Week #39, 28 September – 4 October 2015


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Management Team News and Notes


Confirmed AIT Management Notes, 10 September 2015

Please be informed that the confirmed notes of the 10 September 2015 meeting of the AIT Management are now Intranet-published at: http://www.ait.ac.th/management/aitmt-notes



Appointment of Three Senior Advisors to AIT President

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) has recently confirmed three key appointments of Senior Advisors to the AIT President. They are Dr. Hiroyuki Konuma, Professor Ioan D. Marinescu and Dr. Bindu N. Lohani. The appointments draw upon the immense international experience and expertise of the individuals who will be providing AIT with strategic advice and insights in their respective areas.


Dr. Hiroyuki Konuma

Dr. Hiroyuki Konuma, a Japanese national, born in Tokyo, is a graduate of Meiji University (Agricultural Chemistry) and holds an MSc and PhD degree in Agricultural Science from Tsukuba University in Japan. Dr. Konuma served as the FAO Assistant Director-General and the Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific until July 2015, and has been with FAO for over 30 years. Through his leadership, Dr. Konuma has assisted countries to develop and implement policies and programs to realize food security and alleviate poverty in rural communities. His work has resulted in increased project delivery for FAO technical assistance programs in the region. He also undertook extensive missions to countries in the region to ensure that FAO’s work is making a difference in farmers’ lives. He started his career in Syria with JICA (JOCV) in 1977 as a Junior Expert in Animal Husbandry. He joined FAO in 1980 in Yemen as an Associate Expert in animal husbandry. He moved to Somalia as the Head of UNHCR Field office in Jalalaqsi in 1983 and engaged in refugee agricultural settlement program.

As Senior Advisor to the President, Dr. Konuma will provide advice in one of the Institute’s thematic areas, i.e., Food (and Agriculture), in assessing the existing structure at AIT that are involved in food and agriculture areas; identifying gaps and providing recommendations so as to position AIT in the area as a regionalleader in academics, research and outreach; forging linkages with international and regional institutions, and countries in the Asia Pacific region by facilitating collaboration by AIT faculty, staff and students; provide linkages with the private sector and development agencies on food issues.


Professor Ioan D. Marinescu

Dr. Ioan D. Marinescu is currently serving as Professor in the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and as the Director of Precision Micro-Machining Center (PMMC) at The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, USA. He received his undergraduate degree in Manufacturing Engineering/Industrial Engineering and his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania, and his Ph.D. in

Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Galatzi, Romania. He was a postdoctoral associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). During January to August 2004 Professor Marinescu served as Fulbright Fellow and Visiting Professor at AIT. He is an Honorary Professor of De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines. Professor Marinescu has had numerous research contracts throughout his career and his recent funded research program includes leading the development of an Industry/University Cooperative Research Development Center in Precision Micro-Machining within the College of Engineering. 

Professor Marinescu has served as a reviewer for American Society of Mechanical Engineers (USA), American Mathematical Review (USA), Materials and Processing Technology (Sweden), International Journal of Production Research (England), International Journal of Production Economics (IJPE), Elsevier Science Publisher, Journal for Machining Technology, Marcel Dekker Publishing House, International Journal for Engineering Production and Computers and NSF/DMII-Panel Review. Professor Marinescu is currently serving as Editor-in-Chief for International Journal for Manufacturing Science and Technology, AMS Publishing House, USA; International Journal of Abrasive Engineering and Technology, Enterprise Ltd., England, and has also served as Editor-in-Chief for International Journal for Manufacturing Science and Production, Freund Publishing House Inc.-London from 1997 to 1999. He published over 350 papers and 20 books and monographs in the area of manufacturing, tribology and entrepreneurship.

As Senior Advisor to the President, Professor Marinescu will assist AIT in initiating accreditation with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). In addition Professor Marinescu will also teach courses in the School of Management.


