WEEK # 29, 17 - 23 July, 2023

In this issue:

A. Announcements 

B. Workshops/ Conferences

C. Visitors/ MoU/ Agreement Signing 

D. Faculty & Staff Travel

E. Classified (Job)


A. Announcement


1) SOM Event - "Living in a Digital World with Generative AI", 22 July 2023, 10am


One of the most impactful of our adjunct faculty (who teaches at many of the best business schools in Asia and the US) will be visiting Bangkok on business towards the end of this month. 


He has kindly agreed to give a one-off talk to the Bangkok business community at Column Tower (downtown Bangkok) on Saturday, 22nd July. The event is also open to alumni, staff, students, and faculty. Spaces in person are limited to 30, but the session will also run as a hybrid talk. 


Feel free to sign up and spread this information to colleagues to sign up and listen/attend. 


Further details are below:


We are thrilled to invite you to a Special Hybrid Talk on "Living in a Digital World with Generative AI", featuring Mr. Kevin Pereira, Managing Director of Blu Artificial Intelligence, a consulting firm based in Hongkong specializing in Artificial Intelligence. 




Date: 22 July 2023, Saturday 


Time: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM 


Location: AIT School of Management (Asoke Campus), 15th Floor, Column Tower, Sukhumvit  Soi 16 or online via  Zoom 


Ticket Price: AIT/Other Institute Current Students – Bt195 // AIT Faculty, Alumnus, Staff – Bt495 // General Participants – Bt995 

(This is an exclusive event with limited seats in person) 


The scope of the session includes:  


·     What is Generative AI (GAI), and why it become more popular recently

·     Demonstration of some GAI tools (participants will gain some experience in using the tools and becoming familiar with their output )

·     Show some GAI limitations and risks

·     Discuss how GAI will affect jobs and careers in the future


To secure your spot at this exclusive event, you can just click the link below or find the E-Poster I've attached for the QR code. 



(In case of unavoidable circumstances and you will not be able to attend in person, kindly inform us 2 days in advance, and we will provide you with a link to access the session via Zoom)   




Kevin started his career in Private Banking with Citi in New York. He also worked for the Bank of New York Mellon’s Asset Management and at a technology startup in Myanmar that was building internet infrastructure, including fiber optic, cell towers, and data centers. Kevin is a Part-time lecturer at the University of Hong Kong, teaching “Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders,” “Big Data in Finance,” and “AI in Marketing” at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His full bio can be found https://www.linkedin.com/in/kpereira12/


For further queries, please send an email to  kamonkanok@ait.asia , nabeel@ait.ac.th  or  mariannemontecillo@ait.asia or you may call  +66815442241  / +66945601462


We look forward to welcoming you to this event.  


May be an image of 1 person and text that says "AIT CHOLOF MANAGEMENT re internet and HKUST Kevin Pereira, Managing Director Blu Artificial Intelligence, joined business technology Mellon's Asset built fiber cell towers, and centers. He Kong for Busines Leaders Finance Marketing. Big Living in a Digital World with Generative AI 22 July 2023 10.00-12.00 AIT-SOM, 15 Floor, Column Tower or online via Zoom"




2) AIT SDG Summer School- Hack for Health 


Calling all innovative students changemakers!


Here's an incredible opportunity you don't want to miss: the AIT SDG Summer School. Join us to connect with fellow innovators, receive invaluable guidance from industry experts, and collaborate on groundbreaking solutions focused on SDG3 Good Health and Wellbeing.




Digital self-administered Tuberculosis (TB) treatment patient support and monitoring


Hack: Develop innovative solution for Digital TB management 


Registration is free!


Lunch, coffee/ tea break with snack, and final day networking dinner.


Date : 24-28 July 2023


Venue: AIT Entrepreneurship Center


Register here: http://bit.ly/3PYaiS5


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to present your ideas!!


We look forward to seeing you there!


May be an image of 1 person and text that says "সድ P #MEARTHONG 24-28 July 2023 AIT Entrepreneurship Center Jointly organized by: AIT Asian Institute of Technology AIT SDG Summer School HACK UNIVERSITÉ DE GENÈVE"


3) Doctoral Final Examination


Email from Office of Student Affairs on 17 July 2023


Mr. Mohammed Robayet Khan (119432), a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Energy, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, School of Environment, Resources and Development, will have his final examination on 19 July 2023 (Wednesday) at 08:30 hrs by Zoom. His dissertation title is " Energy Security of Bangladesh under Alternate Growth Scenarios in the Medium to Long-Term Horizon ".


