WEEK 12 # 11 - 17 March 2024

In this issue:

A. Announcements 

B. Workshops/ Conferences

C. Visitors/ MoU/ Agreement Signing 

D. Faculty & Staff Travel

E. Classified (Job)


A. Announcement



1) Talk on "Mekong Pulse Check: How dams and climate change are flatlining the mighty Mekong river"

Title: Mekong Pulse Check: How dams and climate change are flatlining the mighty Mekong river  

Date and Time: 14 March (Thursday) at 2:00 - 3:00 PM
Venue: Geoinformatics Center
Abstract: This talk highlights how the annual Mekong flood pulse has defined civilizations and cultural practices in Southeast Asia, provides for the livelihoods of millions, and produces the world's largest inland fishery. Mekong expert Brian Eyler will use data from the Mekong Dam Monitor and the Mekong River Commission to tell a story of how upstream dam operations and recent climate impacts are ruining the ecology of one of the world’s most important river systems. He will discuss how improving transparency and data sharing in the Mekong can potentially build collaborative efforts to restore what has been lost and protect the river’s future. 
Speaker’s profile: Brian Eyler is the director of the Stimson Center’s Energy, Water, and Sustainability Program and co-lead on the U.S. State Department-supported Mekong Dam Monitor. He is an expert on transboundary issues in the Mekong region and specializes in China’s economic cooperation with Southeast Asia. He spent more than 15 years living and working in China and over the last two decades has conducted extensive research with stakeholders in the Mekong region. He is widely recognized as a leading voice on environmental, energy, and water security issues in the Mekong. He is the author of Last Days of the Mighty Mekong (Zed Books, 2019) and his work has been featured in the Economist, New York Times, NPR, BBC, and NBC Nightly News.
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2) The webinar on "Endless Possibility with Digital Medicine: How AI Shapes the Future of Health"


AIT Extension is pleased to invite you to the webinar on "Endless Possibility with Digital Medicine: How AI Shapes the Future of Health" by Dr. Warasinee Chaisangmongkon, Co-Founder of the Perceptra Co., Ltd. on Friday, 15 March 2024 at 14:00 hrs. Bangkok time.


State of Digitalization in Southeast Asian Region.jpg


For more information and registration please visit https://extension.ait.ac.th/course/webinar-endless-possibility-digital-m...


Looking forward to welcoming you to the webinar. 


May be a graphic of 1 person and text that says "AIT Extension unitar t t 1 ndResearch 一 Webinar on: Endless Possibility with Digital Medicine How AI Shapes The Future of Health cifal Banakok Friday, 15 March 2024 14:00-16:00 14:00 HRS. Bangkok Time RegistrationNow shorturl.at/vzlQ7 www.extension.ait.ac.th Speaker Warasinee Chaisangmongkon (PhD) Lecturer the Institute Field Robotics Co-Founder at Perceptra Co., Ltd."



3) ICUE 2024: ABSTRACT submission due date


Everyone is invited to SUBMIT ABSTRACTS for the 2024 edition of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)’s ICUE conference series. ICUE 2024 will be held on 21-23 October 2024 at the Long Beach Garden HotelPattaya City, Thailand. The International Conference on sUstainable Energy 2024 (ICUE 2024) on Energy Transition and Net Zero Climate Future will focus on sustainability issues and how best different forms of energy can be harnessed towards a sustainable green growth aiming for a net-zero climate future.

Key Conference Themes: * Cross-Border Power Trade * Greening the Grids * Managing Power Systems of the Future * Electrifying the Transportation Sector * Energy Education for Net-Zero Future * Net-Zero Policies and Programmes for Climate Change Mitigation * Emerging Low Carbon Energy Technologies * Renewable Energy Revolution * Sustainable Cities, Green Buildings and Infrastructure * Energy Modeling for Net-Zero Future * Green Financing for Energy Transition *

Please click here to visit our website for more information



15 March 2024


ICUE 2024 will feature a combination of keynote presentations, panel discussions, theme-tailored breakout sessions, and networking opportunities. It will provide a platform for participants to showcase their projects, research findings, innovations, and policy recommendations. You may check our Conference Program (PRELIMINARY) on our website. The list of distinguished speakers will also be announced soon. 


