WEEK #40: 2 – 8 October 2017


 In this issue:


A. Announcements

B. Events

C. Visitors

D. Campus Updates

E. Faculty and Staff Travel

F. Classifieds (Jobs)



A. Announcements



(i) AIT President’s China Trip Report

Email from President: 28 Sept. 2017

Dear Board Members and Colleagues


I led AIT's delegation on an official trip to Xi'an, the ancient capital of China and currently the educational hub of the western part of China. Xi'an has many world ranked universities. My trip is related to three major universities in Xi'an including Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xidian University and Northwestern Polytectechnic University (NPU).

DAY 1 (22 September 2017)

Our first stop is Xi'an Jiaotong University, where I was welcomed by its University President, Prof. Wang Shuguo, with Director He Changzhong and Deputy Director Lei Yanjun of the Office of International Affairs, and Head of Department of Public Administration, Professor Guo Xuesong.

President Wang Shuguo informed us that Xi'an Jiaotong University, recently declared as one of the China's world class universities, is moving toward more internationalization with focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Integration of the University and Society. Under the Belt and Road Initiative, President Wang hoped that the Asian Institute of technology and the Xi'an Jiaotong University will take the opportunity to develop a closer collaboration. He also referred to the recent visit to Xi'an Jiaotong University of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, also our AIT Alumna.

I have informed President Wang our mission in China this time, which includes exploring the possible collaboration with Xi'an Jiaotong University on Rail Transportation System, and a possible joint Executive Master's degree in business administration with Chinese business orientation. The two sides agreed to continue discussions in more details. At the end, I have extended my cordial invitation for President Wang Shuguo to lead a delegation visit AIT at his convenient time.

As the major trading site of the silk road, Xi'an has emerged as the site of a major international cooperation associated with the Belt and Road Initiative. The Xi'an Jiaotong university is home to a vigorous international program of research and exchange. At present there are more than 400 Foreign students from all over the world predominantly from Pakistan, Malaysia, Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal, ASEAN countries, Gulf countries, Central Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand and European countries.


DAY 2 (23 September 2017)

The main mission of my trip to China was to participate in the "Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) - Presidents' Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education" hosted by Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government. The Forum was successfully organized by Xidian University, which is one of AIT's partnered universities in China.
The Forum was attended on invitation by Presidents of over 100 domestic and foreign universities. One of the objectives is "to build a cooperative platform for cultivation of talents among the universities along the Belt and Road Region". At the end, all presidents jointly presented "the Xi'an Declaration for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education", with reference to the BRI.

I had the honor to be a keynote speaker to the full-house audience in the Opening Session. The title of my keynote speech is "Global Competence for the Sustainable Future of Humankind". I have called for a new platform of universities in the BRI to start preparing a new breed of intellectuals, which shall become globally responsible citizens for the sustainable future of mankind.

DAY 3 (24 September 2017)

I was invited by the Board Chair Dr. Zhang Wei of Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in Xi'an to deliver a closing speech for the International conference on "China's ties with the Outside World through the Belt and Road Initiative" held at NPU from September 23 to 24, 2017.

The conference attracted over 300 international scholars. Professor Ge Jinxing, from Fudan University, Professor Michael Dennis from University of California, Irvine and Professor Paul Jay from Loyola University, Chicago, delivered keynote speeches.

I had the honor to address all the participants in the closing ceremony. I made a point that the BRI in the spirit of "mutual trust" could provide a golden opportunity for BRI scholars to bridge the cultural divide and solve global issues such as climate change for the sustainable future of mankind. 

I would like to congratulate Professor Yin Xiaohuang, Dean of School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Chairman of the Conference for the grand success of this Conference.

News about my activities in China appears in
3. Global Times
4.Daily News Sina
5. US-China Press
6. Focus News


(ii) AIT Newsletter: October 2017

This month, the AIT Newsletter shares the story about AIT's major engagements with China, awards, seminars and conferences, and the golden jubilee celebrations of the Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society at AIT.

Download links
PDF: https://goo.gl/UKaLvc
EPUB: https://goo.gl/4n4Ywo
MOBI: https://goo.gl/v7PS8k

(iii) Confirmation on 2 additional Special Leave

This is to convey the approval from the AIT Management Team to grant the special leaves to AIT employees as follows:
1. Friday, 13 October 2017  - H.M. late King Bhumibol Memorial Day.
2. Thursday, 26 October 2017 - Royal Cremation Ceremony for H.M. late King
    Bhumibol Adulyadej.

