WEEK #29: 18 – 24 July 2016

 In this issue:


          A. Campus Updates

          B. Events

          C. Visitors

          D. Announcements

          E. Faculty and Staff Travel

          F. Classifieds (Jobs)


A. Campus Updates


 (i) AIT Resident Registration

With reference to the P&P of Student Accommodation (SAO), Staff Accommodation (CRSU)  and on the request of Campus Residence Committee (CRC), Accommodation Unit/Office of Facilities and Asset Management (OFAM) needs to update residents information including family member staying with AIT residents. This information is needed to know the number of people staying in the campus and also for campus’ security.

Please fill-in the resident registration form in the below link, before 29 July 2016.



(ii) Wednesday, 20 July is a regular working day

Please be reminded that Wednesday, 20 July 2016, is a regular working day.


(i) AIT Academic Calendar 2017

The AIT Academic Calendar 2017 is now being drafted and planned to be finalized within this month.

Interested persons who wish to have a printed copy, please place an order as early as possible by filling up the attached order form and send to Registry (registry@ait.asia ) on or before 11 August 2016.

The calendar comes in the following sizes:

1. Small size (8.25" x 6") at Baht 100

2. Big size (8.25" x 11") at Baht 130


For more information, please contact Mr. Patrick at 6328 or patrick@ait.asia .


(iii) Renovation of tennis court completed

Office of Facilities and Asset Management (OFAM) has announced that the renovation of the tennis court opposite to dorm L is complete and it is now open for the community to use since 14 June 2016. OFAM is now improving the lighting system soon.


Instructions for the tennis court users:

- The tennis court will be open from 6:00 to 22:00 daily.

- Please use only tennis court shoes (Shoes used for other games may damage the floor surface).

- The tennis court facility is for AIT members only (Security may request you to show your identity).

- To remove puddles due to rain, users are requested to use the ground viper that is hanged in the court.

- Users are requested to switch off the lights before leaving.


(iv) Reservation of Sports Facilities

Please be informed that the AIT Christian Fellowship have reserved the Basketball, Volleyball & Badminton Courts in front of Cat 4 dorms (L & Q) on 30 July  (Saturday) from 10 AM to 12 noon. 


B. Events


(i) DPMM Steering Committee Meeting and Workshop on “Disaster Resilience Education Capacity Building in South-East Asia”: 21 July 2016

Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management (DPMM) program is organizing a Steering Committee Meeting and Workshop on “Disaster Resilience Education Capacity Building in South-East Asia” as follows:

Date: July 21, 2016 (13.30 – 16.30 hrs)

Venue: AITCC (Room No. B204)

Background: The Asian region is recognized as critically important for global sustainability because of its rapid and uneven growth and high vulnerability resulting in the potentially dramatic environmental degradation, social disparities, human rights violations and many other concerns. It is evident that the natural disasters in its various phases significantly impacted the economic and development index of the Asian region. Higher Education Institutions can potentially play important roles in imparting the sustainability education paradigm upon society and in integrating the notion into educational programmes and systems.

Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management (DPMM) program at AIT is one of the partner institutions for the project ‘Disaster Resilience Education Capacity Building in South-East Asia’ with University of Newcastle, Australia under Australia-ASEAN Council (AAC) Grant. It is organizing a half-day workshop to raise awareness of the diverse disaster risk profiles among project partners, leading to a deeper understanding of operational context in each country and helping to generate a shared vision for resilience education. Experts from diversified domain of Disaster Risk Management are expected to participate the workshop.

