WEEK #41, October 6 -12

Management Team News

AIT Management Team Meeting: 18 September 2014

Confirmed Notes of the 18 September 2014 meeting of the AIT Management Team are now Intranet-published, and can be read at: http://www.ait.ac.th/management/aitmt-notes 

Change in Titles for Language Center Staff

At the meeting held on October 2, the AITMT noted its previous approval (18 September 2014) of a proposal from the Language Center that its teaching staff be given titles of “Language Lecturer” and Senior “Language Lecturer”.

The International Water Association and Thailand Water Resources Association: Regional Seminar on Challenges and Responses to Extreme Climatic Events, 25 – 26 November 2014, AIT campus

Prof. Mukand S. Babel (Water Engineering and Management, http://www.set.ait.ac.th/page.php?fol=wem&page=wem) will coordinate with organizers for AIT to partner and host the regional seminar on Challenges and Responses to Extreme Climatic Events, 25 – 26 November 2014, to be held on the campus of the Asian Institute of Technology. The event is organized by the International Water Association and Thailand Water Resources Association. Contact Prof. Babel at: Tel: (662) 524- 5790, and Email: msbabel@ait.asia


Campus Notes

SU Snack Bar to close for renovation

Please be informed that the SU Snack Bar area will be closed for renovations from October 1-31. However, the SU Snack Bar and the SU Beverage will temporarily be housed at the AIT Cafeteria during the renovation period.

Kindly note the opening - closing hours of the AIT Cafeteria is from 7:00am to 9:00pm daily.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Office of Facilities and Assets Management (OFAM)

Influenza Vaccine Now Available at Medical Clinic
For those who have registered their name for the Influenza Vaccine (flu shot for year 2014/2015), please be informed that the vaccine is now available at the AIT Medical Clinic. Those who have not yet registered for the vaccination, please come to register at the clinic.


Sponsored Projects and Research Updates

The Global Resilience Challenge

Deadline: November 21, 2014

The Rockefeller Foundation, USAID & SIDA have launched the Global Resilience Partnership with an investment of $150 million. The first activity to take place through the Partnership is the “Global Resilience Challenge”, a competition designed to surface the most innovative solutions that have the potential to address vulnerabilities and to effectively build the resilience of individuals, households and communities in three regions: South and Southeast Asia, the Horn of Africa and the Sahel. The three main priority programmatic areas in which they seek to prioritize in the three regions are: (1) Predictive analytics and technologies (2) Resilience measurement and metrics and (3) Innovative and flexible financing. The Partnership seeks to support the great work already underway and to catalyze breakthroughs in these key areas by providing the space for experimentation and innovation.

The Challenge Stages:

Stage One (September 19, 2014—January 15, 2015): Bring Together Teams

Organizations will come together to form multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary Resilience Teams that will apply for the Challenge. The team will submit a “Pre-Proposal” that will describe ideas the team will take forward in Stage Two. It is expected that approximately up to 15 finalist Resilience Teams would be chosen, and 5 per region. The criteria for selection are the quality and composition of the team together with the Pre-Proposal.

Stage Two (January 15, 2015—July 15, 2015): Diagnose Problems, Develop Solutions

This stage will have two steps. Teams will focus on diagnosing problems and developing resilience solutions in this stage. Final teams will be awarded up to $200,000 USD in this stage, to be will be disbursed in two payments.

•                Step 1: A first payment will enable teams to research and develop an evidence-based “problem statements” that will identify the most critical resilience-building challenges and ways for addressing this in the target geography.

•                Step 2: Resilience Teams who continue in the competition will receive a second payment to develop solutions to the identified problem. The interventions will be locally implementable and must have the potential to achieve high impact, to be scalable and sustainable.

Stage Three: Implementation Plans (Begins September 15, 2015)

The winning teams will be given a monetary award of up to $1 million USD to implement their solution. Additional funding may be available depending on the complexity of the proposed solution and its potential for impact.

•                New teams: At this stage, new teams will also be able to submit a detailed proposal addressing an implementable solution for at least one of the approved problems proposed. Additional awards will be provided to up to three new additional teams.

•                The final, where the selected teams will be announced publicly.

For further contact the AIT Sponsored and Contracted Projects Unit: Tel: 02-524-6424, Email: scpo@ait.asia



DRC Collaborative Lecture 2014: October 7 and October 14

On Tuesday, October 7 the DRC Collaborative Lecture 2014 will be conducted at the AIT Conference Center (Room B108). The lecture will be followed by questions and discussion. So please join for an interactive session. All STE, DPMM, GTE students are encouraged to attend the lecture.

