WEEK# 19, 16 - 22 May, 2022

In this issue:

A. Announcements 

B. Workshops/ Conferences

C. Visitors/ MoU/ Agreement Signing 

D. Faculty & Staff Travel

E. Classifieds (jobs)

A. Announcements 

1) Join us for AIT Tech Talks on Enhanced Integration in Infrastructure Projects through BIM on 23 May 2022 at 12:00 noon (TH time)

We are pleased to announce the sixth event of the AIT Tech Talks: Enhanced Integration in Infrastructure Projects through BIM on 23 May 2022 at 12:00 noon (TH time). This event will be organized under the AIT Enterprises Alliance (AEA) platform jointly in collaboration with AIT Solutions and Moh and Associates, Taiwan (MAA Group) to highlight the expertise of AIT in various emerging technologies and applications.

This event will focus on the latest developments in the application of BIM showcasing holistic integration of information of built infrastructure.

You are cordially invited to attend this exciting event.

Event highlights:

• Keynote presentations from experts in AIT and from the Industry

• Technical talks by AIT faculty and experts

• Interaction with AIT Researchers

Register: https://bit.ly/3xThINm

Website: http://www.aea.ait.ac.th/tech-talk-series-6/

May be an image of 4 people and text that says "AITTaks Talks AnInitiative ofthe Enterprises Alliance Incollaborationwith M MAA AIT Solutions ENHANCED INTEGRATION IN INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS THROUGH BIM Latst developments in the applica BIM showcasing holistic integration of information of built infrastructure. Speakers 23 May 2022 (Monday) 12:00 15:00 hrs. (Bangkok time) Naveed Anwar Knowleda Transfer, Institute Technology, 18 Co.,Ltd. Virulrak Officer Asset Activator Chung- Jung Yu Manager -Han Yen Dept., &Associat M Group n Dept., A LIVE Join us Online REGISTER"


2) OPPORTUNITY for AITians: Applications are open for THE SUP CHALLENGE (Thailand & Philippines) 

Dear AITians,

Greetings from AIT Entrepreneurship Center!

We would like to share with you this new opportunity for entrepreneurs.  

Seedstars joined forces with The Incubation Network, Prevent Waste Alliance and RISE Impact to organize The SUP Challenge, an Acceleration program with the initiative to support local entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startups working on solutions that focus on the reduction of Single-Use Plastics (SUP). Up to 20 participants will be selected to join the program and receive support to pitch, design, and run pilot solutions with our F&B partners to help them reduce single-use plastic waste.

 *This program is free of charge*

Apply here if:

  •  You're an early-stage entrepreneur, startup, SME in Thailand or the Philippines. 
  •  You're working on a product/ service that is applicable to help reduce Single-Use Plastics
  •  You have an existing product/services that will be ready to run a short pilot with our F&B partner in Aug 2022

Programs Benefits:

- You'll be supported by RISE IMPACT or Seedstars

- You'll have the opportunity to pitch, design, and run a 2 month pilot with our local F&B partner to help reduce their use of Single-Use Plastic

- Receive up to 800 USD grant and close support for your pilot

- Capacity Building Workshops on entrepreneurship and venture building

- 1:1 Mentorship

Application dates: Now- 16 May 2022

Announcement: 30 May 2022

Program dates: 6 June- 30 September

3) AIT's No Harassment Policy

Email from AIT GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE on 16 May 2022

Dear AIT Students, Faculty, and Staff,

It has come to our attention that in spite of the repeated announcements on AIT’s No Harassment Policy and it's zero tolerance on sexual harassment, this practice  still continues in our community.  AIT is committed to eliminate all forms of harassment on campus, especially sexual harassment, and we need your cooperation.  Sexual harassment is a serious disciplinary offence, and will be treated as a serious infringement of the Institute’s policies and procedures.  An employee or student adjudged to have violated the Institute’s policy on harassment, abuse or discrimination will be subject to strict disciplinary action.

If you have experienced any harassment, please tell anyone that you trust or email the AIT Grievance Committee (report@ait.ac.th).

It is the responsibility of those who have learned about the/an/any incident to make the report to report@ait.ac.th.  It is perfectly fine to report without giving names of victims and/or harasser, but please do let report@ait.ac.th know who the reporter is so that the Grievance Committee can contact you for more details.  Reports (both the identity of the reporter and the content) will be kept strictly confidential.  The Institute is responsible for finding an appropriate solution for the grievances of a member of the community and for providing protection to that person and all persons concerned from any undesirable consequence that may result from their grievances.

Please note that messages to report@ait.ac.th are only checked by the Chair of the Grievance Committee, who does not automatically share with other members of the Grievance Committee.  You can specify who you want the report to be shared with or not be shared when you write to report@ait.ac.th.  Reprisal of any kind against an individual or group initiating the formal grievance process in good faith, or against anyone involved in advising the initiation of such action, would itself amount to unacceptable harassment, and in itself risks disciplinary process.

Please see attached for details of regulations at AIT on sexual harassment and AIT’s commitment to zero tolerance on sexual harassment.

Your cooperation is needed to make AIT a safe place.

4) 2022 Staff Performance Evaluation Phase 2 is Now Open

Email from Office of Human Resources Services on 12 May 2022

To all Immediate Supervisors, Unit Directors of Centrally-Funded Staff Members, and Centrally-Funded Staff Members,

The second part of our Performance Management System 2022 is now open. The online system can be accessed through HRIS (https://hris.ait.ac.th) until 30 June 2022.