Regional Energy Resources Information Center

Sustainable Energy Transition Program

Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate Change

School of Environment, Resources, and Development

Asian Institute of Technology

Tel: +66 2 524 5413; 5407 and 5440 (support)

Fax: +66 2 524 5439

URL: www.icue2024.ait.ac.th 

Email: icue2024@ait.ac.th




4) Special NRM Guest Lecture: Sustainable Preservation of Cambodian Wooden Houses - A Case on NbS

Special NRM Guest Lecture: Sustainable Preservation of Cambodian Wooden Houses - A Case on NbS
Date: 28 March 2024 from 15:00-17:00
Venue: Room S101, SERD Building
Organizer: Natural Resources Management, SERD, AIT

Speaker and Author: HOK Sokol, Registered ASEAN Architect
Position: Freelance Architect

This seminar will discuss the rich tapestry of Khmer civilization, once a beacon of prosperity and creativity, has left behind a legacy encapsulated in its architectural marvels. This legacy spans from the enigmatic temples, testaments to a glorious past, to the intricately designed private dwellings that equally contributed to the societal fabric of villages and cities. Among these, the traditional Khmer wooden houses stand out, showcasing a remarkable blend of style and design deeply rooted in Cambodia’s cultural heritage. However, this invaluable patrimony faces threats of decline due to various factors, including civil unrest and a shift in societal values, risking the erasure of a significant chapter of Khmer civilization due to negligence in preservation efforts.

More can be read at:
5) Call for Responsible "E-Waste Management Campaign" at AIT

AIT underscores the importance of sustainable e-waste management, given its environmental repercussions. Incorrect disposal of electronics poses pollution and health hazards. When e-waste ends up in landfills, it can release hazardous substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants into the soil, water, and air, causing pollution and harming ecosystems and human health. E waste also contains various valuable and precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, and rare earth elements. Recycling metals from e-waste curbs mining, conserves resources, and fosters a sustainable society. 

In light of this, as committed by the AIT Campus Sustainability Committee chaired by "Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, President of AIT'', Office of Sustainable Campus(OSC) officially announces the launch of "E-Waste Management Campaign" encouraging all schools, offices, and residences within the AIT community to take proactive steps in identifying any unused or obsolete electronic devices that may be lying around in your schools, office buildings and at your AIT residence. These could include old computers, printers, mobile phones, keyboards, fax machines, power banks and other electronic equipment that are no longer in use.

Once identified, kindly notify the OSC by emailing director-osc@ait.ac.thdetailing the types and quantities of e-waste available for disposalOSC will organize the collection of e-waste from various locations across the campus as necessary. Additionally, we also encourage the AIT community to identify and report any unused or broken furniture in schools and offices to help optimize building space effectively.

We kindly request the secretaries of schools and offices to identify e-waste and old furniture and report to OSC by April 30, 2024. All collected e-waste will be sent to a professional recycling company specialized in safe and environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of electronic devices, ensuring responsible handling and minimal environmental impact.

Your cooperation in this initiative is highly valued as it contributes to our collective endeavor to promote sustainability and reduce our environmental footprint at AIT. Together, we can create a more sustainable campus environment for future generations.

Thank you for your attention and support.

Remark: The collected E-waste or furniture if recorded as AIT inventory will be coordinated with OPIA for proper procedure to write it off.

May be an image of text that says "AIT Asian Institute of Technology WASTEMANAGEMENT CAMPAIGN JOIN US TODAY! Let's Reduce E-waste Together Help to identify electronic waste and promote sustainable practices at AIT. Inform us by sending an email by 30 April 2024 to director osc@ait.ac.th help you to collect dispose environmentally friendly. and COMMITED BY AIT CAMPU SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE(CSC) ORGANIZED OSC SUPPORTEDBYOPA"

6) Updated Payment Schedules

Email from Finance Department on 4 March 2024

We currently have multiple types of payment documents to support all types of expenses, most of which are transferred directly to the payee’s bank account.

To ensure timely and efficient payments, we are pleased to provide you with the updated payment schedule for each type of payment, as shown below.