(iv) AIT Fun and Sports Day 2017

Email from HRO: 29 Sept. 2017
It's the time of the year once again that we hear drums and cheers as we gather together as one big family.
Yes! this is it, we are going to have an AIT Fun and Sports Day 2017. Aren't you excited?! Then let's come together on 8 December 2017 and let us shake the AIT grounds with our laughter, dances and spirit of sportsmanship!!
This year's team colors are: SERD- green; SET - Orange; SOM and Centers - Purple; Central Administration – Pink
Come to participate or just cheer your teammates in the games we have especially prepared for you and experience Unity in Diversity through sports!

Theme: Unity in Diversity
What: AIT Fun and Sports Day
When: 8 December 2017 starting at 8:00 a.m.
Who should attend: AIT employees
Where: Morning events will be held at the small football field behind the Administration Building. Lunch and raffle draw will be at the area beside the Administration Building.

Register online! Unit/Department Secretaries are requested to assist their colleagues who may not have computer access to register them by submitting their names and complete details to the Office of the Human Resources Services (hro@ait.asia ).
Exciting prizes await you, so register now!!
Simply fill up the form and click "submit" to complete your registration. Please use ait.asia email account.
Registration is open up to 12 October 2017 at 3.00 p.m. only. Late registration will not be accepted.
Watch out for more announcements!

(v) Implementation of "No Smoking" policy in AIT

In compliance with the legal requirements of the law of Thailand and as issued by "The Ministry of Health", dated 27th February 2017, Volume no. 19, which classified all universities to be free smoking area type II and are declared as tobacco free area to protect the health of non-smokers and as per the law, smoking areas should be established/assigned.

AIT Management has decided to include “No Smoking Policy” as institute-wide policy. Therefore, please be informed of the following:
Signboards which shows that AIT is implementing “No Smoking Policy” are now placed at three entrance gates and also in few other areas in the campus.

There are 10 assigned smoking areas around the campus, wherein signboards are also now in place. "Smoking Areas" are provided with facilities like ash trays and benches. Please find the attached locations for the assigned smoking areas.

Smoking at unassigned area is a legal offence and violators will be fined up to Baht 2,000 as per the law.
This policy is for strict compliance, please be guided accordingly.

(vi) Personal data for Income Tax

To ensure that personal income tax of AIT faculty and staff members comply with Tax Regulation, it is imperative that Office of the Human Resources Services has a correct record of personal data in HR’s system. Please log in the web link, https://hris.ait.ac.th  to update personal data. Use AIT email account credential to log in and then click “View Employee Profile”.  Furthermore, please update or complete contact information such as the name and telephone number of emergency contact person.

For employees with children, particular attention is required in the status of your children in the system, check if it is correct. Update the system if they are studying or working either here in Thailand or abroad. Please request to amend as appropriate.  

Any changes on personal data from previous to current year should be supported with documents in hard copies. These include passport copy, marriage certificate, birth certificates of your children as well as receipts of investment in RTF/LTF and personal life insurance.

Please submit it to Khun Denphoom in the Office of the Human Resources Services (OHRS), Room 223, Second Floor of the Administration Building within 13 October 2017.

(vii) Update your personal data

AIT faculty and staff members are reminded that in accordance with  the requirement of the Thai Ministry of Revenue to inform you to update your personal data, which may be deferred from the previous year, e.g, your wife or husband used to work but this year, jobless and /or.your child has already finished university. These significant movements are necessary in term of legal obligations and your tax allocation.

In a case of such movement occurred, kindly submit your legitimate documents to OHRS attn: Mr. Denphoom Tel: 5013 , not later than 12 October 2017 to update your personal data resulting your right payment and /or your tax reimbursement .

(viii) Staff English Development

Please be informed that Staff English Development still exists. The Language Center is now available to provide such in-needed training, starting from Friday, 12 January 2018 from 09.00 hrs to 10.30 hrs on every Friday, continuously until completion of 20 sessions.

