WEEK# 4, 24 - 30 January, 2022

In this issue:

A. Announcements 

B. Classifieds (jobs)


A. Announcements 

1) Student Welfare, Counseling, Code of Conduct and Emergency Contact numbers Reminder

Email from Student Welfare Unit, Office of Student Affairs on 19 January 2022

Dear students,

Please note that the Student Welfare Unit of the Office of Student Affairs is responsible for all non-academic matters relating to students. In a multinational environment and campus like AIT, the role and function of the Student Welfare Unit is to advise and counsel students on:

1.  Student Welfare Matters

Student welfare matters can comprise: gender related matters and the strict no harassment policy on campus; personal counseling; dispute mediation; the Student Union organization, and any other problem that a student may wish to seek advice on.

2.  Feeling of Academic Inadequacy

In cases where students are not doing well academically (especially students on probation), students are advised to consult very closely with their Advisors and Faculty on how to improve their studies. However, if reasons for poor academic performance are due to various factors outside academic/technical reasons, i.e. traumatic events old or new; adjustments to a new country, food and culture; homesickness, etc., further advice on how to improve performance can be provided by the Student Welfare Unit.

3.  Medical Insurance/AIT Student Health Benefits Program

All new AIT degree program students are required to enroll in the compulsory standard medical insurance plan from Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) Co. Ltd.  Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may check your member status, claim status, benefits and channels to contact the Generali Insurance Call Center via mobile application (E-Card). Details about the E-Card, benefits and exclusions are in the Student Welfare website (URL: https://students.ait.ac.th/welfare/). If you have paid in advance for your medical bills, you may claim through  Student Welfare Unit by submitting the original medical receipt and doctor's medical certificate. 

4. Code of Conduct at AIT

i. No Harrassment Policy on Campus

Given the unique diversity of the Institute community, AIT must develop special awareness and sensitivity to deter or respond to the problem of sexual harassment.

This is as per Student Handbook, pg. 25, “1.3 Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other physical, oral or written conduct or visual manifestations of a sexual nature.”

This is to inform explicitly and clearly that any form of harassment, including voyeurism, will not be tolerated. 

If any student gets to experience any form of harassment, please report immediately to the Student Welfare Unit through email student-welfare@ait.ac.th. Any student who will be reported harassing someone within the campus will face disciplinary action and details of the misconduct will be noted in the student's record. 

ii. Stealing, shoplifting or theft of any kind is a serious criminal offense punishable under Thai law. The ramifications could be significant financial penalty and/or imprisonment. 

Strict observance of the laws of Thailand is mandatory for all.  All students are strongly reminded to observe proper conduct inside and outside of AIT. Any student who will be reported or caught committing any unlawful action within or outside the campus could also face immediate dismissal from the Institute. 

AIT cannot and will not intervene with the appropriate penalties according to the law of Thailand if any case is filed to the Royal Thai Police.  Moreover, the Institute is not in any way obliged to provide financial or legal support to the concerned student. Unfortunately, AIT cannot and will not intervene with the legal processes of Thailand, as applicable to any criminal case.

As students of AIT, and ambassadors of your country, you are expected to show moral integrity to uphold the good reputation of the Institute and project a good impression of your country.  As short-term guests in your adopted home, we look forward to your compliance of the AIT regulations and laws of Thailand.

iii.  AIT Accommodation Rules

Please also follow AIT Accommodation Rules and respect your neighbors and roommates in your dorms by:

1. NOT making loud noises/partying

2. NOT cooking in non-cooking dorms

3. NOT smoking

4. NOT having pets/cats/dogs

5. NOT subletting 

6. Keeping your dorms/rooms & other AIT facilities clean and orderly and

7. Inform Security (02-524-6000) if you see any suspicious looking individuals near your dorms for safety and security reasons

to have a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere inside the campus. Violators will be dealt with accordingly.

For more information and/or to report on harassment, and for medical insurance inquiries, please email: student-welfare@ait.ac.th. For personal counseling through the Wellness Counseling for mental health promotion in this difficult time, please watch out for announcements for future appointment slots with osa@ait.ac.th.


AIT Security, Fire, Ambulance, Emergency                           02 524 6000

AIT Medical Clinic Emergency                                              02 524 5555

AIT Medical Clinic (office hrs)                                              02 524 5286

AIT Taxi Service                                                                   02 524 6300

AIT Police Box                                                                     02 524 5051

Facility Services (Accommodation)                                      02 524 5800, 524 5093

ITServ/Help Desk                                                               02 524 6082/ email helpdesk@ait.ac.th 

AIT Conference Center (AITCC) Front Desk                         02 524 5250

AIT Student Welfare Unit                                                     02 524 6744 (office hrs)

Government Relations Unit (GRU)                                        02 524 5022 (office hrs), 081 821 1903 (Khun Pathumanee for passport emergency pick-up til 9 p.m., with Baht 500 service fee)

Thammasat Hospital                                                           02 926 9999

Thailand Emergency Hotline                                                191

Please take care,  wear a mask at all times , practice social distancing and do hand sanitizing always !!!

5. Important Website Links:

AIT website: https://www.ait.ac.th/admissions/what-next/

AIT Student Welfare website: https://students.ait.ac.th/welfare/

AIT Student Handbook: https://students.ait.ac.th/services/regulations_old/student-handbook-2/

Thank you for your kind attention.

2) Regional Dialogue: Promoting Sustainable Food Consumption and the Shift to Healthy Diets in Asia through Farm to Fork Concept

The EU SWITCH-Asia Regional Policy Advocacy Component and United Nations Environment Programme (Regional Office for the Asia-Pacific) in partnership with TERI School of Advanced Studies and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT, Thailand) is pleased to invite you to attend the Regional Dialogue: Promoting Sustainable Food Consumption and the Shift to Healthy Diets in Asia through Farm to Fork Concept on 27 January 2022, 10:30-13:20 hrs (GMT+7 Bangkok Time).
The objective of the regional dialogue is to enrich existing knowledge and identify opportunities to promote sustainable and healthy diets in Asia through engaging wider stakeholders into the discussion on practical enablers that enhance healthy and sustainable diets in Asia; challenges and solutions that will encourage transformation towards more sustainable food systems and promote sustainable and healthy diets and existing best practices that showcase impactful yet easily implementable solutions/actions that can bring about radical changes in the way we consume as a society.

We hope that you will be able to join us and actively contribute to this webinar. Don't miss it!

To go directly to registration page, click this link:

For more information please contact:
Ms. Pondchanok Piraintorn (Japan)
Project Coordinator, AIT


B. Classifieds (jobs) 

Position: Laboratory Supervisor, Sustainable Energy Transition Academic Program (SERD-EECC)
Ref: 31/ 21
Deadline: 31 January 2022

Position: Irrigation Engineering and Management (IREM) Lab Supervisor (SET-WEM)
Ref: 9/ 21
Deadline: 31 January 2022

Position: Laboratory Senior Technician, Hydraulic Lab (SET-WEM)
Ref: 7/ 21
Deadline: 31 January 2022

Position: Recruitment and Liaison Staff, SERD-DDS
Ref: 04/ 22
Deadline: 15 February 2022

Position: Finance and Accounting Officer, AI Center
Ref: 03/ 22
Deadline: 31 January 2022

Position: Administrative Officer, AI Center
Ref: 02/ 22
Deadline: 31 January 2022