The members of his Program Committee members are as follows:


Prof. Shobhakar Dhakal (Chairperson)


Prof. Joyashree Roy (Member)


Dr. Ekbordin Winijkul (Member)


All those who are interested in the topic are invited to join.


Join Zoom Meeting https://ait-ac-th.zoom.us/j/96300968082?pwd=WE9wZFdWaVJEUHpwZEdSZEFtUml4...


Meeting ID: 963 0096 8082 


Passcode: 235780



4) Foreign Language Program Survey [Fall Semester]


Email from Language Center on 6 July 2023


Dear AIT Community,


In order for the Language Center to plan and organize our foreign language courses, we would like to hear from you with regards to your own needs of taking a foreign language course.  Please disregard this survey form if you (or your kids) don’t have any plans of taking a foreign language course this year.


Kindly complete this survey [click] by July 28 to give us enough time to prepare the courses.  


Thank you for your cooperation.



The Language Center



5) Webinar on  Earthquake engineering taking lessons from the hit in Türkiye


AIT Extension invites you in the webinar titled “Webinar on Earthquake engineering taking lessons from the hit in Türkiye“. Valuable insights for the insurance industry to effectively manage earthquake risks provide adequate coverage, and support policyholders during times of crisis. Apply this knowledge to enhance their seismic risk assessment, underwriting practices, risk mitigation efforts, reinsurance arrangements, and claims management.


Date: 11 August 2023


Time: 14:30 hrs. (Bangkok time) 


For more information and registration please visit 





6) Coming up - AIT Sustainability Expo 23-25 August 2023 - Join us to unveil sustainable opportunities

Email from the Director-OSC on 10 July 2023.

We are pleased to inform you that through the leadership of AIT Interim President Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, he fosters to transform AIT into a Botanical Garden Campus Towards Net Zero by 2030.  Keeping AIT’s vision in mind, the Office of Sustainable Campus is organizing the AIT Sustainability Expo featuring sustainable development on campus, to invite the interested AIT community, alumni, stakeholders, and organizations to join hands to achieve the mission of sustainability and Net Zero.

 AIT Sustainability Expo is a three-day event that comprises of  Inter-University Research fair, an Inter-University Hackathon6 workshops by the AIT research centers with talks in areas of water conservation, climate change, waste management, air pollution, sustainable buildings, remote sensing, sustainability social business, GIS, sustainable farming and many more by the external experts. We have booths of centers, schools, and a few organizations with exciting updates on technology and tools. As an added attraction, we have sustainable products, organic products, and a food market.

We would like to invite all interested individuals to join the expo for free, to explore the center's booths, research fair booths, and enjoy the sustainable market. 

This Sustainability Expo will take place on 23-25 August 2023 at AITCC and is organized by OSC through the generous support of the AIT alumni and mainly sponsored by Indorama Venture.  For more details please visit http://osc.ait.ac.th/ or check the attached flyer.  For further information or queries, please send an email to director-osc@ait.ac.th.

For the above-mentioned event, we look forward to your participation to unveil and explore the opportunities to learn and to embark towards sustainable development and living. 

Please feel free to disseminate this information to your friends and contacts who might be interested in participating.

 May be an image of text that says "AIT of Technology Asian Institute GCALS Unveil explore possibilitiesto achieve The Global SDG Goals Our Journey to NET ZER by by2030 SUSTAINABILITY EXPO 23rd-25th August 2023 @AIT Conference Center Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand Organized by Office of Sustainable Campus, AIT Sponsor INDORAMĄ Co-Sponsors: Prof Kazuo Yamamoto, Interim President, AIT Dr. Naveed Anwar, SBK Senior Advisort esn AIT"



  Workshops/ Conferences  

1) Professional Development Course on "Connecting Learning with Monitoring and Evaluation: A Strategy for MEL Operationalization and Result-Based M&E"

Date: 10 – 21 July 2023

Venue: AIT Conference Center, AIT Campus

Learn from practitioners on how to develop M & E pathways that foster measurement of results and respond to current changes of M&E contexts. Broadening

perspectives for innovative ways to develop tools and reporting mechanisms that help to make decisions for project implementation.

