WEEK# 2, 10 - 16 January, 2022

In this issue:

A. Announcements 

B. Classifieds (jobs)


A. Announcements 

1) Institute-Wide Orientation January 2022 Intakeon 10 January 2022

Orientation Program

9.15 hrs - 10.15 hrs.: Welcome remarks from President and Senior Leadership.

10:15 hrs – 11:00 hrs: Brief Orientation on AIT Community Compact for Students, Harassment

Policy, and Entrepreneurship Center

11:00 hrs – 11:20 hrs: Brief Orientation on Academic requirements, Student Opportunities, and

Language support.

11:20 hrs – 11:40 hrs: Virtual Games for students

11:40 hrs – 12:00 hrs: Brief Orientation on IT support, Services on campus, and Student Union Introduction.

2) Welcome!

Email from AIT President on 7 January 2022.

Dear AIT Community Member:

Welcome all of you to the new semester!  I hope you had a good year-end holiday and are ready for the beginning of Spring Semester 2022 on January 10.  I especially want to greet the new students, some of whom are already on campus, and others not yet in Thailand.  2021 was a difficult year for many of us, and our students, staff, and faculty persevered through the COVID-19 pandemic in relatively good shape and good spirits, having worked very hard and patiently in stressful circumstances.  We hope that 2022 will be a better year.

We were all very much looking forward to a possible campus opening on January 10.  Unfortunately, the appearance of the Omicron variant has temporarily scuttled our plan to re-open our campus on that date.  So I am sad to announce that classes will remain online at least until February 1, and Work >From Home will continue—except for mission-essential personnel—until then also.  This was a difficult decision, but in view of rising number of cases in Thailand—with a few cases showing up on campus recently, and cautionary advice from the Royal Thai Government to institutions, we feel that this is the prudent way to protect our community members.   Let us hope that things will be better in a few weeks, so that hybrid instruction can begin for our students soon. 

But AIT continues without missing a beat.  One of the major initiatives we are undertaking is to make our campus a truly Green Campus, i.e., a Sustainable Campus.  To this end, a new AIT Sustainability Task Force will guide and oversee progress of the AIT campus to more sustainable practices in all aspects.  There will be the establishment of an Office of Sustainable Campus, and there will be representatives in major units across the campus.  A working group headed by VPA has already developed a comprehensive Sustainability Policy in our Policy and Procedures, and this new Task Force will start working on implementation and milestones.  I will be heading this important Task Force, and there will be representation from the students, staff and faculty.  So far, our community members have done a good job trying to make our campus sustainable.  But now AIT as an institution is totally and comprehensively dedicated to this emphasis. 

Finally, you should have heard the good news that the contract with AIS has been signed, and work on upgrading our campus WIFI is starting.  There will be much improved WIFI access for some starting soon, and gradually across the whole campus, with completion by this summer.

AIT continues to face many challenges, especially during COVID, but I am confident that we will be able to prevail.  Thank you all for your patience and cooperation!

Dr. Eden Y Woon


3) New and Revised P&Ps

Email from Director of Academic Administration on 6 January 2022

On the endorsements of the AIT Governing and Management Teams, the President approved the following new and revised Institute Policy and Procedure (P&P) Statements with effect from 1 January 2022:
§        (new)      AA-1-2-9      Sustainability Policy
§        (revised) FS-1-1-1      Campus Accommodation for Students

       * Update on categories of student on-campus accommodation following recent renovations

       * Discontinuation of weekly cleaning, provision of amenities, and laundry of linens. Keeping their units clean will be the responsibility of tenants.  
§        (revised) FS-1-2-1      Campus Accommodation for Faculty

       * Keeping their units clean will be the responsibility of tenants.    

§        (revised) PA-2-1-2      Ethical Behavior and Grievance Process

       * Establishment of a Grievance Committee to replace community counsellors, and improved the grievance process


4) Access to ACM Digital Library and IEEE

Email from AIT Library on 6 January 2022

AIT Library is pleased to inform you that ACM Digital Library and IEEE Xplore Digital Library are now available to access and download through AIT network.

For more information about the databases, please visit

ACM Digital Library: http://library.ait.ac.th/2019/04/21/acm-digital-library/

IEEE Xplore: http://library.ait.ac.th/2019/04/21/ieee-iel-eletronic-library/

Off-campus users, please access the databases through AIT VPN and log in with your AIT account.

To set up AIT VPN, please follow the steps from the links below.

how to install OpenVPN on Windows: https://helpdesk.ait.ac.th/services/ait-vpn/vpn-windows
how to install OpenVPN on Mac: https://helpdesk.ait.ac.th/services/ait-vpn/vpn-mac
how to install OpenVPN on iOS: https://helpdesk.ait.ac.th/services/ait-vpn/vpn-ios
how to install OpenVPN on Androids: https://helpdesk.ait.ac.th/services/ait-vpn/vpn-android

B. Classifieds (jobs) 

Position: Laboratory Supervisor, Sustainable Energy Transition Academic Program (SERD-EECC)
Ref: 31/ 21
Deadline: 31 January 2022

Position: Irrigation Engineering and Management (IREM) Lab Supervisor (SET-WEM)
Ref: 9/ 21
Deadline: 31 January 2022

Position: Laboratory Senior Technician, Hydraulic Lab (SET-WEM)
Ref: 7/ 21
Deadline: 31 January 2022