Type of Document

Deadline to submit the document to Finance Office

Date/Day of Payment Disbursement

Contact person

Payment request (internal & external) / CPS for student

7th of the month


15th of the month







21st of the month




30th of the month

SRE Advance / Settlement / Research Grants

7th of the month




15th of the month



21st of the month



30th of the month

International Payment








Late submission




Next Thursday










Late submission


Next Thursday

RRTE, PN Settlement / CPS, PR for refund or reimbursement





18th of the month




through Salary



Late submission

Next month Salary

Bursary Requests

(student under scholarships)


23rd of the month

1st of the next month



Student Assistantship

8th of the month




16th of the month



Late submission



16th of next month

Refund (payment requests for overpaid, T&F, accommodation)

8th of the month



16th of the month



23rd of the month


1st of the next month

Late submission

16th of next month




1.   If the cut-off date falls on a weekend, then the date will be moved to the previous working day.

2.   If the payment date falls on a weekend, then payment will be processed on the following working day.

This payment schedule is effective from 18 March 2024.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


7) Invitation to AIT Career Fair: 27 March 2024, AITCC, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Email from Career Center on 23 February 2024

We are pleased to inform you that the March/Spring Semester 2024 AIT Career Fair is scheduled on 27 March 2024 (Wednesday) from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  at the AIT Conference Center. 

What to expect:

¤  Long-term career prospects

¤  Job placements

¤  Internship opportunities

¤  Research partners

¤  Networking with company representatives

¤  Food market

¤  Free goodies, Raffle Prizes and

¤  Career Talks on 6  & 13 March at the AIT Entrepreneurship Center leading to the Fair!

Partial List of  27 Companies Participating in this Link

Please assist us in spreading the word out about the Fair, and let us know as well if you have any company contacts that you want us to invite to the Fair. 

Mark your calendar! For developments and career opportunities,  please visit: www.careercenter.ait.ac.th or like/follow: FB:  www.facebook.com/officialaitcareercenter/  IG: @aitcareercenter or email: careercenter@ait.ac.th

or contact us via phone: 662 524-6326. We will keep you posted with all the updates. 

Thank you for your continued support!

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Dear AIT Communi



  Workshops/ Conferences  

1) Professional Development on Strategic Human Resource Management and Business Leadership

Date: 18-22 March 2024
Venue: Asian Institute of Technology

For more information please visit https://tinyurl.com/37fw54u7

2) Summer Training Program on Climate Smart and Sustainable Agriculture Using Cutting-Edge Technology and IoT

Duration: 10 – 21 June 2024
Venue: Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

For more information and registration please visit 

3) Summer Training Program Aquaculture Development & Aquatic Resources Management in South and South East Asia

Date: 8-19 July 2024
Venue: Asian Institute of Technology

Training Fee: USD 1,500/- (Inclusive of training-related expenses, excluding accommodation and subsistence allowances)

For more information and registration please visit 


C. Visitors/ MoU/ Agreement 





D. Faculty & Staff Travel 

  • Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, AIT President / Beijin & Macau & Shenzhen, China/ 7 - 17 March 2024
  • Mr. Shawn Kelly, Executive Director, OIPA / China/ 7 - 17 March 2024
  • Ms. Danielle Duan, International Affairs/ China/ 7 - 17 March 2024
  • Dr. K. R. Salin, Faculty SERD/ San Antonio, Texas, USA/ 13 - 28 February 2024
  • Prof. Weerakorn Ongsakul/ Faculty SERD/ Nong Khai, Thailand/ 30 - 31 May 2024
  • Dr. Sanjeev Jayasinghe, Executive Director, OAAA/ Houston, New Jersey, Dalias, San Antonio, Humble/ 22 June - 23 July 2024
  • Dr. Pisut Koomsap, Faculty ISE-SET/ Porto, Portugal/ 20 - 31 March 2024
  • Dr. Duanthida Hussadintorn na Ayuttaya, Faculty SET/ Porto, Portugal/ 20 - 31 March 2024





 E. Classifieds (jobs) 

Staff Position:

1. Assistant Professor, SET-ISE

2. Assistant Professor or Associate Professor, SERD-GDS

3. Associate / Assistant Professor, SET-ICT

4. Faculty Position,  SET-WEM

5. Research Associate, CGC (Center for Global Challenges)

6. Senior Research Associate, CGC (Center for Global Challenges (CGC))

7. Senior Advancement Officer and Administrative Secretary, OAAA

8. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Lead, GWSC

9. General Helper, GWSC