(ix) Development of AIT Conveyors

As agreed by the previous members of AIT Staff Buses and the management in consultation with Pathumthani Labour Office, effective Monday, 2 October 2017, AIT 4 vans are facilitated to the registered members as follows:
Route: Laplakao - Ramintra - Sapanmai - Phaholyothin Km.27 -  AIT, still have 2 seats available (from 3 seats left 1 seat for relaxing space).
Route: Nonthaburi - BTS Ministry of Public Health - Pongpetch - Laksi - Vibhavadi - AIT, still have 1 seat available (from 2 seats left 1 seat for relaxing).
Route: Thonburi - The Mall Tha-pra - Pinklao Intersection - Rama VII Bridge - Vibhavadi - AIT, still have 3 seat available (from 4 seats left 1 seat for relaxing space).
Route: Sathorn Road - Soi Aree - AIT:  fully booked
Please note that this development could allow the Institute to share an essential resources from a small group of employees to the Institute-wide level.

(x) Unidentified money transfer to AIT account of Baht 21, 509 from IVAX PAPER CHEMICAL LTD. on 6 September 2017

Thank you for your kind assistance to help clarifying the unidentified money transferred to AIT bank accounts.
Please kindly check and inform Finance at Finance@ait.ac.th  or contact Finance cashier within mid of October 2017 if you are familiar or be able to identify this amount from IVAX PAPER CHEMICAL LTD.

(xi) Free trial access to Taylor & Francis Online from now to 31 October 2017

AIT Library has been offered a free trial access from now to 31 October 2017 to Taylor & Francis Online at this URL link:

(xii) Free trial access to SAGE Premier for AIT from 25 September 2017 - 5 January 2018

AIT Library has been offered a free trial access to SAGE Premier from 25th September 2017 - 5th January 2018.  Please access this URL link: http://journals.sagepub.com/ .  Full text download is allowed.

(xiii) Global Engineering Academic Challenge 2017 – AIT

Elsevier is running the Global Engineering Academic Challenge (EAC) 2017 from 18 September 2017 – 22 October 2017.

The EAC 2017 is an partnership program created by both Knovel Team and Drexel University which allows thousands of engineering students from hundreds of institutions around the world to participate and challenge. Solve 5 real-world questions about a trending engineering topic for 5-weeks and get the highest ranks on the leaderboard and win great prizes!
AIT faculty, students, and staff members are invited to join this activity.  Please register at www.elsevier.com/eac  to join.

(xiv) Invitation to join Taylor & Francis Quiz in Thailand: Stand to win attractive prizes!

Taylor & Francis invite interested persons to participate in the Taylor & Francis Quiz in Thailand.  The quiz will end on 31October 2017.  To join, please click this URL link: http://bit.ly/tandfthailand .
You may win attractive prices. 

(xv) Request for AIT Library's patron cooperation

The AIT Library has received a complaint for noise from students' discussion and tutoring on the second floor of the Library which is intended for students who want to concentrate on their studies. 
AIT Library would like to request cooperation to help maintain learning environment. If discussion is required, please book the Library's Group Study Room for that purpose.  Please be considerate of other users who need concentration, especially during the exam periods.

(xvi) Guidelines for AIT swimming pool users

Swimming pool users are requested to kindly note and be guided accordingly with the rules to be followed
• Users of the pool are only AIT community which includes AIT faculty, staff, students and their families and the visitors at AITCC. (It is strictly not for outsiders)
• Proper swim wear is required. No outerwear including cut-offs or shorts will be allowed.
• Food and beverages are not allowed in the pool.
• Lifeguards and/or security guards have the authority to prevent intoxicated individuals from entering the pool area.
• Smoking is not permitted at the pool area.
• Children must be accompanied and supervised by parents or guardians at all times.
• Inexperienced swimmer must be accompanied by experienced swimmer in the pool.
• For swimming training lessons, prior permission has to be taken from Office of Facilities and Asset Management (OFAM).
• Individuals breaking the pool regulations are subject to penalty or possible forfeiture of swimming privileges.

(xvii) Stray Dogs/Cats and Pets

AIT community has raised serious safety concern about stray dogs and cats in the campus.
Some of the safety concerns are:
-  Children as well as adults are being chased by these dogs and even bitten by cats
- Cats are found to be living in the area  of the units provided for gas cylinders and in the corridors of the accommodation units
-  Both cats and dogs are the cause for unhygienic and smelly corridors (In spite of Janitorial regular cleaning)
- Stray animals may carry serious virus, especially if they are not properly vaccinated.