Phase 2 is a “Progress Review” which provides a formal opportunity for both the immediate supervisor and the employees to conduct a performance discussion mid-way through the performance period. Open communication on performance helps both the immediate supervisor and the employees to assess how the work is progressing.

At this stage, the employee can discuss with the immediate supervisor what has been accomplished, how achieving the goals has been progressing, difficulties faced, and can request to set new/amend goals if required. Likewise, the immediate supervisor comments on the progress on goals to date, area(s) that require further support and assistance, and sets/amends goals if required.

Please follow these  steps below to successfully complete the Performance Evaluation process online for PHASE 2.

A. For Employees   

To help you prepare for your meeting with your immediate supervisor, please read “How to Prepare for Progress Review-Employee Checklist” on pages 12-13 of our Guide to AIT Performance Management for Staff.

 Click "Employee Evaluation" then follow the following steps.

 Click the “PE Cover Form”

 Set the date of your meeting with your immediate supervisor and click "SUBMIT". Your immediate supervisor will receive an email notification that you have set a date for your meeting to review your progress or achievements.

 Click the “Progress Review”. In this section, you can write your progress, accomplishments and/or difficulties faced if there are any, then click "SAVE". If you could not complete writing your progress report you can always return to this page to complete it. Make sure you complete this task before your meeting. 

Discuss your work progress on the scheduled date with your immediate supervisor. Once the meeting is completed and comments are agreed upon, you can then revise/modify your progress report on the system and click "SUBMIT".  Note that you cannot edit your progress report once they are submitted.

 A notice on top of the page will inform you if you have successfully submitted your form. Watch out for this notice!

B. For Immediate Supervisors (Evaluators)

This is your opportunity to assess the progress made by your staff based on the performance goals that were agreed to earlier. This meeting is to review what has occurred in the interim, in relation to achieving those goals and objectives written a few months ago in Phase 1. It is where feedback is very important.

Another important aspect of Phase 2 is the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). As soon as a performance shortcoming is identified, the immediate supervisor should discuss it with the employee and take steps to rectify the situation, such as the development of a performance improvement plan, in consultation with the employee. Please refer to page 11 of our guide for more details. 

To help you prepare for your meeting with your staff, please read “How to Prepare for Progress Review-Supervisor Checklist” on pages 13-14 of our Guide to AIT Performance Management for Staff.   You will be notified once your staff has set the date of your meeting. Please make yourself available on that date and be prepared to discuss the progress report with your staff.

Progress review should be discussed with your staff on the scheduled date. However, if for some reason the scheduled date is not followed, the date of the meeting should be changed to the actual date that the meeting takes place. To set a new meeting date, please follow the instructions described in points 9 and 10 below.

To view the progress report submitted by your staff, click "Supervisor Evaluation” and follow the following steps.

Click “Employee APR (PHASE 2)”

Click “APR” to view your staff’s progress report.

Write your comments in the designated space and click “SUBMIT”. Remember you can only "submit" after you have written your comments.

A notice on top of the page will inform you if you have successfully submitted your form. Watch out for this notice!

When it becomes necessary to help your staff to improve their performance, the immediate supervisor and with input from the affected employee, develops an improvement plan; the purpose of the activities outlined is to help the individual to attain the desired level of performance.

To access the PIP Form, click on the box and the “Performance Improvement Plan”. Complete the form and click “SUBMIT”.

To reset the meeting date or progress report or supervisor feedback, click "Click to Reset".

A new page will open and click the “Reset” which corresponds to the activity you would like to reset. 

Please complete Phase 2 by June 30, 2022.

Should you encounter technical problems, please report them to Helpdesk (helpdesk@ait.asia).  Please convey other feedback


B. Workshops/ Conferences 

Advanced Shrimp/Prawn Farming | AIT Extension

Advanced Training of Trainers | AIT Extension

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Auditing for Development Project | AIT Extension

Project Monitoring and Impact Evaluation | AIT Extension

Management of Training Center | AIT Extension

Safeguarding Organizations: Implementing Effective Measures through Cybersecurity | AIT Extension




C. Visitors/ MoU/ Agreement Signing 

  • Visit of delegation from Bangchak Corporation Pcl., Bang Num Phueng Community and UNESCO Bkk Office on 17 May 2022, Tuesday at 9:30 am.
  • MoU Signing Ceremony between AIT and the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad (UASD), India on 18 May 2022, Wednesday at 15:30 pm.
  • Embassy of Poland and Polish Universities Delegates meets AIT President on 23 May 2022,  Monday at 9.00 am.




D. Faculty & Staff Travel


Mr. SK Shah Hossain, AIT Extension/ Dhaka, Bangladesh/ 20 March 2022 - 14 May 2022

Dr. Attapong Taparugssaragorn, SET/ Oslo, Norway/ 1 - 31 May 2022

Dr. Manzul K. Hazarika, GIC / Dushanbe, Tajikistan/ 21- 28 May 2022

Mr. Lakmal Deshapriya Nawarathrage, GIC / Dushanbe, Tajikistan/ 21- 28 May 2022

Dr. Chutiporn Anutariya, ICT-SET/ Pattaya, Thailand/ 18 - 20 May 2022



 EClassifieds (jobs) 

Position: Program Officer/Specialist, RRCAP
Ref: 32/ 22
Deadline: 22 May 2022

Position: Administrative Secretary, SERD-EECC
Ref: 31/ 22
Deadline:  31 May 2022

Position: Administrative Officer, AI Center
Ref: 2/ 22
Deadline:  31 May 2022