WEEK #51: 19 – 25 December 2016



In this issue:


         A.    Announcements

         B.    Campus Updates

         C.    Faculty and Staff Travel

         D.    Classifieds (Jobs)




A.    Announcements


(i)    Year End Holidays for Concessionaires, AIT Cafeteria and SU Snack Bar
Please be informed of the year end holiday schedule for Concessionaires,
AIT Cafeteria and SU Snack Bar as follows:


Shop Name                               Closed Dates
Bookstore                                  29 Dec. 16 to 3 Jan. 17
Khung Salon                              31 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17
Line Thai Massage                     31 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17
Aston Shop                                24 Dec. 16 to 3 Jan. 17
UFM Bakery                                01 Jan. 17
Jammy Minimart                         31 Dec. 16 to 2 Jan. 17
SVOA Computer Service             31 Dec. 16 to 2 Jan. 17
Chittinan Hair Cut                      31 Dec. 16 to 2 Jan. 17
So Good Café                             OPEN
Sari Sari                                      25 Dec. 16 to 3 Jan. 17
Thai-Inter Food                          24 Dec. 16 to 3 Jan. 17
Travel Click                                24 Dec. 16 to 3 Jan. 17

Hom Krung Coffee                    1 to 3 Jan. 17
Easy House                               OPEN
Yupin Grocery                           OPEN
Vichai Laundry                          25 Dec. 16 to 2 Jan. 17
SU Photocopy                            24 Dec. 16 to 2 Jan. 17
J Bicycle Shop                            28 Dec. 16 to 3 Jan. 17
Kai Yang Ha Dao                       28 Dec. 16 to 3 Jan. 17
Photocopy Library                     24 Dec. 16 to 3 Jan. 17
Bahay Kubo Kainan                   14 Dec. 16 to 8 Jan. 17
West End Kiosk                         31 Dec. 16 to 3 Jan. 17
Lawson 108                              OPEN

Asian Food                                25 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17
Thai Food                                 31 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17
Too Noodles                             28 Dec. 16 to 3 Jan. 17
Halal Food                                31 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17
Saras                                        15 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17
Western Food                           31 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17
Wantanee                                 31 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17
F&N                                         31 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17
Nica’s Crepe                            31 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17

SU Snack Bar:
Sri Lanka Food                          OPEN
SU Beverage                              OPEN
SU Snack Bar                             OPEN
Royal Halal                                OPEN

(ii)    AIT Conference Center schedule for year end

Please be informed about following schedule of AIT Conference Center’s service time and kindly also note that swimming pool will be closed for few days during this year end holiday period.

Dining Room

Date: 24 – 30 Dec. 16 (Service time 7.00 – 22.00 hrs.)
Date: 31 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17 (Service time 7.00 – 20.00 hrs)

Front & Accommodation

Date: 19 – 25 Dec. 16 (Service time 7.00 – 22.00 hrs) / 1 staff standby during night time
Date: 26 – 28 Dec. 16 (Service time – 24 hours)
Date: 29 – 30 Dec. 16 (Service time 7.00 – 22.00 hrs) / 1 staff standby during night time
Date: 31 Dec. 16 to 1 Jan. 17 (Service time 7.00 – 20.00 hrs) / 1 staff standby during night time
Date: 2 – 6 Jan. 17 (Service time 7.00 – 22.00 hrs) / 1 staff standby during night time
Date: 7 Jan. 17 (Service time – Normal)

Swimming pool
Date: 29 Dec. 16 to 2 Jan. 17 (Service time – Close)

(iii)    Trials for Elsevier e-books, Springer e-books, Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies and Elsevier Knovel

AIT Library will have new online resources and e-books in 2017.  Elsevier e-books, Springer e-books and Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies will be activated in January 2017 whereas Elsevier Knovel will be officially started in April 2017.  During the month of December 2016 (and December 2016 through March 2017 for Knovel), the publishers of these e-books and online resources have set up trials for AIT.  

