Week #37, September 1 - 7

Campus Update

President and VPs to visit all Revenue Centers (RCs)

President Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai together with the three Vice Presidents will pay a friendly visit to all Revenue Centers (RCs) in order to understand better about their operations. In the visit, they will be introduced to all members and to discuss what RCs expect the new Administration to support. In addition, they would appreciate hearing openly from members what are the ongoing challenges that require administrative attentions.

The current RCs of the Institute are: (1) SET (2) SERD (3) SOM (4) Language Center (5) AIT Extension (6) AIT Consulting (7) AIT International School and (8) IntERLab.

For SET and SERD, they will meet separately each thematic group. They also want to be introduced to the lab and research facilities of each group.

The visits will hopefully be completed within September.


Mini Marathon and Slow Bicycle Race

A mini marathon and a slow bicycle race will be organized by the Sports Committee of the Students Union on 12 September 2014.


Slow Bicycle Race: 3:30 pm

Mini marathon: 4:30 pm

The event will be followed by a music performance of “Vas roobi” Japanese music band.

Rules and Regulations:

There will be two categories - men and women. Detailed rules for the slow bicycle race are available at this link.


For every category, there are three prizes each. The first 50 men and 30 women to finish the marathon will also get complimentary T-Shirts.

See the route of the races from: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2014/events/mini-marathon-and-slow-bicycle-race-1/#.VAlZIU_-IdU  


To register please use this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XhEj4NT-663OKcmIyWRyj_Tb86F_vvCdexL-MNhIuoM/viewform?usp=send_form

During the awards presentation ceremony, the participants can enjoy the performance of “Vas roobi” Japanese music band.


The delegation from the Royal Institute of Management (RIM) Bhutan, led by Mr. Karma Tshering, RIM Director / 8 Sept. 2014/ to discuss about EMBA program and explore possible collaboration with other programs between RIM and AIT.

Faculty and Staff Travel

Dr. Philippe Doneys/ Brighton and London, U.K./ 10 – 16 Sept. 2014

Dr. Donna Doane/ Brighton and London, U.K./ 10 – 16 Sept. 2014

Ms. Sweet Mae Monteclaro/ Brisbane, Australia/ 12 – 17 Sept. 2014