Dr. Bindu N. Lohani

Dr. Bindu N. Lohani served as the Vice-President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development until August 2015. He was responsible for the ADB’s Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department (Office of the Chief Economist), Regional and Sustainable Development Department, and Office of Information Systems and Technology. Prior to that, Dr. Lohani was Vice-President (Finance and Administration) of ADB. In his almost 30 years in ADB, he has held several key positions. Before joining ADB, he worked for the Government of Nepal (relating to the infrastructure departments) and was Associate Professor and Division Chairman of the Environmental Engineering Program at AIT. He received a Bachelor degree from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (India), a Master degree in Civil Engineering from the North Carolina State University (USA), and his Doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering (Environmental Technology and Management) from AIT. Dr. Lohani is Visiting Professor of Tsinghua University, Beijing (China) and Professor (Research) of Tongji University, Shanghai (China). He is a member of several international advisory bodies such as Environmental Impact Assessment Review Journal (United Kingdom), Advisory Panel; Journal of Urban Solutions, Centre for Livable Cities (Singapore); International Advisory Panel for the Institute of Water Policies, Lee Kwan Yew, School of Public Policy (Singapore); and Council member, China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (China). He has published eight books and more than 250 publications. Dr. Lohani is an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) of United States and is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers. Dr. Lohani was elected to the rank of AAAS Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Council for world leadership in development country planning for integrated economic-cum-environmental sustainable development through protection of natural/social resources.

As Senior Advisor to the President, Dr. Lohani will assist AIT in initiating a Regional Training Center for Preparing Investment Projects for climate change, contributing his expertise in the area for bringing scholarships and projects with more support and link to AIT.

The Asian Institute of Technology extends a very warm welcome to Dr. Hiroyuki Konuma, Professor Ioan D. Marinescu and Dr. Bindu N. Lohani, and wishes them success in their respective assignments.


New Scheme for Sponsored / Contracted Research and Development Projects to Be Implemented October 1

As the AIT Community has already been informed earlier by the President, the Executive Committee endorsed, in its 23 April 2015 meeting, the principles recommended by the Sponsored ProjectsReform Task Force for sponsored / contracted research and development projects.

Details of a New Scheme for Sponsored / Contracted Research and Development Projects were accordingly developed, which the President approved, following the endorsement of the AIT Management during its 24 September 2015 meeting.  The New scheme for Sponsored / Contracted Research and Development Projects and the revised forms, which will be implemented with immediate effect from 1 October 2015, are Intranet-published at:



Please note that the Institute P&P on Externally Sponsored and Contracted Projects (AA-5-2-1), as well as this Annex specific to research and development projects, including the formula described for implementation, are internal documents and reference guides in the opening of project accounts and obtaining internal approvals. The budget for submission to the clients may follow the format as required by the clients, which can be mapped onto the internal budget format required by the Institute.

The Institute P&P on Externally Sponsored and Contracted Projects (AA-5-2-1) will contain the general policies and procedures governing the implementation of all projects.

In addition to this approved scheme for research and development projects, separate schemes will be developed for each category of externally sponsored and contracted projects, namely: (a) trainings / workshop programs; (b) conferences; (c) academic programs inFund 30; and (d) AIT Consulting / Solutions projects.  All these schemes will follow the approved general principles but with different parameters, if necessary.

We would appreciate receiving your feedback on your experience using the new scheme, especially during the initial period of implementation. The Vice President for Research,through the Sponsored & ContractedProjects Unit, would be pleased to offer any assistance you may require on this matter.

Prof.  Kanchana Kanchanasut

Vice President for Research





SERD welcomes Dr. Sthanu R. Nair (India) as a Visiting Faculty member

Dr. Sthanu R. Nair

Dr. Sthanu R. Nair joined the Agricultural Systems and Engineering and Agri-Business Management Field of Study, School of Environment, Resources and. Development, as a Visiting Associate Professor on 21 September 2015. He has been seconded to the AIT by the Government of India.

Dr. Nair received his Ph.D. in Economics from Madras School of Economics, Chennai, India. An Associate Professor in Economics at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, India. Dr. Nair’s area of research interests are Agricultural Policy, Public Finance and Public Policy. He has published several books, refereed national and international journal papers and popular articles in the areas such as taxation and food price inflation. His research works are covered as inputs in news features and articles appearing in popular Indian and international media platforms such as The Economic Times, Business Standard, Live Mint and British Broadcasting Corporation. Dr. Nair was involved in consulting projects Department of Commerce (Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India) and Hindustan Newsprint Limited, Kottayam. He was awarded “Rashtriya Gaurav Award” in the year 2012 by India International Friendship Society, New Delhi.

