WEEK# 10, 8 – 14 March 2021

In this issue:

A. Announcements 

B. Events 

C. Classifieds (jobs)

A. Announcements 

1) International Women's Day special event

On behalf of The Department of Development and Sustainability, we would like to  invite you all to a special webinar to mark the event of International Women's Day on March 8, 2021 as part of SERD's initiative to mark special theme days. 

This is going to be an international event and  people from different countries are expected to be logging in.The event will be on Zoom. The speakers are from the Philippines, India and Thailand. SEI is co-hosting it with the department. 

Please find attached the flier with the QR code for registration. 

The Agenda of this event is as follows:

Date: 8th March 2021

2:00 – 2:10 Opening and introduction of speakers

2:10 – 2:40 Presentation by three speakers (3 speakers, 10 min each) 

2:40 – 3:00 Presentation of challenges by audience (2 min each, 5 – 8 people) 

3:00 – 3:20 Q & A & Comments by the speakers 

3:20 – 3:30 Wrap up and closing

All are welcomed to join this event ...


2) The 7th ASIA-PACIFIC: CLIMATE CHANGE Adaptation Forum

Sent on behalf of Bangabandhu Chair Professor Joyashree Roy

The 7th ASIA-PACIFIC: CLIMATE CHANGE Adaptation Forum will be held during 8th - 12th March 2021 in a fully virtual mode. Bangabandhu Chair Professor Joyashree Roy is invited as a Guest Speaker to the Plenary Session on "Building community resilience by scaling up women's access to technologies and strengthening voice and leadership", to be held on 11th March 2021 at 11:15 - 12:45 (GMT + 7).

To Join the session, please register here: https://apanforum.hubilo.com/community/

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3) The Photo Competition on the “World Water Day 2021”

The Water Engineering and Management (WEM) program announces the Photo Competition on the “World Water Day 2021” with the theme of “Valuing Water”. Beyond the issues of pricing, this topic includes the environmental, social, and cultural value people place on the water.

The photo competition is open to all the current students of AIT.

Submission Deadline: Monday, 15 March 2021 (ICT)

Result Announcement: Monday, 22 March 2021 (ICT)

Event Venue: Hybrid Mode (WEM Garden and Online)

Find Competition Guidelines:


Register your photograph by clicking the link below:



4) The Meet the Expert by Professor Priyan Mendis

We are pleased to invite you to the Meet the Expert by Professor Priyan Mendis, Professor of Civil Engineering, The University of Melbourne, and Director of Australian Research Council's Centre on Prefabricated Buildings on 25th March 2021 (11:00 AM-Bangkok time).

Topic - Prefabricated Modular Construction

About the Speaker

Professor Priyan Mendis is Professor of Civil Engineering at The University of Melbourne & Director of Australian Research Council’s Centre on Prefabricated Buildings. He completed his Ph.D in Monash university & worked as a structural engineer at Connell Wagner Ltd - Australia’s largest structural engineering consulting company before he joined the Department of Infrastructure Engineering of Melbourne University & has worked for over 25 years as an academic & a structural consultant. 

Professor Mendis is a world expert on modular construction. He has been involved with design & construction of many prefabricated modular structures. He is a fellow of the Australian Institution of Engineers & Chartered Engineer of Australia. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering (EJSE) since 2001.

To join, please register here:





5) Register now for the 7th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum!

Email from  the Regional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific on 26 February 2021

Dear AIT Community,

As a supporting partner of the Asia Pacific Adaptation Network, the AIT Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific is pleased to extend an invitation to the 7th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum:

You may Register NOW (here) to explore the programme and start mingling and networking with other participants from across the region and more! Check out the attached attendee guide for some guidance on the Virtual Forum’s platform. It’s simple, fun, and we got you covered!

Thanks and see you at the virtual forum! For more information, check the forum’s page!

Facebook live on "Road Safety Audit: An Approach for Work Zone Safety in Road Construction Projects"

The Facebook live on “Road Safety Audit: An Approach for work Zone Safety in Road Construction Projects”  by Mr. Visit Achayanontgit, Roads Association of Thailand  will be held on Tuesday, 2nd March 2021 from 14:00 pm to 15:00 pm. (BKK Time). 

QR code for registration is in the attached flyer.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/aitextension

6) Mobile Application and Updated User Guide for Web of Science

Email from AIT Library on 24 February 2021.

AIT Library would like to share with you the updated user guide for Web of Science as below.