Interested persons please contact - Dr. Indrajit Pal, Assistant Professor, DPMM, AIT (indrajit.pal@gmail.com )


(ii) NSTDA’S Auto Parts Tech Day 2016: 28 – 29 July 2016

The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) through Auto Parts Innovation Cluster, will organize the “AUTO PARTS TECH DAY 2016” with a theme of “AUTO PARTS AND THE FUTURE INDUSTRIES: Driving Thailand through AVIATION AND ELECTRIC VEHICLE” on 28 and 29 July 2016 at Thailand Science Park, Pathumthani. Participants can attend the following activities:

  • Keynote and Special Talks in Aviation and Electric Vehicle Industries
  • Technical Serviced Providers Exhibition and Technology Showcases
  • Laboratory Tours of the Thailand Science Park
  • Electric Vehicle Test Drive

To register, please go to: http://goo.gl/ddSwdu 

For more information, please contact: 02-564-8000 or email: techday2016@nstda.or.th


(iii) AIT Orientation Day for August 2016 Intake: 4 August 2016

The AIT Orientation Day for the new students of orientation day for August 2016 Intake will be held on 4 August 2016 from 10 am at the AIT Conference Center (AITCC).


Date: Thursday, 4 August 2016

Venue: AITCC



08:30-09:45: Registration of new students

Master of Ceremony:  Mrs. Laarni B. Roa, Head, Student Office


10:00 – 11:00 am

Brief Remarks by President, Vice Presidents


Brief Remarks by the School Deans (SERD, SET and SOM) and Introduction of School Faculty


Brief Remarks by Student Union President


11:00 – 11:30 am

Open Forum and Group Photo at the AIT Landmark


Institute-wide Orientation:  Afternoon Session (1:00 – 3:30 pm)

Master of Ceremony:  Dr. Tenzin Rabgyal Coordinator, Admissions and Scholarship Unit


-         Student Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior

  • AIT Harassment Policy 
  • Student Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards

-         Academic Requirements, Languages and Student Welfare

  • Academic Requirements and Practices
  • Language Center Services and the English Language Requirements
  • Student Welfare, Placement and Counseling Services

-         Other Services

  • Campus wide IT Services
  • Student Accommodation and Facility Management
  • Educational Visa and Government Relations Services


(iv) WEM Seminar on “Drain with a Brain: Siphonic Roof Drainage”: 5 August 2016

Water Engineering and Management, School of Engineering and Technology (SET), will organize a Seminar on “Drain with a Brain: Siphonic Roof Drainage” on 5 August 2016, 0930-1100h, at Room: N202.

The Seminar will cover the following:

·        What is Siphonic Roof Drainage (SRD)

·        How does it work?

·        Benefits of SRD

·        Particular Benefits of SRD

·        Less CO2 due to dematerialization

·        Mitigation of flooding

·        Overload protection of the Storm Sewer

·        Planning Guidelines

·        Manual and computer calculation procedures

Speakers: Rolf H. Keidel and Juergen R. Loeber of KEIDEL SOFTWARE, Germany

Rolf H. Keidel is a graduate engineer and architect. His customers benefit from his 25 years of experience in the areas of research and development, construction planning, and construction.

Juergen R. Loeber holds a master degree in business & administration. He has worked for more than 20 years as a sales trainer and director for various insurance companies in Germany.


(v) Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop: 23 – 24 August 2016

A two-day Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop will be organized on 23-24 August 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand.

CAP Workshops focus on emergency alerting, and people interested in emergency alerting are welcome to participate. This includes managers, technical staff, media, commercial organizations, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). There is no workshop participation fees.


The hosts of the 2016 CAP Implementation Workshop are the Asian Institute of Technology and the Sahana Software Foundation.

More details: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2016/events/common-alerting-protocol-cap-implementation-workshop/#.V4hPe6LkKUk


(vi) Training Course on "Accounting for Carbon Emission Reductions and Removals through REDD+ Activities": 27 Nov. – 4 Dec. 2016

Natural Resources Management Field of Study, School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD) will organize a training course on "Accounting for Carbon Emission Reductions and Removals through REDD+ Activities" on 27 November – 4 December 2016 at the AIT conference center.