Learning Modules and Contents Module-3: Project Impact Analysis and Evaluation

Module-1: Project Cycle Management and M&E

  • Project cycle management and monitoring and evaluation
  • Key concepts of result-based management
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning – A new M&E framework
  • Financial and risk management in M&E

Module-2: Key Concepts of Result-based Management and MEL

  • Theory of change
  • Result-mapping
  • Develop result framework/log frame
  • Work plan/action and intervention plan
  • M&E approaches for donor projects
  • Tools for result-based MEL
  • Gender perspective in M&E

Module-3: Project Impact Analysis and Evaluation

  • Baseline benchmarking
  • Most significant changes
  • Impact after actions review
  • Research design for M&E and approach for data collection
  • M&E tools and techniques for robust impact analysis
  • Data management and dashboard for M&E
  • DEMER Model: Data, Evidence, Measurement, Unpack Errors and Reporting

Module-4: M&E Communication and Reporting

  • M&E reporting/quarterly / biannual/ annual
  • Packaging M&E data for internal and external communication/ audience
  • M&E reflection and learning platform/innovation platform
  • Stakeholder engagement-based on the pyramid approach
  • Stories from the field
  • Donor reporting

For more information and registration pls. visit https://extension.ait.ac.th/course/connecting-learning-monitoring-and-evaluation-strategy-mel-operationalization-and-result


2) Online Course on IFRS Series: Understanding IFRS 17 (Insurance Contract)

IFRS 17 replaces IFRS 4 on accounting for insurance contracts. IFRS 17 is effective for annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2023. However, each country will differ in terms of the effective date of adopting IFRS 17. For example, IFRS 17 would be effective from 1 January 2024 in Thailand and from 1 January 2025 in Indonesia. The financial services authorities of each country encourages the insurance industry to adopt IFRS 17 as soon as possible. The features in insurance products are increasingly diverse which entails a sound accounting standards. IFRS 17 will make the Financial Statements of insurance companies more comparable with other industries such as banking and other financial services. The most significant thing in IFRS 17 compared to the previous standard IFRS 4 is that the premiums are not recognized directly as income. There are 3 methods of revenue recognition in the insurance industry, namely the Building Block Approach, Premium Allocation Approach, and Variable Fee Approach.

For more information and registration please visit https://extension.ait.ac.th/course/ifrs-series-developing-ifrs-17-insurance-contract

Date: 6 September 2023

Time: 9:00 – 14:30 hrs. (Bangkok Time)


3) Professional Development Course on “Carbon Markets and Climate Finance” 

Climate finance provides the means to the implementation of projects, carbon pricing provides the incentive to mobilize the most “cost-effective” mitigation options. Carbon pricing can be a source of climate finance: with emissions trading through the auctioning of allowances, with carbon tax through tax levied, revenues raised can be used for adaptation and/or mitigation activities.

Date: 2 – 13 October 2023

Venue: AIT Campus

For more information and registration please visit https://extension.ait.ac.th/course/carbon-markets-and-climate-finance

4)  Professional development on “Strategic Human Resource Management and Business Leadership”

AIT Extension invites you to join the training on professional development on “Strategic Human Resource Management and Business Leadership”.

This training course is designed to support HR leaders and professionals in their quest for best practices that will be more beneficial to their organization’s human resources and for the achievement of business targets. By providing them with a better understanding of how to be both strategic and human-centered in their HR strategies and initiatives, and giving them opportunities to explore various frameworks, tools, and techniques, they will be able to translate strategic thinking into actionable outcomes that will make all stakeholders happy.