Lecturer: Dr. Yoshihiro Okumura of Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, a young researcher from the Earthquake Engineering field, under the DRC collaborative lecture program.

Date: October 7, 2014 (16:00 hrs) / First class

October 14, 2014 (16:00 hrs) / Second class

Video Competition: “A day in the life of an AIT student”

A video competition "A day in the life of an AIT student" is being organized by the Media and Communications Unit (MCU) along with the AIT Student Union.

Judging criteria:

(1) Creativity (30 %)

(2)  Technique (30 %)

(3) Overall impact (40%)

Entries not following the time limit will not be considered for the award. The decision of the judges will be final. For any questions, ask the Media and Communications Unit (mcu@ait.ac.th).

Download the poster at this link.


Children’s Drawing Competition: “Colouring My Home – AIT”

The AIT Campus Sustainability Club will organize a drawing competition for the children of the AIT community under the theme 'Colouring My Home - AIT'. The competition is open to children of faculty, staff and students as well the students of AITIS. This event will be used as a means to expand community outreach in AIT sustainability activities.

The details of the event are as follows:

Date - Saturday, 11th October, 2014

Time - 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Venue - Seating Area in front of AIT Conference Center (AITCC)

Categories: Age group '5-9 years' and age group '8-13 years'

Please fill in the registration form on behalf of your children on or before 8th October, 2014.


See more details from The AIT Campus Sustainability Club facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aitcampussc 



Kinder World Education Group (KEG) from Singapore/ 7 Oct. 2014/ to explore the possibility of exchanging teachers and students, student internship opportunities, and other academic exchanges.


Faculty and Staff Travel

Dr. Huynh Trung Luong/ Hanoi and HoChiMinh, Vietnam / 26 Sept. – 6 Oct. 2014

Miss Kanda Sakayarote/ Kathmandu, Nepal / 26 Sept. – 7 Oct.  2014

Mr. Syed Muntasir Husain Bokhari/ Dhaka, Bangladesh / 27 Sept. – 13 Oct. 2014

Dr. Suthasinee Artidteang/ Saga, Japan / 28 Sept. – 8 Oct. 2014

Dr. Noppadol Phienwej / Lao PDR / 2 – 5 Oct. 2014

Dr. Surachet Pravinvongvuth / Chiang Rai, Thailand / 3 – 4 Oct. 2014

Prof. Ajit P. Annachhatre / Hanoi, Vietnam / 3 – 6 Oct. 2014

Dr. Abdul Salam/ Ayuthaya / Nakhon Ratchasima / Tak/Lampoon / Lampang / Chiang Mai, Thailand / 6 – 10 Oct. 2014

Dr. Vu Duc Hien/ Ayuthaya/Phichit/Lampang/Chiang Mai, Thailand/ 6 – 10 Oct. 2014

Ms. Phomsinee Thanara / Ayuthaya /Nakhon Ratchasima /Tak /Lampoon / Lampang / Chiang Mai, Thailand / 6 – 10 Oct. 2014

Dr. Manzul K. Hazarika / Hanoi, Vietnam / 7 – 8 Oct. 2014

Mr. Jaya Ram Pudashine / Hanoi, Vietnam / 7 – 10 Oct. 2014

Dr. Edsel Sajor / Manila, Philippines / 8 – 12 Oct. 2014

Mr. Chathura H. Wickramasinghe / Phuket, Thailand / 8 – 11 Oct. 2014

Mr. Furqan Ali/ Karachi, Pakistan / 9 – 25 Oct. 2014

Dr. Firman Hadi Darodji / Chiang Mai, Thailand / 12 – 15 Oct. 2014

Mr. Chathura Wickramasinghe / Chiang Mai, Thailand / 12 – 15 Oct. 2014



Vacancies at AIT

Position: Assistant Program Officer (AITAA) (AIT Alumni Association)
Ref no: 58/14
Deadline: October 22, 2014

Position: Program Assistant, Asian Greenhouse Gas Management Center (AGMC) – AIT Extension
Ref no: 56/14
Deadline: October 10, 2014

Position: Program Manager, Asian Greenhouse Gas Management Center (AGMC) – AIT Extension
Ref no: 57/14
October 10, 2014

Position: Program Coordinator, Asian Greenhouse Gas Management Center (AGMC) – (AIT Extension)
Ref no: 55/14
Deadline: October 10, 2014