WEEK# 34, 23 - 29 August, 2021

In this issue:

A. Announcements 

B. Events 

C. Classifieds (jobs)

A. Announcements 

1) AIT Tech Talks on Structural Engineering: Future-Proofing the Built Environment

We are pleased to invite you to the third event of AIT Tech Talks, a series of events being organized under the AIT Enterprises Alliance (AEA), to highlight the expertise of AIT in various emerging technologies and developments.
This third event on Structural Engineering: Future-Proofing the Built Environment will be held online on 26 August 2021, Thursday (09:00 - 14:30 hrs, Bangkok Time). It will highlight the future trends and innovations in the design and development of safe and resilient infrastructure that will last and support future generations.

Event highlights:
9:30 - 11:30 Keynote Talks
13:00-14:30 Interactive Workshop & Panel Discussions

Note: Please click here to see what time it starts in your time zone.





2) The Green Startup Toolkit Workshop

The Green Startup Toolkit, a joint project of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Asia Pacific Regional Office and AIT Entrepreneurship Center (EC) was successfully launched on 5 August 2021. In continuation, UNEP and EC are organizing the capability workshop on Tuesday, 31 August 2021 at 4:00 PM (Bkk time) to equip the participants with the right tools for creating their own sustainable startup. The toolkit authors will facilitate this workshop together with UNEP, EC team, and a startup.

Limited seats are available. To register, please click here.

To download the toolkit, please go to www.greenstartups.ait.ac.th

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!

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3) AIT Campus Information Technology Connectivity Tips
Dear AIT Campus Students, Employees, and Residents
You may be aware that a Working Group was set up at AIT to review our connectivity services across the campus. The resultant Campus Internet and Connectivity Proposal is currently in discussions regarding options to improve the IT connectivity across the campus and, although a campus-wide wifi solution is very expensive and will take time to install, we thought we would share some connectivity tips that could be implemented in the short term. 
Our observations and recommendations include the following: 
1. There is sufficient Bandwidth across AIT to meet all our academic and residential needs; and all switches have recently been upgraded in employee/resident apartments with high-end Cisco switches
2. Campus Technical Support through the Helpdesk is available between 8am and 5pm, 7 days a week
3. Support is available for Emergency Cases outside these hours above; for example resetting switches after a power interruption
4. If found to be faulty, IT Serv is able to change switches, cables, and internet sockets to ensure internet access
5. IT Serv is also able to assist with wifi devices, but employees/residents and students will need to drop off their wifi device at the Helpdesk for troubleshooting (on either of a Monday and Wednesday) and later collection through arrangement with the Helpdesk
6. The biggest challenge is wifi connectivity and IT Serv recommends the following wired solution, particularly for ZOOM classes: 
6.1: use the LAN port and a long enough Ethernet cable from this LAN port or router/access point to your portable device
6.2: obtain an adapter for devices without a standard LAN port (see this link here, or Google alternative options for your device) 
6.3. if a router/access point is still preferred, follow the recommended wifi specifications found here (no model has been suggested, but ask around as a few employees have had success with changing/upgrading their routers)
6.4: as contained in Q12 of the FAQ Section of the Helpdesk, it is useful to set your router/access point to work on the 5GHz Band; and your devices too
6.5: Faculty have commented that wifi connectivity improves when switching off other devices linked to the same wifi router/access point 
Please note that wifi signals from routers/access points can be affected by the thick concrete structures in student dormitories and employee apartments and IT Serv is currently unable to guarantee a good internet access experience when using wifi connections, particularly when using interactive voice applications like ZOOM.   
We trust that these Tips will be useful and please also contact Helpdesk should you have any difficulties with internet access.   

4) August 2021 EL Registration

Dear Students,

The registration for Academic English (EL) classes for the August 2021 Semester is now open. Please click here and choose the available time slots before the deadline on Friday 20 August 2021(Adding/Dropping). The registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Classes start on 25 August 2021.

Please note that students are NOT ALLOWED to change their class times after the first 2 weeks of classes.

Students with English scores below AIT’s admission requirements will be automatically enrolled in the mandatory English Language (EL) courses listed below. The EL course level will be automatically assigned based on a student’s current English score:

5.0 - EL15 Intermediate English Composition

5.5 - EL19 Academic and Technical Writing

English course fee: 3,000 Baht one-time flat fee to all newly enrolled students.

Remarks: Important!! Please read.