For more information, please see: 


Closing: 30 September 2016


C. Visitors


(i) * Prof. Dr. Waheed Uddin, Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Mississippi to deliver a seminar on 21 July 2016. http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2016/events/workshop-on-disaster-resilience-education-capacity-building-in-south-east-asia/#.V4ie76LkKU

(ii) * Delegation from Assam Kaziranga University, India, led by Dr. P.K. Mishra, President of North East Knowledge Foundation / 21 July 2016 / to discuss about possible collaborative activities with AIT

(iii) * Delegation from the Urban and Regional Planning, Department of Architecture and Planning, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia / 26 July 2016 / to visit and meet with faculty members related to UEM/RRDP


D. Announcements



(Email from President)


17 July 2016


Dear Respected Members of AIT Stakeholders


Two years ago today, I was appointed the 8th President of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) at the meeting of the AIT Board of Trustees for a term of four years. Prior to this appointment, I already served as the Interim President of AIT, from 1 July 2013.

I assumed office at a time of restraint, rehabilitation and reflection for the Institute, in the aftermath of the Great Flood of Thailand – which inundated the AIT campus for over 2 months starting from 21 October 2011. The situation was further aggravated by the legality issue concerning the premature implementation of its new charter. It was then followed by unpleasant rows over the former AIT President’s plan to have AIT partner with a global for-profit conglomerate, which would have called AIT’s non-profit status into question.

Although AIT had returned to its original legal status as a non-profit, international post-graduate institute on 12 December 2012, the crisis left AIT on the brink of financial collapse. When I took over as Interim President, AIT had already suffered serious operating deficits three years in a row, which caused AIT's General Reserves to plummet. Many stakeholders and several AIT colleagues lost hope and started to desert the sinking ship in 2013.

With the sacrifice and joint efforts of faculty and staff, AIT was able plug the leaks and stop the financial bleeding that had caused AIT’s decline in the period 2009-2012. My first tasks as President were to regain the trust of AIT’s stakeholders and to boost the morale of the AIT Community, after having experienced the worst crisis in the history of AIT.

At the end of 2014, the Institute’s financial forecast showed signs of sharp recovery. AIT started to see signs of life. The Institute had regained the trust of its strategic partners, especially the host country - Thailand, who resumed its annual budget for the Royal Scholarships and RTG Fellowships.

The year 2015 was a successful year for the Institute’s faculty and staff members who collaborated with myriad partners and valued AIT alumni all around the world. Happily, AIT embarked on many new initiatives and succeeded on a number of fronts in 2015.

Then come the year of reaffirmation and reformation in 2016. Aside from establishing our collaborations with many new public and private entities in Thailand, AIT reassumed its traditional role in the international arena. In the first half of 2016 alone, AIT entered into 31 Institute-level partnerships representing 20 countries. In particular, AIT has gained a strong partnership with China. Many prominent dignitaries visited AIT including the new German Ambassador, the new French Ambassador, and the new Chief Representatives of JICA and KOICA in Thailand. I also extended my courtesy visit to the new Ambassador of the Republic of Korea.

In 2016, the Executive Committee has approved my initiative to decentralize the reserve control to the Deans of the three Schools and Directors of Outreach Centers under Responsibility Center Management (RCM). RCM is a decentralization system widely used in US universities, with an incentive structure that encourages and rewards revenue generation and cost saving at all levels.

For my remaining two years as President, I wish to start exploring the future positioning of AIT. It is well recognized that AIT is not a traditional full-fledged university. Many people who know AIT conclude that it would be almost impossible for a similar institute to ever be established again anywhere in the world. The consensus is that AIT is truly one of a kind. If AIT can position itself based on this exclusive uniqueness, we can rightfully take full advantage of the blue ocean, i.e., an uncontested market space.

Looking back to 1959, the birth of AIT was a result of international cooperation. Indeed, over its fifty-seven years of operation, AIT’s internationality factor has never wavered. More than a half century later, the international character of the Institute has strengthened, augmented and widened, as our networks span every continent.

Collaboration is today’s new buzzword in the international arena. Issues that confront humanity today, such as climate change, natural disasters, energy, food, etc., have cross-border dimensions, and they need to be tackled at a regional level, and in many cases at a global level. AIT has the potential to seize this opportunity due to its solid academic and research focus which cuts across countries and disciplines.