In this regard, Office of Facilities and Asset Management (OFAM) strongly discourages everyone from feeding stray dogs and cats.  Feeding them will just attract them to come back again and again.  Please to kindly support OFAM’s effort to eliminate stray animals in the campus for our own safety.

Additionally, OFAM has received reports about pets in the dormitories and in staff housing units. Please be reminded that as per AIT housing policy, pets are only allowed in faculty houses but not in student dormitories and staff units. Pets found roaming around even with collar will be caught and given to the animal foundation.

If pets are found in the unit/dorm, at first warning tenant will be fined and if he/she still violates the policy, the tenant may be required to vacate the housing unit. Kindly inform security (call 02524-6000), if any stray dog is found in the campus.





B. Events



(a) CAREER TALK: 11 Oct. 2017

AIT Career Center will organize Eaton Electric Career Talk on 11 October 2017, Wednesday, 4:00 - 5:30 pm, at AIT Conference Center.

(b) Special Talk on Performance Seismic Based Design: Best Practices: 3 Nov. 2017

AIT through AIT Solutions will organize a Special Talk on Performance Seismic Based Design: Best Practices by Ron Klemencic, Chairman and CEO of Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA), on 3 November 2017.

(c) International Forum on Education for Rural Transformation: 13 – 15 Nov. 2017

AIT and the UNESCO International Research Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED) is organizing the International Forum on Education for Rural Transformation (IFERT) during 13-15 November 2017, at the AIT Campus.
More information are available at www.ifert.ait.asia

(d)International Expert Forum: Mainstreaming Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction in Education: 1 – 2 Dec. 2017

An International Expert Forum on "Mainstreaming Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction in Education" will be organized at AIT on 1-2 December 2017.

Registration Open: 15 August 2017
Full Paper Submission: 30 September 2017

More details: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2017/events/international-expert-forum-mainstreaming-resilience-and-disaster-risk-reduction-in-education/#.WSPuJtylaUl


(a) Foundation English Program for intake January 2018: 28 Aug. – 17 Nov. 2017

The AIT Language Center is offering an extra Foundation English Program from 28 August – 17 November 2017. This program aims at those applicants with high academic skills potential who were unable to meet the English language entry requirements for admission in August 2017, but who would like to apply for admission in January 2018 instead and need an extra hand in developing their English skills.

In some cases, half fee scholarships are available for applicants with high academic potential. Please contact the Schools and relevant departments for more information.
For more information, please contact the Language Center: Languages@ait.asia

(b) EL classes for the August 2017 semester: 28 Aug. – 16 Nov. 2017

The registration for EL classes for the August 2017 semester is now open. Please choose from the available time slots in SIS: https://sis.ait.ac.th  (Register/Enroll menu) before the deadline on 18 August at 16:00 (Adding/Dropping).

CLASSES:    28 August – 16 November 2017
NO EL CLASSES:        Monday 25th to Friday 29th September
Monday 23rd  to Friday 27th October

EL COURSE EXAM:      Monday 20th to Tuesday 21st November

After registering for an EL course you will not be allowed to change the class time on SIS.  Students will only be allowed to change EL class times from Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th August before 15.00 at the Language Center, Room 216.
Students with English scores below AIT’s admission requirements will be automatically enrolled in the mandatory English Language (EL) courses listed below. Students will need to pay a registration fee at the AIT Cashier for EL courses before they can attend. The EL course level will be automatically assigned based on a student’s current English score:

5.0 - EL15 Intermediate English Composition
5.5 - EL19 Academic and Technical Writing
English course fee:

·        5,000 Baht one-time flat fee to all new students.
·    Students who have attended EL 15 or EL19 once will be charged an additional 2,000THB; the total amount will not exceed 5,000 THB.
·      Students who have attended EL13 and EL15; EL15 and EL19 or who have already paid > 5,000 will not be charged again.

Students who joined AIT before January 2016 are allowed to drop EL courses.  If you joined AIT after January 2016, you are not able to drop EL courses. The EL courses should be your first priority, therefore scheduling problems and conflicts are not valid reasons to request to unregister from the EL courses. To unregister from the course, you will need to create a memo requesting the EL exemption on a semester basis. This memo will need to be approved by your advisor and submitted to the Language Center before 18 August 2017 (AIT adding/dropping date). If you fail to drop the EL course you are enrolled in before the 22 September, you will still be graded for the EL course you have enrolled.
As you have been informed during the orientation, AIT maintains a strict policy on English language requirements and if you have not met the English language requirements by the third semester of study, you will not be allowed to register for thesis or research credits. Review the Graduation Requirements here.