•Web of Science Core Collection Quick Reference Guide: https://clarivate.libguides.com/ld.php?content_id=35888196. 

•Author Search Guide: https://clarivate.libguides.com/ld.php?content_id=50530524

•Master Journal List. Search by title, keyword, and ISSN: https://mjl.clarivate.com/home 

Web of Science just launched a Web of Science™ My Research Assistant application available on IOS and Android.

To download this application, please visit the link below.


Off-campus access to the Web of Science through mobile devices, you will be required to install Open VPN.

•How to install Open VPN on IOS:  https://helpdesk.ait.ac.th/services/ait-vpn/vpn-ios

•How to install Open VPN on Androids: https://helpdesk.ait.ac.th/services/ait-vpn/vpn-android

Please try to use this application to empower your search.

Web Site: http://library.ait.ac.th

7) Free Access to Wiley Digital Textbooks on the e-Library Platform (Now - 31 March 2021)

Email from AIT Library on 24 February 2021.

Please be informed that Wiley is now offering us free access to Wiley Digital Textbooks on the e-Library platform. There are more than 18,000 titles of Digital textbooks available to access and read online.

Subject coverage:

Business & Economics, Science, Technology & Engineering, Medical, Computer, Social Science, Education, Mathematics, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy, History, Architecture, Literary Criticism, Language Arts & Disciplines, Religion, Cooking, Health & Fitness, Law, Performing Arts, Art, Study Aids, Foreign Language Study, Self-Help, Music, Juvenile Nonfiction, Photography, Design, Family & Relationships, Nature, Biography & Autobiography, Sports & Recreations, Reference, Pets, Gardening, Body, Mind & Spirit, House & Home, Games, Humor, Craft & Hobbies, Drama, Juvenile Fiction, and Poetry.

Access rights: 3 concurrent access/2-day loan period

Trial period: From now – 31 March 2021

How to access e-Library

1. Please visit https://wileysgp.ipublishcentral.net/

You will be automatically authenticated if you are within the IP range (On-Campus). You should see the Asian Institute of Technology at the top right-hand corner of the page.

2. The e-Library will launch and prompt you to "Register" an account (if you are a new user).

3. Please click on “Register” and create your account. If you are an existing user, please click on "Login."

You will be able to search, browse, and check out the titles in the e-Library. (2-day loan period)

Please note:

Off-campus students, please access this e-resource through AIT VPN. For more information about VPN, please click on this link http://library.ait.ac.th/2019/04/20/off-campus-access-to-e-resources/.

As this database is available in the e-Library platform, you will need to click on "Check out" for reading.

Unable to download or print out. 
The Library hopes this resource will be useful for your studies and research. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please reply to this e-mail.

Web Site: http://library.ait.ac.th

Facebook: https://bit.ly/3a2ScpZ

8) Statista: Trial Database (Now - 31 March 2021)

Email from AIT Library on 2 March 2021

Please be informed that Statista is now available for trial access from now until 31 March 2021.  In order to access this database, please go to www.statista.com.

For your information.

•Statista is one of the first statistics portals in the world to integrate over 80,000 diverse topics of data and facts from over 22,000 sources onto a single professional platform. Categorized into over 20 market sectors.

•Statista provides business customers, researchers, and the academic community with direct access to relevant quantitative facts on media, finance, politics, and many more areas of interest. 

•Sources include market reports, opinion research institutions, trade publications, scientific journals, and government agencies. 

•Charts can be downloaded in PNG, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF formats.

How to use Statista: https://www.statista.com/statistic-portal/#all

As the access has been set up via IP Authentication, off-campus students will be required to access the database through AIT VPN.

How to set up VPN, please follow the steps from the link below.

•how to install OpenVPN on Windows: https://helpdesk.ait.ac.th/services/ait-vpn/vpn-windows

•how to install OpenVPN on Mac: https://helpdesk.ait.ac.th/services/ait-vpn/vpn-mac

•how to install OpenVPN on iOS:  https://helpdesk.ait.ac.th/services/ait-vpn/vpn-ios

•how to install OpenVPN on Androids: https://helpdesk.ait.ac.th/services/ait-vpn/vpn-android

Please make use of this database for your studies and researches.

For any inquiries, comments, or feedback regarding this database, please reply to this e-mail.

Web Site: http://library.ait.ac.th

Facebook: https://bit.ly/3a2ScpZ

B. Events

Training Courses/ Conferences/ Workshops

1) 100 Innovations x Entrepreneurs : What Drives the Future?


