WEEK# 14, 18 - 24 April, 2022

In this issue:

A. Announcements 

B. Workshops/ Conferences

C. Faculty & Staff Travel

D. Classifieds (jobs)

A. Announcements 

1) DSAI seminar on "Technological Trends and Use Cases in Data Science & AI: Perspectives from Banking and Telecom Sectors"

We are pleased to invite you to join the DSAI Seminar titled is " Technological Trends and Use Cases in Data Science & AI: Perspectives from Banking and Telecom Sectors " by Dr. Le Nhan Tam, Chief Technology Officer & Country Technical Manager of IBM Vietnam is scheduled as follows:

Speaker: Dr. Le Nhan Tam
Topic: Technological Trends and Use Cases in Data Science & AI: Perspectives from Banking and Telecom Sectors

Date: Wednesday 20th April 2022
Time 1.00 - 3.00 pm.

Zoom link: https://ait-ac-th.zoom.us/DSAI-seminar
Meeting ID: 943 0124 0733

Passcode: 874785

2) Seminar on "Transformation of cities: A layered Spatial Planning Approach Using Local Area Planning (LAP)"

We are pleased to invite you to join the D-DS Seminar series titled "Transformation of cities: A layered Spatial Planning Approach Using Local Area Planning (LAP)"
Speaker: Prof. Jignesh Mehta, Adjunct Associate Professor, CEPT University, India

Date and Time: 21st April 2022, Thursday 7 PM to 8.30 PM (Bangkok time).

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 268 852 7407
Passcode: UEM2022

Brief description of the lecture:

Land is a limited resource. Today more than half of the global population lives in urban areas. While globally, we continue to urbanize, it is crucial that we plan our cities not only for horizontal expansion, but also for making more efficient use of the existing developed areas. This requires careful planning at both macro as well as micro levels. The Development Plan (DP) -Town planning Scheme (TPS)-Local Area Plan (LAP) mechanism is one such mechanism that allows planned urban rejuvenation and revitalization of the existing urban areas and the heritage precincts.

3) Invitation to join AIT Solutions Microsoft Word Training via Zoom (21 April 2022, 10:00 AM)

AIT Solutions is inviting you to our in-house Microsoft Word Online Training which will be handled by our Director, Mr. Thaung Htut Aung.

We pretty well know that Microsoft Word allows us to create word processing documents like reports and letters effortlessly if we know its functionalities well and its advanced features.  

To register, please click on this link: https://forms.gle/G54JXTxzc199nG7w9

Please join us on 21st April 2022, from 10:00 to 11:00 in the morning via ZOOM:

Topic: Microsoft Word Training 

Time: Apr 21, 2022 10:00 AM Bangkok

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Meeting ID: 920 0082 2575

Passcode: 449684

4) Join Us for AITS Meet the Expert by Engr. Masayuki SHOUBUZAKO and Engr. Rupesh MACHAMASHI, EJIT Center on 26 April 2022 

We are pleased to invite you to the Meet the Expert by Engr. Masayuki SHOUBUZAKO, Group sub-manager, Infrastructure Technology Group, EJIT Center / Infrastructure Maintenance Management Department and Engr. Rupesh MACHAMASHI, Staff, Infrastructure Technology Group, EJIT Center on 26th April 2022 (1.00 PM Bangkok time).

Topic - DX (Digital Transformation) Development in Bridge Maintenance in Japan

In Japan, the number of over 50 years aged bridges are increasing year by year. For this reason, the importance of maintenance is increasing as regular inspections are required by law once every five years in Japan. In the future, the maintenance of bridges will be necessary to continue in various Asian countries.

However, in recent years, there have been major issues such as a shortage of bridge inspection engineers, its aging, and the transfer of experience and knowledge. Therefore, promotion of “DX (Digital
Transformation)” is indispensable to solve these issues in bridge maintenance by using digital technology.

Therefore, we, Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc. (EJEC), a Japanese civil engineering consulting company, would like to introduce some of the most advanced DX technologies in bridge maintenance developed by our EJ Information Technology Center (EJIT Center).

To join, please register here:



B. Workshops/ Conferences 

Performance Management in the Public Sector | AIT Extension

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare: Innovations, Emerging Opportunities and Challenges | AIT Extension

Advanced Shrimp/Prawn Farming | AIT Extension

Advanced Training of Trainers | AIT Extension

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Auditing for Development Project | AIT Extension

Project Monitoring and Impact Evaluation | AIT Extension

Management of Training Center | AIT Extension

Safeguarding Organizations: Implementing Effective Measures through Cybersecurity | AIT Extension

 C. Faculty & Staff Travel


Mr. SK Shah Hossain, AIT Extension/ Dhaka, Bangladesh/ 20 March 2022 - 14 May 2022

Dr. K. R. Salin, SERD /India/ 10 - 24 April 2022

Dr. Attapong Taparugssaragorn, SET/ Oslo, Norway/ 1 - 31 May 2022



D.Classifieds (jobs) 

Faculty Position in Urban Innovation and Sustainability (UIS) Department of Development and Sustainability (DDS)
School of Environment, Resources and Development
Ref: 02/ 22
Deadline: 15 May 2022

Position: Technician (Mechanical Engineering SERD-FEBT)
Ref: 6/ 22
Deadline: 30 April 2022

Position: Facilities Officer
Ref: 27/ 22
Deadline: 30 April 2022

Position: IT Officer, ISE/SET
Ref: 26/ 22
Deadline:  30 April 2022

Position: Lab Supervisor, Environmental Engineering and Chemical Analyses
Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change
School of Environment, Recources and Development
Ref: 15/ 22
Deadline: 15 May 2022

Position: Motorpool Driver, OFAM
Ref: 28/ 22
Deadline:  30 April 2022

Position: Business Development Officer/ EEO
Ref: 29/ 22
Deadline:  21 April 2022