WEEK #37, 14 – 20 September 2015


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Management Team News and Notes


Confirmed AIT Management Notes, 3 September 2015

The confirmed notes of the 3 September 2015 meeting of the AIT Management are now Intranet-published at: http://www.ait.ac.th/management/aitmt-notes


AIT Consulting to re-brand and re-position as ‘AIT Solutions’

AIT Management approved, in principle, the re-branding and re-positioning of AIT Consulting. It will proceed with the transition to its proposed name change and organization by January 2016. The aim is to establish ‘AIT Solutions’ as a Center of Excellence within AIT to disseminate its far-reaching capabilities in terms of knowledge, technology, research, inventions, solutions and expertise to various sectors, both regionally and internationally, to promote sustainable development. New focus areas proposed include Innovation and IP (intellectual property), SMEs, and Affordable Housing. The emphasis will be on finding solutions to challenges faced by government and the private sector. Management agreed for AIT Consulting / Solutions to strengthen and deepen its work on these issues for the incubation of ideas.





SERD welcomes two Visiting Faculty – Dr. Nicolas Faysse, Dr. Anju Singh

Dr.  Nicolas Faysse  joined Natural Resources and Management (NRM) Field of Study and Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD) Field of Study, School of Environment Resources & Development  (SERD), as a Visiting Assistant Professor, starting from 1 September 2015.

Dr. Faysse is seconded to AIT by the Centre de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Development (CIRAD).

Dr. Nicolas Faysse received his PhD in Economics from University of Paris X Nanterre, France. He completed his undergraduate degree in Ecole Polytechnique with specialization in Physics and Biology and has a master’s degree in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering from Ecole Nationale de Genie Rural, des Eaux et Forets, French Institute of Forestry. Dr. Faysse was a Post-Doctoral fellow at the International Water Management Institute in South Africa. He works as a Researcher in Water Management Research Unit (CIRAD). In the past years, he has been posted at the National College of Agriculture at Meknes, Morocco. 

His research interests are water resource management, rural development policies and development projects, and groundwater management. 

He can be contacted in the following:

Room No. W211

Telephone number: 02 524 (5776)

Email address: nfaysse@ait.asia


Dr. Anju Singh is seconded by the Government of India as a Visiting Associate Professor in the Environmental Engineering and Management (EEM) Field of Study, School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD) for one semester (starting 1 September 2015).

Dr. Singh received her Ph.D (Environmental Science and Engineering) from IIT Bombay, India in 1995, and has served as an Associate Professor at the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai, India. Her main areas of research include waste management, environmental management, cleaner production and sustainable business development.

Dr. Anju Singh is responsible to teach the courses ED78.25: Principles of Cleaner Production, 2(2-0) in August 2015 Semester.

She can be contacted at the following:                           
Room No. W105, EEM/SERD, Academic Building
Telephone extension:  5626
Email: anjusingh@ait.asia


SET Welcomes new faculty – Dr. Harsha Abeykoon

Dr. Harsha Abeykoon joined Mechatronics Field of Study, School of Engineering and Technology (SET) as an Assistant Professor on 11 September 2015.

Harsha Abeykoon received his B.Sc Honours degree in Electrical Engineering from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa in 2002. In 2003, he received the Mombukagakusho Scholarship from the Japanese government to pursue higher studies at Keio University, Japan. He received his M.Sc. in 2005 in the field of mobile robotics and he earned his PhD in 2008 specializing bilateral control for robot assisted surgery. In April 2009, he joined the department of Electrical Engineering, University of Moratuwa as a Senior Lecturer. He has research interests in robotics, bilateral control, motion control. Active vibration suppression and haptics are the main focus areas.

He is a senior member of the IEEE and was elected as the secretory of the IEEE Sri Lanka Section for the year 2012.

He can be contacted at the following:
Room No. 222, ISE Building
Telephone number: 5227
Email address: harsha@ait.asia


Follow up call for proposals due in Sept. and Oct.

Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut, Vice President for Research, would like to remind the AIT Community regarding the following call for proposals due in September/October 2015:

1-       BIO-Asia : Grant of 200 000 EUR max. for 2 years. Candidate teams should involve at least 3 research units: 1 French, 1 ASEAN, 1 other Asian (ASEAN or not).  Priority Topics: biodiversity, biotechnologies, food security, health. http://www.campusfrance.org/fr/bio-asie   (French, English versions available) Deadline: September 13 

2-      ICT-Asia: Grant of 200 000 EUR max. for 2 years. Candidate teams should involve at least 3 research units: 1 French, 1 ASEAN, 1 other Asian (ASEAN or not).    Priority Topics:  ICT applied to Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction, Food Security, Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services, Health Informatics. http://www.campusfrance.org/fr/stic-asie   (French, English versions available) Deadline:  September 13 

3-    AIT / ICT-ASIA: Additional ICT-ASIA Grant with the Asian Institute of Technology.  Max 143 000 EUR for 2-year projects. Teams: at least 3 research centers:  1 AIT, 1 French, 1 other Asian. Directed at fundamental research in ICT. http://ictasia.ait.asia/                                                                                       Deadline: September 27

4-       Regional Forum on Climate Change grant of 143 000 EUR for 3 projects (adaptation/mitigation/cross-cutting studies).Teams must involve at 3 research centers: 1 AIT, 1 French, 1 other Asian.  http://www.rfcc2015.ait.asia/Presentation/CallForTermsOfReferece    (English) Deadline: October  31


ABU Asia Pacific Robot Contest

Thailand will host ABU Asia Pacific Robot Contest next year under the theme "Clean Energy Recharging the World",  organized by Thailand’s Channel 9 (MCOT)

The contest ’s rules  were announced on 23 August 2015  in Indonesia. The rules are specified by an academic committee chaired by Dr. Manukid Parnichkun of Mechatronics Program, School of Engineering and Technology.