(c) Thai, Chinese and French Courses for Beginners: Aug. – Oct. 2017

The Language Center will conduct languages courses as follows:
Thai Courses for Beginners
·         21 August – 4 October 2017
·         Monday and Wednesday
·         Time: 17:00 – 18:30
·         Total of 20 hours
·         Course Fee: 2,000 baht

Chinese Course for Beginners
·         21 August – 4 October 2017
·         Monday and Wednesday
·         Time: Group 1 (17:00 – 18:30)  Group 2 (12:00-13:00)
·         Total of 20 hours
·     The course fee is 1,000THB due to the kind support of the Chinese Government through the Confucius Institute.  (Refunds are not available.)

French Course for Beginners
·         23 August - 6 October 2017
·         Wednesday and Friday
·         Time: 17:00 – 18:30
·         Total of 20 hours
·         Course Fee: 2,000 baht

Register and make a payment at the Language Center, Room 216.

(d) Reading and Writing Thai for Beginners: 5 Sept. – 19 Oct. 2017

The Language Center will conduct “Reading and Writing Thai for Beginners” course as follows:

5 September – 19 October 2017
Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 – 18:30 hrs.
Course Fee: 2,000 baht
Class Size: 15 persons

Register now at the Language Center, Room 216

The Language Center is pleased to announce the opening of French course!

(e) French for Beginners: 6 Sept. – 27 Oct. 2017

The Language Center will conduct “French for Beginners” course as follows:

6 September – 27 October 2017
Wednesday and Friday from 17.00 – 18.30 hrs.
Course Fee 2,000 baht

Interested persons please register now at the Language Center, Room 216.


(a) AIT Career Fair & SU Research Exhibition: 1 Nov. 2017

Twenty-one (21) organizations have confirmed so far to join the AIT Career Fair scheduled on 1 November 2017 from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm at the AIT Conference Center.

You are cordially invited to explore and uncover opportunities offered by the companies that are joining the event.

COMPANIES who have confirmed to join so far:

1. Siam Makro PCL – wholesale center for professional business operators
2. Amata Corporation PCL -  world’s leading industrial city developer
3. Siam Cement PLC (SCG) – largest cement and building material company in Thailand and Southeast Asia
4. Bouygues-Thai Ltd. - leading construction company in Asia
5. TOA Group -  leading paint manufacturer in Thailand
6. Pylon PCL - specialty foundation contractor company
7. Lazada Ltd. -  leading online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia
8. Kasikorn Bank –  leading universal banking group in Thailand 
9. TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co. Ltd. – Thailand's largest conglomerate of consulting companies
10. Double A (1991) PCL-   manufacturer and distributor of pulp and paper in Thailand and internationally
11. ERM-Siam Co. Ltd. - world’s leading sustainability consultancy
12. Eaton Electric (Thailand) Ltd. - global technology leader in power management solutions
13. John Deere (Thailand) Ltd. - one of the largest and leading agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers in the world
14. Sahamitr Pressure Container PLC -one of the leading LPG container manufacturers in the world
15. RECOFTC- The Center for People and Forests - international not-for-profit organization that focuses on capacity building for community forestry in the Asia Pacific region
16. Asian Engineering Consultants (AEC)  Corp. Ltd. - consulting services for major public and private construction projects
17. AIT Solutions - offers innovative solutions in technology, engineering, environment, development, and management
18. Panya Consultants Co. Ltd. - provides consulting and management services to the government, private sector and international organizations
19. Arcadis (Thailand) Co. Ltd. - leading global design & consultancy firm for natural and built assets
20. SVI PCL -  leading EMS service provider
21. Johnson & Johnson (Thailand) Ltd. - offers the world's largest range of consumer healthcare products & multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods 

CAREER TALK schedule:

¤ Eaton Electric Career Talk on 11 October 2017, Wednesday, 4:00 - 5:30 pm, AITCC


¤ Long-term career prospects

¤ Job placements

¤ Internship opportunities

¤ On-the-job training

¤ Research partners

¤ Networking with company representatives

and the

¤ Student Union Research Exhibition!