To conclude, AIT should position itself as a leading "global research institute for mankind”, thus providing a rare opportunity for its international students to be exposed to worldly issues and emerge as true global citizens. AIT must offer itself as a neutral platform for international scholars to share their experiences where they learn from each other and work together in the interest of the region and the whole world.

Before ending this email, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the cooperation and supports of AIT's donors, partners, alumni, former faculty and friends. My special thanks go to all members of the Board and the Ex-Com, especially the Board Chair Dr. Subin Pinkayan and the Ex-Com Chair Dr. Sahas Banditkul, for the trust and confidence in myself and my administration in the past 2 years. The past achievement would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of all my colleagues: Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors and individual faculty and staff, who weathered the storm by my side. I look forward to all your continued supports as we must now rebuild a new robust AIT, as a leading "Global Research Institute for Mankind".


With kind regards,


Professor Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai

AIT President


Link: A Photo Folio of the preceding two years is available at this link: http://goo.gl/YsIBVs



(ii) New and Revised Institute P&Ps

Please be advised that based on the recommendation of the AIT Management Team, the President approved the following Institute Policy & Procedure statements (P&Ps):

§    (new) AA-2-2-6   Financial Model for Special Academic Degree Programs

       o    No academic programs will be opened under Fund 30 following the basic policies for sponsored/contracted projects.

       o    Special academic degree programs, especially those carried out with partner institutions, customized for specific clients, and carried out abroad, are offered as another stream of academic programs in Fund 10.


§    (revised) FB-6-1-1   Credit Policy

       o    Reinstated semester-based invoicing of tuition fees to ensure payments prior to the start of each semester.

       o    Administrative restructuring; to reduce arrears.

These P&Ps are Intranet-published at http://www.ait.ac.th/administration/policies-and-procedures#.V4NOdKLkKUk (Policies and Procedures).


(iii) Revised Institute P&P on Credit Policy

Please be advised that based on the recommendation of the AIT Management Team, the President approved the following Institute Policy & Procedure statement (P&Ps) with immediate effect:

§    (revised) http://www.ait.ac.th/administration/policies-and-procedures/FB/fb-6-1-1-30-jun-2016.pdf FB-6-1-1   Credit Policy

       o    Reinstated semester-based invoicing of tuition fees to ensure payments prior to the start of each semester.

       o    Administrative restructuring; to reduce arrears.

This revised P&P is Intranet-published at

http://www.ait.ac.th/administration/policies-and-procedures#.V4NY8aLkKUk (Policies and Procedures) / http://www.ait.ac.th/administration/policies-and-procedures/FB/#.V4NZRqLkKUk   (FB) Financial and Business Affairs.


(iv) CTCN: Project Opportunity in Bhutan

As part of the CTCN project, there is a request for technical assistance received from Bhutan entitled “Capacity development for preparing an integrated flood management plan for Dungsumchu Basin in Samdrupjongkhar".

If the subject area fits your expertise well, and if you would like to be involved in providing 'technical services' towards the implementation of this request, please contact Victor Shinde (victorshinde@ait.asia ). He will help you in preparing a small application package (2-3 pages) that will be submitted to the CTCN Headquarters in Copenhagen. He will also explain to you the CTCN assistance mechanism. The application package will essentially contain information on:

  • Capacity to work in the language used by the country requesting assistance.
  • Work conducted on related topic/technology, if any (optional: provide relevant documents).
  • Previous work in the country or region, if any (optional: provide relevant documents).
  • Relationships and partnerships you may have in the country, if any.


Please note that submission of an application package does not guarantee an award. The CTCN Headquarters receives a number of applications from different organizations and it is their prerogative to choose the one they deem appropriate.

Please let us know if you are interested in this opportunity before 19 July, 2016

P.S: This is a good example of a "generated request". AIT's WEM worked closely with Bhutan's Department of Engineering Services to help the country prepare, and submit, this request.