AIT Library invites all faculty, staff, and students to access the mentioned e-books and online resources from the Library webpage at  The Library webpage may be accessed from the AIT website. Alternatively, click the following URL links to access the e-books and online resources.

For Elsevier e-books:  www.sciencedirect.com

For Springer e-books:

For Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies:  http://www.emeraldinsight.com/topic/cs_all?sortBy=Ppub

For Elsevier Knovel:  http://app.knovel.com/web/

Users can view, download and print.  The content is about 3,000 titles for Elsevier e-books, 5,000 titles for Springer e-books and 400 cases for Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies.

(iv)    Non-Thai faculty, staff, and students please collect your passport from GRU office before Friday, 23 December 2016

As the Institute will be closed from 26 December 2016 to 3 January 2017, non-Thai faculty, staff, and students who plan to travel outside Thailand please collect their passports from GRU office before Friday, 23 December 2016.

Office of Host Country Relations, however, will arrange for a staff to stand by at GRU Office for emergency case of passport pick-up from Monday 26 to Friday 30 December 2016 during 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.  Please note that it is inconvenient for the office to provide this service during the New Year’s Eve (31 December 2016 to 3 January 2017).  To avoid any inconveniences, even those who do not plan to travel outside Thailand please collect your passports from GRU Office before 23 December 2016.

(v)    December 31, 2016 closing announcement

To ensure that AIT completely record the 2016 transactions in this year and not delay to 2017, please strictly follow the guidelines: -

1)      2016 Payments cut off
•         All “approved” 2016 Payment Requests/ Cash Payment Summary with attached supplier invoices/receipts (dated within 2016) arrive Finance Office by 23 December 2016.
•         Please avoid any delay submission of the above documents since Finance has deadline to close the yearly account. Delay submission means your request for payment will not be able to charge to 2016 budget and neither to 2017

2)      Payroll
•         Overtime cut off is 16 December
•         Actual overtime up to the cut-off date plus estimation of overtime for the remaining weeks up to 31 December 2016 must reach Finance Office by 16 of December 2016 for reserving in 2016 account.
•         Fail to submit estimated overtime within the deadline means there will be no budget to pay the overtime.

3)     Purchase Requisition (PR) and Purchase Orders (PO)
Before issuing Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order in December 2016, please check whether works/services can be delivered/completed within the year 2016 or not.  If yes, Purchase Requisition must be approved before 13rd   December 2016 and all Purchase Orders must be approved before 19th   December 2016.
Any work/service which cannot be completed within 2016, Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order must be issued in 2017 and will be charged to 2017 budget. External Auditor will not accept to record goods /services delivered in 2017 in the year 2016
For materials/ services to be delivered in 2016, please request suppliers to submit their Suppliers’ invoices to Finance office by December 31 for recording in 2016 account.
Note: There is a repeated misunderstanding every year that by placing Purchasing Requisition (PR) or Purchase Order (PO) in 2016, it is sufficient to utilize the 2016 budget. This is not possible unless goods/services are delivered in 2016, not 2017.

4)      Settlement of outstanding Promissory Note and RTA
Please settle your Promissory note and RTA within 23 December 2016.

5)      Invoicing Income
•         Schools/Units are requested to submit all billing requests pertaining to work/services performed for third parties in 2016 (e.g. fees recoverable from donors, income due from project sponsors) to Finance Office by 23 December 2016.

6)      Internal Charges
•         All Units which have authority to update Internal Charges through ERP must ensure that the charges of 2016 have been completely updated by 23 December 2016. Units which do not have the authority must submit the Internal Charge Form to Finance Office by 23 December 2016.

Other issues:
7)      Sponsored Projects under Fund 30
Schools/cost centers to ensure Form E has been completely issued for all closing projects within 2016. Please also provide the list of the completed projects (both Academic and non-Academic projects) to Finance office. Khun Vandee, Finance officer, will contact schools/units for the list.