At AIT, Dr. Nair will be responsible for teaching the course “Agricultural Sector and Policy Analysis” (ED 70.21) in the August 2015 semester.

Dr. Nair can be contacted at:
Room No.102, Agricultural and Food Engineering
Tel. Ext. 5477
Email: sthanu@ait.asia  


SET welcomes Two Visiting Faculty Members – Prof. Masashi Shimizu (Japan) and Dr. Suresh A. Kartha (India)

Prof. Masashi Shimizu

Prof. Masashi Shimizu joined the Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE) Program, School of Engineering and Technology (SET) as a Visiting Professor, starting from September 2015.

Prof. Shimizu, who is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Environmental Information of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, is seconded to AIT by the Ministry of Education, Government of Japan. 

He received his B.Tech., M.Tech. and PhD. degrees from Tohoku University, Japan. He has about 40 years of teaching and research experience. He has authored many research papers published international journals. Twenty-five years ago, he organized several Robot Contests in Asia and Japan. His research interest includes Control Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering. He has authored 4 books based on his research works. He has handled several research projects funded by the government.

During his stay at ISE/AIT, he will teach Selected Topics: Advanced Bio and Medical Engineering (AT 74.9012).

He can be contacted at:
Room 221, Chalerm Prakiat Building
Tel. Ext. 5682
Email: masashi.shimizu@gmail.com  


Dr. Suresh A. Kartha

Dr. Suresh A. Kartha joined Water Engineering and Management Field of Study, School of Engineering and Technology (SET) as a Visiting Associate Professor, starting from 21 September 2015. He is seconded to AIT by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Dr. Kartha is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam, India. He received his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, India in 2008 with the research topic: “Non-ideal flow and transport in heap leaching of precious metals”. He joined IIT Guwahati in 2007 and has taught subjects like Numerical Methods, Subsurface Hydrology, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Advanced Fluid Mechanics and Surveying at both graduate and undergraduate levels. His research interests are – Flow and Transport through Porous Media; Landfill Leaching; Heap Leaching; Groundwater Hydrology; Open and Channel Hydraulics. He has also developed the video course “Advanced Hydraulics” as part of the Government of India’s Mission Project ”NPTEL”.  He has published nearly 25 papers in peer-reviewed journals and national/international conferences.

He is seconded here to teach the CE74.21: Irrigation and Drainage Engineering in the Aug-Dec 2015 semester.

He can be contacted at:
Room No. WR215, Water Engineering Management
Tel. Ext. 5560
Email: kartha@ait.asia  


Emerald Online Quiz 2015

Emerald has launched and online Quiz 2015 for all universities in Thailand who subscribe to Emerald.

To join activities please click to https://goo.gl/lWvr5i

The online quiz starts now and lasts until 31st October 2015.

1st place winner: iPad Mini 1 prize
2nd place winners: Emerald Backpack 2 prizes
3rd place winners: Emerald Power Bank 3 prizes
4th place winners: Emerald Sheep Bag 5 prizes
5th place winners: Emerald keychain 10 prizes  

Emerald will announce all winners on Instragram @emeraldthailand on 5 November 2015.


Follow up call for Proposals due in Sept. and Oct.

Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut, Vice President for Research, would like to remind the AIT Community regarding the following call for proposals due in September/October 2015:

1-      AIT / ICT-ASIA: Additional ICT-ASIA Grant with the Asian Institute of Technology.  Max 143 000 EUR for 2-year projects. Teams: at least 3 research centers:  1 AIT, 1 French, 1 other Asian. Directed at fundamental research in ICT.
Deadline: September 27

2-       Regional Forum on Climate Change grant of 143 000 EUR for 3 projects (adaptation/mitigation/cross-cutting studies).Teams must involve at 3 research centers: 1 AIT, 1 French, 1 other Asian. 
Call For Terms Of Refence (English)
Deadline: October 31


ABU Asia Pacific Robot Contest

Thailand will host ABU Asia Pacific Robot Contest next year under the theme "Clean Energy Recharging the World",  organized by Thailand’s Channel 9 (MCOT)

The contest’s rules were announced on 23 August 2015 in Indonesia. The rules are specified by an academic committee chaired by Dr. Manukid Parnichkun of Mechatronics Program, School of Engineering and Technology.