E. Faculty and Staff Travel


Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh / San Francisco, California, USA / 24 June – 1 August 2016

Ms. Phyu Sin / Chonburi and Chanthaburi, Thailand / 28 June – 3 July 2016

Dr. Nalin K. B. S. A. Mudlyansalage / Dehnadun and Guwahti, India / 4 – 23 July 2016

Prof. Nitin Kumar Tripathi / India / 9 – 14 July 2016*

Ms. Colleen Curran / Manila, Philippines / 9 – 19 July 2016

Dr. Sanyogita Andriyas / Delhi, India / 9 – 24 July 2016

Mr. Suflan Etea / Malaysia / 11 July – 6 August 2016

Mr. Fazle Karim / Paro, Bhutan / 12 – 15 July 2016*

Dr. B.H.W. Hadikusumo / Vietnam / 14 – 24 July 2016

Mr. Norman Del Mundo Alcoba / Manila, Philippines / 14 – 24 July 2016

Mr. Voravate Chonlasin / Pattaya, Chonburi / 15 – 17 July 2016*

Ms. Worawan Sumroetrum / Pattaya, Chonburi / 15 – 17 July 2016*

Prof. Nazrul Islam / Hanoi, Vietnam / 15 – 23 July 2016

Dr. Manzul K. Hazarika / Tokyo, Tsukuba, Japan / 15 – 23 July 2016

Dr. Oleg Shipin / Republic of the Congo / 16 – 24 July 2016

Dr. Thammarat Kootatep (accompanied by Prof. Chongrak Polprasert and Dr. Nawatch Surinkul) / Seattle, USA / 16 – 26 July 2016

Dr. Atitaya Panuvatvanich (accompanied by Dr. Yuttachai Sarathai and Mr. Jirasak Rojanavongse) / Seattle, USA / 16 – 25 July 2016

Prof. Makand Singh Babel / Braunschweig, Germany / 16 – 26 July 2016

Dr. Shiro Ochi / Tokyo, Tsukuba, Japan / 16 – 26 July 2016

Ms. Parichad Nuntawong / Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Australia / 17 – 28 July 2016

Dr. P. Abdul Salam / Istanbul, Turkey / 18 – 22 July 2016

Dr. Lal Samarakoon / Tokyo, Tsukuba, Japan / 18 – 23 July 2016

Dr. Joyee S. Chaterjee / Mumbai, India / 18 – 25 July 2016

Dr. Nophea Sasaki / Kobe, Tokyo, Japan / 19 – 29 July 2016

Dr. Manzul K. Hazarika / Guwahati, India / 24 – 30 July 2016

Dr. P Abdul Salam / Loughborough, United Kingdom / 24 – 31 July 2016

Mrs. Adelaida B. Roman / New Delhi, India / 26 – 30 July 2016

*(Staff or faculty member travelled and returned to AIT prior to documentation received for publication)


F. Classifieds (Jobs)


Position: Senior Software Developer (AIT Solutions)

Ref. 31/16

Deadline: 22 July 2016



Position: Senior Structural Engineer (AIT Solutions)

Ref. 32/16

Deadline: 22 July 2016



Position: Assistant Facilities Officer / Facilities Officer (Office of Facilities and Assets Management)

Ref no: 28/16

Deadline: July 24, 2016



Position: Accommodation Clerk (Office of Facilities and Assets Management)

Ref. No. 30/16

Deadline: 24 July 2016



Position: Assistant Program Officer (AIT Alumni Association (AITAA))

Ref. No. 35/16

Deadline: 29 July 2016



Position: Internal Auditor (President's Office)

Ref. No. 33/16

Deadline: 10 August 2016



Position: Campus Counsellor (Office of the President)

Ref. No. 34/16

Deadline: 17 August 2016



Position: Head, Human Resources Office (Human Resources Office)

Ref. No. 7/16

Deadline: 31 August 2016



Position: Assistant / Associate Professor (School of Environment, Resources & Development)

Ref. No. 01/16

Deadline: 30 September 2016