For more information and registration please visit https://extension.ait.ac.th/course/strategic-human-resource-management-and-business-leadership-0

Date: 16 – 20 October 2023

Venue: AIT Conference Center


C. Visitors/ MoU/ Agreement 






D. Faculty & Staff Travel

  • Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, Interim President/ Taiwan/ 27 - 30 July 2023
  • Ms. Chotiros Mongkolchotirat, Director, OPRE/ Taiwan/ 27 - 30 July 2023
  • Prof. Thammarat Koottatep, Faculty-SERD/ Dhaka, Bangladesh/ 18 - 25 July 2023
  • Prof. Thammarat Koottatep, Faculty-SERD/ Jakarta, Indonesia/ 1 - 5 August 2023
  • Dr. K. R. Salin, Faculty-SERD/ Indonesia/ 23 - 26 July 2023
  • Mr. Hendra Gupta, GWSC/ Dhaka, Bangladesh/ 18 - 25 July 2023
  • Dr. Simon Guerrero Cruz, Faculty-SERD/ Surin, Thailand/ 19 - 22 July 2023
  • Ms. Nussarin Sudrohman, SET/ Taiwan/ 24 - 30 August 2023
  • Mr. Arthit Yodruk, SET/ SEAFDEC, Samutprakarn/ 17 - 21 July 2023
  • Mr. Supot Thammasittirong, SET/ SEAFDEC, Samutprakarn/ 17 - 21 July 2023
  • Mr. Arturo G. Roa, SET/ SEAFDEC, Samutprakarn/ 17 - 21 July 2023
  • Dr. Hayat Ullah, Faculty-SERD/ Pakistan/ 18 July - 11 Aug 2023
  • Mr. Furqan Ali Shaikn, AITX/ Pakistan/ 16 - 28 July 2023
  • Prof. P. Abdul Salam, Dean-SERD/ Bologna, Italy/ 16 - 21 July 2023
  • Dr. Kuo Chieh Chao, Faculty-SET/ Taipei, Taiwan/ 27 - 30 July 2023
  • Dr. Haya Ullah, Faculty-SERD/ Pakistan/ 18 July - 11 Aug 2023
  • Prof. Kyoko Kusakabe, Faculty-SERD/ Tokyo, Fukuoka, Japan/ 24 - 31 July 2023
  • Prof. Joyashree Roy, Faculty-SERD/ United Kingdom & USA/ 10 June - 10 July 2023
  • Ms. Rabina Twayana, GIC/ Austria/ 25 June- 23 July 2023
  • Dr. Chaklam Silpasuwanchai, Faculty-SET/ University of Bologna, Italy/ 15 - 21 July 2023
  • Dr. Chutiporn Anutariya, Faculty-SET/ University of Bologna, Italy/ 15 - 21 July 2023
  • Dr. Vatcharaporn Esichaikul, Faculty-SET/ University of Bologna, Italy/ 15 - 21 July 2023
  • Mr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe, Executive Director, OAAA /Taipei, Taiwan/ 27 - 30 July 2023
  • Mr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe, Executive Director, OAAA /Hongkong/ 20 - 22 August 2023
  • Ms. Sirikate Owasit, OAAA/ Taipei, Taiwan/ 27 - 30 July 2023
  • Ms. Lucena Talaid, OAAA/ Hong Kong/ 20 - 22 August 2023
  • Mr. Abhishek Reddy, AIT Solution/ Hyerabad, India/ 15 July - 6 August 2023
  • Dr. K.R. Salin, Faculty-SERD/ Indonesia/ 23 - 26 July 2023
  • Mr. Suraj Pradhan, EEC-SERD/ Jakarta, Indonesia/ 30 July - 12 August 2023
  • Mr. Bayasgalan Sanduijav, RRCAP/ Pattaya, Thailand/ 24 - 25 July 2023
  • Mr. Huno Solomon Kofi Mensah, RRCAP/ Pattaya, Thailand/ 24 - 25 July 2023
  • Ms. Natanat Sittichaiyakorn, RRCAP/ Pattaya, Thailand/ 24 - 25 July 2023
  • Ms. Nant May Than Htay, Yunus Center/ Malaysia/ 26 - 31 July 2023
  • Ms. Saw Theint Htet, Yunus Center/ Malaysia/ 26 - 31 July 2023






EClassifieds (jobs) 


Faculty Position:

Faculty Position, SERD/FAB/FEBT


Staff Position:

1. Director, OFIN

2. Structural Engineer, AITS

3. Business Development Officer, AIT Solutions

4. IT Officer, AI Center

5. Assistant Administrative Officer, Office of Student Affairs


IUCN Vacancy

Senior Administration Officer, IUCN