Please see the contest introduction VDO from the following links:

Further information is available at: www.aburobocon2016.com  


NSTDA-EURAXESS Science Slam 2015

Science Communication Competition – First Prize is a Networking Trip to Europe!

The popular EURAXESS Science Slam 2015 has officially kicked off in six regions across the globe. The annual science communication competition takes place this in ASEAN, Brazil, China, India, Japan, and North America. The lucky winners will travel to Europe for the unique chance to network with research peers at one of Europe’s top research institutes.  EURAXESS Links ASEAN and its national partners, including NSTDA, are organising qualifying events in THAILAND, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, and VIETNAM.  The winner of each national qualifying event will compete for the title of EURAXESS Science Slam ASEAN winner 2015 at the live finals in Bangkok, Thailand on 3 November 2015.


The Science Slam offers a platform for young research talent to showcase their work outside of the formal constraints of a research lab or class room. Each slammer will be judged on the basis of his/her ability to capture the audiences' attention with a precise, accessible and original introduction to their research topic.


Researchers (from master’s students to advanced researchers) of all nationalities and research fields currently based in Thailand.


The submission process for the NSTDA – EURAXESS Science Slam is open until October 5, 2015.


What you need to do to join the competition:

1. Be creative and develop an original idea to present your research project to the world: Tap dancing, singing, old-school presentation, scientific equipment - all is allowed.

2. Make a 3-minute video of your presentation in English.

3. Submit your video to simon.grimley@euraxess.net


The winner of the NSTDA-EURAXESS Science Slam national competition will compete for the title of the EURAXESS Science Slam ASEAN winner 2015 at the live finals in Bangkok, Thailand on 3 November 2015. Your flight and accommodation expenses will be fully covered if you are outside of Bangkok.

The winner of the EURAXESS Science Slam ASEAN 2015 will be awarded a round trip to Europe where he or she will attend a scientific meeting along with the winners of the other EURAXESS Science Slams held in North America, Japan, India, China and Brazil.

He/She will also have the opportunity to travel to a European research institution of his/her choice!

See more details: http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/index.cfm/links/events/asean/science_slam  



Campus Updates



The AIT Community would like to express our sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathies to Mr. Gopi Krishna of Sponsored & Contracted Projects Unit, whose mother, Mrs. Baby Ramachandran, died of heart attack just in the morning of 14 September in Thammasat Hospital. Religious rite and funeral will be held in India.


Vacant Space at AITIS Canteen available for Lease

Please be informed that the AITIS Canteen is now available for lease.

Interested parties are invited to submit your proposals within 3.30p.m., Friday, 25 September 2015 at OPIA (Purchasing Office).

Contact person:

  • For Bid information and submission:     Pakkamol Dherapongsthada          pakkamol@ait.ac.th
  • ·
  • For Space information & requirements:   Elizabeth Chaloeyvares    bethc@ait.asia


Springer  eBooks Free Trial extended

The AIT Library announced that the publisher has extended Springer eBooks free trial to 30 September 2015.

Full text can be viewed and downloaded. The URL is link.springer.com    


After Working Hours Tel. Numbers

The security service number 02524-6000 is out of order. After working hours for any emergency health conditions or requests, kindly call at the following numbers:

Land Line  : 02516-5888
Mobile       : 0928324618

Kindly note: The Call Center no. 5800 cannot be transferred to 6000, so for any emergency service requests, please call to above numbers.





DPMM Seminars Series for Asia Pacific Initiative for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

Disaster Preparedness Mitigation and Management (DPMM) program shall be conducting a seminar series from August-December 2015 as a part of the Asia Pacific Initiative for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance. The seminars will be delivered from JICA Room, Second Floor, School of Engineering and Technology (SET).

To reserve a seat, kindly contact
Email: dpmm@ait.asia, dpmm.ait@gmail.com
Website: www.dpmm.ait.asia
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DPMM.AIT
See more details: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2015/events/dpmm-seminars-for-asia-pacific-initiative-for-disaster-management-and-humanitarian-assistance/#.Ve-rSMv-IdV


Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap

The Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap course, jointly offered by United Nations ESCAP and AIT will begin from 14 September 2015. The course is offered free of charge, and upon successful completion, a Trainer of Trainers certificate is issued by United Nations ESCAP and AIT.

Background: Green Economy and Green Growth are becoming more and more important in our world, due to fast development and climate change.