Please see the contest introduction VDO from the following links:

Further information is available at: www.aburobocon2016.com    


NSTDA-EURAXESS Slam Competition

NSTDA- Euraxess Slam Competition is open to researchers (from Master students to advanced researchers) of all nationalities and research fields currently based in Thailand.

To participate, send a 3-minute video describing your work, before October 5, 2015, to M. Simon Grimley: simon.grimley@euraxess.net

This competition is a three step one. The first step happens in Thailand. The winner will go to the second step at an ASEAN level. Last step of participation is the final at an international level.

For more information: http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/index.cfm/links/events/asean/science_slam   



Campus Updates



The AIT Community have learned with deep sorrow the passing away of the father of Ms. Kessaraporn Nakdee, Secretary in Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD) Field of Study, School of Environment Resources and Development (SERD), on 18 September 2015.

We wish to express our sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathies to Ms. Kessaraporn and her family during this time of bereavement.


Change of Schedule of Dr. Amornwan Nilsuwan (ENT Specialist)

AIT Medical Clinic announced that the schedule of Dr. Amornwan Nilsuwan (ENT Specialist) will be changed from 1-2 pm to 2-3 pm, every Thursday, starting this October.


WARNING: on downloading copyrighted materials from the Internet

AIT Helpdesk reminds the AIT Community that downloading copyrighted material is not permitted because it is forbidden by AIT Use Policy. Moreover, it is illegal by Thai law and it is frown upon by international standards.

If anyone uses AIT internet to download copyrighted material, he or she also brings bad reputation to the Institute and may subject themselves to legal issues.

The Institute cannot tolerate that its users download copyrighted material and every time such infringement is being reported to us, penalties must apply. This has been clearly explained during the various orientations the students attended. Therefore, no further warning will be provided and users will have their account suspended on the first offense.

On repeated violation, suspension may be for one month or more. Please note that during suspension, that user will still be requested to pay the full UIA fee.

The case is real and while ten persons get suspended every week, currently two persons are currently under one month suspension. Students should note that the suspension will be reported in their student log card.

Lastly, everybody should really avoid usingany peer to peer software, particularly Bittorrent. It makes the detection way too easy, even if the users are not currently downloading. They could get caught for some movies that are located on their computers.

AIT Academic Calendar 2016

Kindly be informed that the AIT Academic Calendar 2016 is now being printed and will be available at Student Office very soon. The Student Office will inform all units once the printed copies are delivered.

AIT Employees Transportation Services (Staff Bus #3, 4, and 5 to change from Buses to Minivans

Please be informed that from 1 October 2015, after taking into consideration their usage in the past year, AIT staff bus # 3, 4 and 5 will be replaced with minivans.

Each van can accommodate 15 passengers, giving priority to regular members.  Non-regular passengers dropping off at Future Park in the afternoon trip can take AIT staff bus # 1.





DPMM Seminars for Asia Pacific Initiative for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

Disaster Preparedness Mitigation and Management (DPMM) program shall be conducting a seminar series from August-December 2015 as a part of the Asia Pacific Initiative for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance. The seminars will be delivered from JICA Room, Second Floor, School of Engineering and Technology (SET).

To reserve a seat, kindly contact
Email: dpmm@ait.asia  , dpmm.ait@gmail.com   
Website: www.dpmm.ait.asia   
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DPMM.AIT  

See more details: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2015/events/dpmm-seminars-for-asia-pacific-initiative-for-disaster-management-and-humanitarian-assistance/#.Ve-rSMv-IdV  





•        Delegation from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA), led by H.E. Mr. Kjetil Paulsen, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Thailand and Cambodia / 29 September 2015 / to have an annual consultation meeting to review the activities of the Norwegian AIT Cooperation in 2014 and progress in 2015.