For further enquiries please contact:
•         Ms. Orawan Kosaipolkul, Senior Accounting Manager Ext # 6346
•         Ms. Chirapar, Finance Manager Ext # 6342 (for Payment)
•         Ms Pakkamol, Director, Procurement, Inventory and  Assets Ext # 5029 (for Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order)

(vi)    NSTDA new Scholarship Program

This is to inform you that the Thai Government has approved budget of 20 million baht /year to NSTDA for a new Scholarship Program namely,  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: STEM), to accommodate 150 Thai students /year.  The requirement of the project is a tri-party comprising;  student  + researcher/faculty member from university (AIT ) + researcher from NSTDA.  The duration of the research project is from 6-12 months.

The areas of the support are in 2 categories; one to build on the existing strong-based industries; and the other is dedicated to new areas for future industries.

The participating university must already have supporting research funding and equipment. This program will provide only the student salary during the participating period, which is 10,000 Baht/month for master’s degree student, and 12,000 Baht/month for Ph.D student.  Please also note that NSTDA will not be responsible for connecting the university with the industries.
The qualification of the student for application to this program :

1.       Thai citizen

2.       Presently studying for master’s or Ph.D. degree

3.       Academic performance :

a.       GPA not less than 2.50 at Bachelor level, for student who is presently studying for master’s degree

b.      GPA not less than 3.00 at master’s degree, for student who is presently studying for master’s degree

4.       Have interest in undertaking research under the prescript themes (mentioned in the 3rd paragraph)

5.       Being a disciplined with good behavior records

6.       Must not be under other scholarship which provides salary support.

The application can be done from 1-30 January 2017. The approval of scholarship will be on 22 February 2017.Final announcement of scholarship recipients will be on 28 February 2017.

Interested persons please contact directly via email address stemworkforce@nstda.or.th, or call 02 564 7000 ext. 1462, 1461, 1460.    Please note that the application is limited to 150 students for this year, open to all Thai students, and on first-come, first-serve basis.

For your information.
Director, Office of External Relations (OEXR)

(vii)    Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program Opportunity for graduate studies

Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program (JJWBGSP) each year awards 15 scholarships to Japanese nationals for graduate studies in a development related field.   The scholarships are provided to university’s students from Japan who are currently either in their first year of a 2-year master program or in a PhD program related to development.    

More details of the scholarship program can see from:

(viii)    EURAXESS ASEAN Flashnotes - Latest Funding and Career Opportunities for AIT Researchers

The Office of External Relations (OEXR) has announced a number of attractive opportunities for researchers which are presented in the latest EURAXESS ASEAN flash notes.


1)      United Kingdom - Newton Fund Institutional Links Programme. Thailand and Vietnam Eligible

2)      EMBO Short-Term Fellowships Open to Researchers in ASEAN. 3 month Research Visits to Labs in Europe and Elsewhere. Rolling Deadline.

3)      Germany - Humboldt Incoming Fellowships for researchers at different stages in their careers. ASEAN Researchers Eligible. Rolling Deadline.

4)      Advice on applying to funding schemes by Dr Claire McNulty, Director Science and Research, British Council

5)      List of European Institutions Interested in Hosting Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

Check out:



Sign up to EURAXESS Links ASEAN here:


For more details, please contact Director of Office of External Relations (OEXR) at email: shawnpk@ait.asia





B.    Campus Updates


(i)    Construction of 7Eleven Convenience Store at the Corner of 4th Street and D Street SW

Please be informed that construction work will begin for 7Eleven Convenience Store located between the corner of 4th Street and D Street SW as follows:

1. Start of Construction Work: 1st Week of November 2016
2. Total Construction Days: 70
3. Schedule Days of Work: Monday to Sunday
4: Schedule Time of Work: 8:00am to 5:00pm
5. Tentative Store Opening Date: 10 January 2017

We thank you for your kind support and apologies for any inconvenience caused.