Many more companies are confirming in the days ahead! Please help us in spreading the word out about the Fair!!!  And let us know as well if you have any company contacts that you want us to invite to the Fair.

We also request faculty to please encourage your student advisees to join the Research Exhibition for showcasing students’ research which could be beneficial for future exchange of research initiatives between young researchers and the industries.

Mark your calendar! For developments and career opportunities, please drop by at: www.careercenter.ait.asia
or check/like:  https://www.facebook.com/officialaitcareercenter
or email: careercenter@ait.asia
or contact via phone: 662 524-6744, 662 524-6326








C. Visitors


• Delegation from Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Embassy in Thailand / 9 Oct. 2017 / to discuss future collaboration and training possibilities with AIT Extension and SERD





D. Campus Updates


(i) New AITCC Annex & renovation of car park near Arcade

A new AITCC Annex building will be constructed opposite to AIT swimming Pool/AIT Solutions. The construction work will start from 1 October 2017 and expected to be completed by April 2018. To prepare the area for construction, the car park area opposite to swimming pool/AIT Solutions will be demolished partially and a new sewage line will be laid from Arcade area.

During the process of this work, the area will be barricaded and there might be some disturbance as well as noise.

Please be also informed that currently partial section of car park area opposite to Arcade is being renovated. It may take a week to complete the work and the area will be closed.

(ii) Temporary Relocation of Photo Vending Machine from Administration to Cafeteria

Please be informed that due to the renovation of the ground floor of the Administration Building, the photo vending machine has been moved temporarily to Cafeteria (entrance opposite Korea House).





E. Faculty and Staff Travel


Mr. S. K. Shahin Hossain / New Delhi, India / 17 – 21 September 2017*
Ms. Rasita Srikerdkruen / Qingdao, China / 17 September – 3 October 2017
Dr. B.H.W. Hadikusumo / Vietnam / 21 – 25 September 2017*
Dr. Chotchai Charoenngam / Vietnam / 25 – 26 September 2017*
Dr. Teerapat Sa-nguankotchakorn / Seoul, Korea / 26 September – 2 October 2017
Dr. Djoen San Santoso / Myanmar / 29 September – 1 October 2017*
Mr. Shahin Hossain / Chonburi, Thailand / 30 September – 1 October 2017*
Ms. Slanee Meeto / Chongburi, Thailand / 30 September – 1 October 2017*
Dr. Manzul K. Hazarika / Baku, Azerbaijan / 30 September – 5 October 2017
Mrs. Narumon Wangnai / Ayutthaya, Lopburi, and Nakhonsawan, Thailand 3 – 5 October 2017
Mr. Sufian Etea / Ayutthaya, Lopburi, Nakhonsawan / 3 – 5 October 2017
Ms. Chatchata Prasongsuk / Ayutthaya, Lopburi, and Nakhonsawan / 3 – 5 October 2017
Mr. Furqan Ali Shaikh / Tokyo, Japan / 1 – 7 October 2017
Dr. Kavinda Gunasekara / Uttarakhand, India / 2 – 14 October 2017
Dr. Anil Kumar Anal / Chachoengsao and Chonburi, Thailand / 3 – 4 October 2017
Dr. Loc Thai Nguyen / Chachoengsao and Chonburi, Thailand / 3 – 4 October 2017
Mrs. Cha-on Phasuravong / Chachoengsao and Chonburi, Thailand / 3 – 4 October 2017
Prof. Barbara Igel / St. Petersburg, Russia / 3 – 10 October 2017
Dr. Lal Samarakoon / Dubai, UAE / 4 – 7 October 2017
Prof. Nitin K. Tripathi / Pondicherry, India / 4 – 8 October 2017
Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut / Hong Kong / 8 – 11 October 2017
Dr. Thammarat Koottatep / Delft and Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Glasgow, UK. / 8 – 24 October 2017

*(Staff or faculty member travelled and returned to AIT prior to documentation received for publication)




F. Classifieds (Jobs)


Position: Administrative Staff (Academic Quality Officer) (Office of the Academic Administration (OAA))
Ref. No. 41/17
Deadline: 3 October 2017

Position: Administrative Staff (School of Environment, Resources & Development)
Ref. No. 39/17
Deadline: 15 October 2017