Register: Click the register button to fill in the details. http://www.greengrowth-elearning.org/lms/


The Social Business Launch Pad

Venue: Sukosol Hotel Bangkok
Dates: 04-19 September 2015
Fridays 13:30 – 16:30 | Saturdays 09:00 – 16:30


The Social Business Launch Pad is a professional training program that invites current and aspiring social entrepreneurs to create, design and develop implementable Social Business Plan. The training program will be administered 3 weekends (Three hours on Friday afternoons and Six hours on Saturdays). This training program is collaborationbetween the Yunus Center at AIT and the Thai Social Enterprise Office (TSEO).

See more details: http://www.yunuscenter.ait.asia/04-19-september-2015-the-social-business-launch-pad/




  • Delegation from Public Health Institute (PHI) of Sudan, led by Dr. Abdalla S. Ahmed Osman, PHI Director  / 16 September 2015/ to sign an MoU with AIT for joint academic activities in DPMM



Faculty and Staff Travel


Dr. Apichon Witayangkurn / Surat Thani Province, Thailand / 1 September 2015*

Mr. Gyanendra Sthapit / New Delhi, India / 2 – 4 September 2015*

Mr. Parthiv Bharali / New Delhi, India / 2 – 6 September 2015*

Dr. Apichon Witayangkurn / Vientiane, Lao PDR / 6 – 8 September 2015*

Ms. Amornpan Koysungeon / Surin & Sisaket Province, Thailand / 6 – 10 September 2015*

Mr. Mitesh Vishwas Sawant / Surin & Sisaket Province, Thailand / 6 – 10 September 2015*

Ms. Hiromi Inagaki / Osaka, Japan / 7 – 10 September 2015*

Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh / Phnom Penh, Cambodia / 10 – 12 Sep 2015*

Dr. Didin Agustian Permadi / Phnom Penh, Cambodia / 10 – 12 September 2015*

Mrs. Dang Anh Nguyet / Phnom Penh, Cambodia / 10 – 12 September 2015*

Huynh Hai Van / Phnom Penh, Cambodia / 10 – 12 September 2015*

Prof. Shang Gyoo Shim / Phnom Penh, Cambodia / 10 – 13 September 2015*

Dr. Nitin K. Tripathi / Delhi, India / 10 – 15 September 2015

Dr. Djoen San Santoso / Manila, Philippines / 10 – 15 September 2015

Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut / Tak Province, Thailand / 11 – 13 September 2015*

Prof. C. Visvanathan / Jakarta, Indonesia  / 13 – 16 September 2015

Dr. Indrajit Pal / Jeju & Seoul, South Korea / 13 – 17 September 2015

Dr. Sarawut Ninsawat / Seoul, South Korea / 13 – 18 September 2015

Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto /  Hanoi, Vietnam / 14 – 17 September 2015

Ms. Panthila Yoonpund  / Hanoi, Vietnam / 14 – 17 September 2015

Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai / Surabaya, Indonesia / 14 – 18 September 2015

Mr. Bishwakanta Gautam / Hanoi, Vietnam / 14 – 25 September 2015

Ms. Amalia S.  Canullas / Hanoi, Vietnam / 14 – 25 September 2015

Ms. Atirose Rattanapanop / Hanoi, Vietnam / 14 – 25 September 2015

Dr. Lal Samarakoon / Phnom Penh, Cambodia / 15 – 16 September 2015

Mr. Mohammad  D. Hossain / Seoul, South Korea / 15 – 19 September 2015

Dr. Manzul K. Hazarika / New Delhi, India / 16 – 20 September 2015

Prof. Pennung Warnitchai / Delhi, India / 17 – 18 September 2015

Mr. Biplov Bhandari / Taiwan / 17 – 20 September 2015

Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut / Thimphu, Bhutan / 17 – 22 September 2015

Prof. C. Visvanathan / New Delhi, India / 17 – 19 September 2015

Prof. Sivanappan Kumar / China / 20 – 22 September 2015

Mr. Syams Nashrrullah / Colombo, Sri Lanka / 20 – 24 September 2015

Prof. Mukand Singh Babel / Hanoi, Vietnam / 20 – 25 September 2015

*(Staff or faculty member travelled and returned to AIT prior to documentation received for publication)



Classifieds (Jobs)           


Program Officer (Center for Learning, Innovation and Quality (CLIQ))
Ref. No: 46/15
Deadline: 17 September 2015


Senior Laboratory Supervisor (School of Engineering & Technology) 
Ref. No: 43/15
Deadline: 30 September 2015


Laboratory Attendant (School of Engineering & Technology)
Ref. No: 44/15
Deadline:  30 September 2015


Administrative Assistant (School of Engineering & Technology)
Ref. No: 45/15
Deadline: 30 September 2015


Quality Assurance Manager (AIT Consulting)
Ref. No: 23/15
Deadline: 30 September 2015


Net Software Developer (AIT Consulting)
Ref. No: 38/15
Deadline: 30 September 2015


Head, Human Resources Office (Human Resources Office)
Ref. No: 2/15
Deadline: 31 October 2015