C.    Faculty and Staff Travel


Dr. K. R. Salin / Keelung, Taiwan / 27 November – 5 December 2016*
Nisarat Tansakul and Nunthaphat Weshsuwannarugs / Tak, Thailand / 4 – 7 December 2016*
Dr. B.H.W. Hadikusumo / Myanmar / 9 – 11 December 2016*
Ms. Worawan Sumroetrum / Singapore / 10 – 19 December 2016
Mr. Bayasgalan Sanduijav / Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia / 10 – 26 December 2016
Mr. Voravate Chonlasin / Singapore / 15 – 17 December 2016*
Ms. Chatchata Prasongsuk / Chonburi, Thailand / 17 – 18 December 2016*
Ms. Warindhorn Wachirasiri / Chonburi, Thailand / 17 – 18 December 2016*
Nisarat Tansakul, Preechai Mekbungwan, Nunthaphat Weshsuwannarugs / Tak, Thailand / 17 – 22 December 2016
Mr. Syed Muntasir Husain Bokhari / Denpasar Bali, Indonesia / 17 – 25 December 2016
Prof. Nitin K. Tripathi / Assam, India / 18 – 20 December 2016
Mr. Guilberto Borongan / Manila, Philippines / 18 – 22 December 2016
Mr. Agus Susanto Prajogo / Jakarta, Indonesia / 19 – 22 December 2016
Prof. Mukand Singh Babel / Chittagong, Bangladesh / 21 – 24 December 2016
Mr. Fazle Karim / Denpasar Bali, Indonesia / 22 – 28 December 2016

*(Staff or faculty member travelled and returned to AIT prior to documentation received for publication)


D.    Classifieds (Jobs)


Position: Administrative Officer (Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific)
Ref. No.14/16
Deadline: 20 December 2016

Position: Head, Strategy & Coordination Cluster (Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific)
Ref. No. 46/16
Deadline: 23 December 2016

Position: Research Associate (WEM) (School of Engineering & Technology)
Ref. No. 56/16
Deadline: 30 December 2016

Position: Administrative Officer (Office of the President)
Ref. No. 57/16
Deadline: 30 December 2016

Faculty Position (Assistant or Associate Professors)  (School of Management)
Ref. No. Fac 5/16
Deadline: 31 December 2016

Position: Director (Office of the Human Resources Services)
Ref. No. 7/16
Deadline: 31 December 2016

Position: Senior Programme Specialist, Climate Change Cluster (Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific)
Ref. No. 39/16
Deadline: 6 January 2017

Faculty Position (Assistant/Associate Professor) (School of Environment, Resources & Development)
Ref. No. 2/16
Deadline: 15 January 2017

Faculty Position (Assistant/Associate Professor) (School of Environment, Resources & Development )
Ref. No. 3/16
Deadline: 15 January 2017

Position: Classroom Teacher (AIT International School)
Ref. No. 53/16
Deadline: 16 January 2017

Music Teacher (AIT International School)
Ref. No. 54/16
Deadline: 16 January 2017

Jobs vacancies for all nationalities at Thaksin University
Job vacancies are available for qualified candidates of all nationalities in Thaksin University  as follows:

1.   Dean of the Faculty of Education.
2.   Dean of the Faculty of Law.
3.   Dean of the faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
4.   Director of the Institute for Southern Thai Studies.

Thaksin University is a public university in Southern Thailand. It is located in Amphoe Muang , Songkhla  Province. About the past 15 years, It used to be a Songkhla Campus of Srinakarintharaviroj Prasarnmitre University.

Interested persons should contact:
Secretary of the Members of Recruiting Committee
Khun Jintana Narkjinda
Tel: 074-317635
mobile phone: 081599-0591
e-mail: tsu_spa@scholar.tsu.ac.th
Communication by e-mail transmittal is preferred.