Faculty and Staff Travel


Dr. Vilas Nitivattananon / Sukhothai, Thailand / 20 – 22 September 2015*

Dr. B. H.W. Hadikusumo / Vietnam / 20 – 28 September 2015*

Dr. Firman Hadi Darodji / Semarang & Jakarta, Indonesia / 20 September – 1 October 2015

Dr. Faiz Shah / Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Australia / 23 September – 1 October 2015

Mr. Faisal Alih / Brisbane, Hobart, Sydney, Australia / 23 September – 1 October 2015

Dr. Ram C. Bhujel / Yangon, Myanmar / 24 – 29 September 2015

Dr. Noppadol Phien-Wej / Balin, Indonesia / 26 September – 1  October 2015

Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh / Potsdam, Germany / 26 September – 4 October 2015

Dr. Masahiko Honzawa / Jakarta, Indonesia / 27 – 29 September 2015

Dr. Manzul K. Hazarika / Kathmandu, Nepal / 27 September – 1 October 2015

Ms. Anyamanee Onsomkrit / Kathmandu, Nepal / 27 September – 1 October 2015

Mr. Lakmal D. Nawarathnage / Jakarta, Indonesia / 27 September – 1 October 2015

Mr. Syams Nashrrullah / Kathmandu, Nepal / 27 September – 1 October 2015

Ms. Sumana Ratanasawetwad / Da Nang, Vietnam / 27 September – 2 October 2015

Dr. Chotchai Charoenngam / Vietnam / 28 – 30 September 2015

Prof. Nitin K. Tripathi / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / 28 September – 1 October 2015

Dr. Supat Wangwongwatana / Da Nang, Vietnam / 28 September – 2 October 2015

Mrs. Adelaida B. Roman / Da Nang, Vietnam / 28 September – 2 October 2015

Miss Aye Sandar Phyo / Mandalay & Yezin, Myanmar / 30 September – 20 October 2015

Dr. Indrajit Pal / Kathmandu, Nepal / 30 September – 2 October 2015

Mr. Furqan Ali Shaikh / Karachi & Quetta, Pakistan / 1 – 15 October 2015

Dr. Vatcharapol Sukhotu / Vietnam / 2 – 9 October 2015

Mr. Tharakorn Chanlapa / Karachi & Quetta, Pakistan / 3 – 10 October 2015

Ms. Rowena Alcoba / Manila, Philippines / 3 – 12 Octoboer 2015

Mr. Norman Del Mundo Alcoba / Manila, Philippines / 3 – 25 October 2015

Dr. Gregory L. F. Chiu / Karachi, Pakistan / 4 – 10 October 2015

*(Staff or faculty member travelled and returned to AIT prior to documentation received for publication)



Classifieds (Jobs)           


Senior Laboratory Supervisor (School of Engineering & Technology) 
Ref. No: 43/15
Deadline: 30 September 2015


Laboratory Attendant (School of Engineering & Technology)
Ref. No: 44/15
Deadline:  30 September 2015


Administrative Assistant (School of Engineering & Technology)
Ref. No: 45/15
Deadline: 30 September 2015


Quality Assurance Manager (AIT Consulting)
Ref. No: 23/15
Deadline: 30 September 2015


Net Software Developer (AIT Consulting)
Ref. No: 38/15
Deadline: 30 September 2015


Information, Quality & Document Management Officer (AIT Consulting)
Ref. No: 47/15
Deadline: 23 October 2015


Head, Human Resources Office (Human Resources Office)
Ref. No: 2/15
Deadline: 31 October 2015


Assistant or Associate Professor Position (School of Engineering & Technology)
Ref. No. 8/15
Deadline: 8 November 2015


Assistant or Associate Professors Positions (School of Management)
Ref. Fac 5/15
Deadline: 31 December 2015


Assistant or Associate Professor, SERD (School of Environment, Resources & Development)
Ref. No: Fac 4/15
Deadline: 15 July 2016