The first 100 Innovations x Entrepreneurs (100X) event was organized by the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in 2019 as Southeast Asia’s first Research-to-Commercial conference to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The event also served as the venue to launch AIT’s Entrepreneurship Center, a breeding ground for future business leaders as well as a learning center with the ultimate goal of enhancing economic and social development. As our signature annual event, this year also AIT is organizing the second 100X in a new normal hybrid mode, a combination of online and in-person to also reach out to more people from different parts of the world. The theme for this event is What Drives the Future with a mindset to rethink our future by focusing on how we can improve the basic human needs such as Food, WellBeing, Living, Education, and Communication in context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).We believe that collaboration among different stakeholders: University, Industry, Government, and Civil Society is the key to safeguard our future and each stakeholder has a critical role to play in achieving the SDGs. Through this event, AIT, as one of the stakeholders, is reaching out to the Government, Industry and Civil Society to collaborate with us as co-organizer, partner, and participants.

More details:

100 Innovations X Entrepreneurs (ait.ac.th)



2) Online training course on "Connect Learning with Monitoring and Evaluation: A Strategy for Project M&E in Current COVID-19 Pandemic"

Date: 26 April - 13 May 2021
Time: 14:00 - 16:00 hrs. (Bangkok time)
Learn from practitioners on how to develop M & E pathways that foster measurement of results and respond to current changes of M&E contexts. Broadening perspectives for innovative ways to develop tools and reporting mechanisms that help to make decisions for project implementation. 

Aims of the program

Enhance practical knowledge and scope for M&E approach and practices during COVID-19.
Be acquainted with appropriate research design and data collection tools.

Apply M &E concept to create information sharing and reporting strategies.

For more information and registration pls. visit https://extension.ait.ac.th/course/1127


 Banner of M&E 26  Apr - 13 May 2021

 3) 2nd International  Symposium on Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development (DRSD) 

We are happy to announce the "2nd International Symposium on Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development” from 24 -25 June 2021 scheduled to be held at Asian Institute of Technology, THAILAND (In-person and Virtual) [www.disaster-sustainability.org]. The “2nd International Symposium on Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development” organized by the Asian Institute of Technology brings together discussion on various dimensions of higher education systems in the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development. The International Symposium will focus on various dimensions of existing and future risk scenarios and concerted efforts of the scientific communities to find new adaptation methods. 

The international symposium will be organized from 24 -25 June 2021 in hybrid mode. The program will include keynote speeches, panel discussions, technical sessions, poster presentations, and academic exhibitions. The Symposium is one of the initiatives of ProSPER.Net project “Disaster Education for integrating SFDRR and SDG in Asia” lead by the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand along with the partner universities in the Asia Pacific Region. 

The symposium will also provide an opportunity to develop a Higher Educational Institution Platform on DRR to address the cross-cutting issues on Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development and also understanding regional challenges that result from complex problems generated by natural hazards and human-induced threats.

On behalf of Organising Committee DRSD-2021, I would like to invite your valuable participation and interaction with Global Resilience and Sustainability Experts. 

CALL for ABSTRACT is open 

We will encourage you to circulate the announcement to your scientific and professional network. 


 C. Classifieds (jobs) 

Position: Assistant/Associate Professor, School of Environment, Resources and Development (DDS-GDS)
Ref. No. 9/20
Deadline: 30 April 2021

Position: Assistant/Associate Professor, School of Environment, Resources, and Development (DDS-UIS)
Ref. No. 02/21
Deadline: 30 April 2021

Position: Assistant/Associate Professor, School of Environment, Resources and Development (FAB-ASE)
Ref. No. 03/21
Deadline: 31 March 2021

Position: Irrigation Engineering and Management (IREM) Lab Supervisor (SET-WEM)
Ref. No. 09/21
Deadline: 30 April 2021

Position: Laboratory Senior Technician, Irrigation Engineering Management Lab (SET-WEM)
Ref. No. 08/21
Deadline: 30 April 2021

Position: Laboratory Senior Technician, Hydraulic Lab (SET-WEM)
Ref. No. 07/21
Deadline: 30 April 2021

Position: Research Assistant/Research Associate (intERLab)
Ref. No. 06/21
Deadline: 31 March 2021

Position: Web Application Developer (SERD-FAB)
Ref. No. 05/21
Deadline: 21 March 2021

Position: Project Coordinator (SERD-FAB)
Ref. No. 04/21
Deadline: 21 March 2021

Position: Data Visualization Expert (SERD-FAB)
Ref. No. 04/21
Deadline: 21 March 2021