1. Students whose program schedule conflicts with their EL schedule must consult their advisor. Please note that you must attend 2 EL classes per week and that you are required to successfully complete all designated EL courses within 3 semesters in order to enroll for your thesis credits.

2. New students of August 2021 will be invoiced in the SIS for the one-time EL fee of 3,000 baht. The fee must be settled in the first semester.

3. In order to keep the number of students in each class low (12-15) to ensure highest teaching and learning effectiveness possible, LC will not allow students to change their EL time slots after the first 2 weeks of classes.

4. Students must obtain 80% EL attendance each semester. If they fail to do so, they will not be allowed to take the final exam and must repeat the same EL class the following semester.

5. If students can no longer attend their registered EL time slots and thus cannot obtain 80% EL attendance, they can write a memo signed by their academic advisor stating that they need to drop the EL class for the semester and will resume in the same EL level in the following semester. The memo must be emailed to LC to be approved by the LC Director.

6. Students can also drop the EL classes completely and submit the IELTS writing score of 6.0 or higher to LC. In this latter case, such students will not be required to take EL classes and will not be tested by LC. A memo stating this request is also needed.

For more questions, please email languages@ait.asia.


5) Applications invited for UNFCCC CASTT Adaptation Academy for 2021 online training

Email sent on behalf of the School of Engineering and Technology on 7 August 2021.

"We are excited to announce that applications to participate in the Asia-Pacific UNFCCC CASTT Adaptation Academy are now being accepted. The deadline to apply is 30 August, and the online training will be held live from 11 – 15 October for 3-hours each day (total of 15 hours in the programme). Please apply here.

Selected candidates will be informed of their acceptance by 22 September. 

Organized in partnership between the UN climate change secretariat, the Water Engineering and Management  Programme of the Asian Institute of Technology and the Korea Adaptation Center for Climate Change of the Korea Environment Institute, this one-week online course provides an opportunity for early- and mid-career adaptation professionals from the Asia-Pacific region to participate in a training programme to prepare their climate vulnerability and adaptation assessments within the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) under the Paris Agreement."

6) The Webinar on Machine Learning and Deep Learning – Machines Getting Smarter and Smarter

AIT Extension Welcomes to join the Webinar on Machine Learning and Deep Learning – Machines Getting Smarter and Smarter 16 September 2021, 10:00-11:30 am Bangkok Tim 


Machine Learning and Deep Learning-Banner (1)


B. Events

Training Courses/ Conferences/ Workshops

1) Certificate Course on Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

14 August - 08 December 2021

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2) Accounting for IFRS 17 (Insurance Contract) and IFRS 9 (Financial Instruments)

17 August - 01 September 2021

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3) Online Professional Development Course on Innovation in Corporate Culture – How to lead change in a VUCA Environment

(Batch 3) 04 - 21 September 2021

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(Batch 4) 06 - 23 November 2021

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4) Online Professional Development Course on Managing Organizational Change: Integrating Agile for Transformation

(Batch 3) 05 - 22 September 2021

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(Batch 4) 07 - 24 November 2021

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5) Online Training Course on Management of Training Center: Redesigning Your Learning Organization Architecture to Make Differences and

Create High Value Workforce

06 - 28 September 2021

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6) Online Professional Development Course on Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare: Innovations, Emerging Opportunities and Challenges

(Batch 3) 02 - 19 October 2021

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(Batch 4) 04 - 21 December 2021

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7) Online Professional Development Course on Strategic Human Resource Management and Business Leadership

(Batch 3) 03 - 20 October 2021

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(Batch 4) 05 - 22 December 2021

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8) Online Training Course on Training Of Trainers: Become Disruptive Knowledge Leader and Influencer Who Drive Change from Inside,

and Build Teams of Business Innovator

04 - 27 October 2021

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9) Online Professional Development Course on Managing Organizational Change: Integrating Agile for Transformation

(Batch 3) 05 - 22 September 2021

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(Batch 4) 07 - 24 November 2021

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10) Online Training Course on Business Integrity Essentials: A Value-Chain Strategy for Sustainable Growth of Small and Medium Size Enterprises

13 - 28 November 2021

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C. Classifieds (jobs) 

Position: Manager, Office of Advancement and Alumni Affair
Ref: 22/ 21
Deadline: 17 September 2021

Position: Assistant/Associate Professor, School of Environment, Resources, and Development (DDS/UIS)
Ref: 04/ 21
Deadline: 15 September 2021

Position: Center Manager, Asian Center for Soil Improvement and Geosynthetics (ACSIG-SET)
Ref: 27/ 21
Deadline: 20 September 2021